December’s been really cool so far.

First off, it’s cold, but it’s not COLD, ya know? No snow or anything, which makes me happy. I don’t hate snow, but there is the inevitable sleet that comes before and after it and that I cannot stand. So if snow never comes (haha, as if), you won’t hear this girl complaining. Though I do feel like going to Lapland and doing some skiing or just rolling in the snow like I usually do.

But anyway, what have I been up to? Well damn, a lot. To start off, Independence day was super effing awesome, I can always count on Rasse to make an event memorable with an official dinner, CHOCOLATE CAKE (yes, I do love chocolate cakes) and booze. I believe we went to bed something like 6am.

pixlr for edit


And no pictures of the boys, cause they were too busy drinking and not wanting to be involved in the documentation of this event. :D

But I remember the day after I went to IKEA with Salla and spent like 220 euros on stuff for my room, cause I wanted to pimp it out and I sure did. It took me 2 days to move around everything and build the table and the shelf, but my room has never looked this fabulous before. I’ve got a lot of blank wall space, tho, I would love to get some cool posters to hang up. We’ll see.

But the next cool thing that I’ve been involved with is Thaw Talk. It’s a panel discussion with the chairmen of a few ES’ with the help of the Film&TV students of Arcada, cause we can’t broadcast that stuff on our own. We could always try to use a potato and get some results, but essentially we went for the real thing. And I really, really, REALLY like the Film&TV students, they’re all just such homies, it was so cool hanging out with them for 2 days and seeing how they work. I have access to the multihall, where they shoot their stuff and I love being there (the light is sooooo good for taking photos, seriously) and I was involved with the same project last year, too, so it wasn’t anything unfamiliar for me. But it was still awesome. I was designated as the official photographer for the event, since Max was busy with other things and I was the only one with an OK-ish camera and they didn’t really have a choice. It’s okay though, cause I really love sticking my camera into people’s faces anyway. It turned out cool. Here’s a few pics.


And uhhh yeah, you get the idea. Then we went to O’Learys for the afterparty, which AES was so nice to organize, we had beer, onion rings, nachos and mozarella sticks. Nomnomnom. After a while, AaltoES decided to buy shots for everybody at the table…it was nice. But yeah, that was THAW TALK, if you’re interested, you can watch it from this link.

The rest of the week has been basically full of exams and parties and presentations and ughhh. But yesterday I went to a pikkujoulu party just for the AES members and it was loads of fun. They sat me next to Wille, which is not a good idea, cause he always gives me the giggles and makes me laugh uncontrollably…


Some of the amazing food, which I couldn’t really taste, cause of the laughter tears streaming down my face and essentially the fact that I couldn’t spend 30 sec chewing without cracking up. But I’m sure it tasted amazing!



And umm yeah! The party was really good, I enjoyed it. I was actually supposed to go to another party right after this one, but on the way out I realized that my state just doesn’t allow me to go there. Let’s just say that I accidentally went home. Sometimes I have too many places to go to and it doesn’t always work out. Which sucks, cause now I won’t get to see Pierre, who is leaving tomorrow morning for France…the rest of the exchange students I will definitely see tomorrow and I will be damned if I don’t spend the entire day with them crying and begging them not to go (ok, maybe I will just stick to the begging). I will really miss them. :(

And yeah, now Christmas is approaching and I will try to have a little surprise for some people before that or at least before New Year’s eve. Let’s see. :)

But hey, see you again soon. Remember to be nice to people and try not to get lost of killed.


Oh sh*t, am I happy or something?


I don’t really have anything important to say.

But I am happy! And I want to scream it as loud as I can, because I don’t know how long it will last. Lately I’ve truly been great. I’ve had a great day/week/month.

I landed on a great internship with a great mentor! I get to do what I study AND be involved with the music business, it’s seriously like a dream come true. I’ve been thinking how much I’m loving it and that all this wait was totally worth it. I get to help artists and bands organize their tours and I’ve actually started thinking how cool it would be to be a band/artist manager. Why not? I’d be really good at it.


I got elected as a board member for the upcoming year for AES. Very, very cool. I truly can’t wait to share with you all the great things we’re gonna do this year. I’m HAPPY that I get to decide stuff side by side with FRIENDS and not just team mates. I honestly cry laughing with Jessica and today we did great things with Rasse, as well.

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

Our meetings are amazing, it never feels serious, we are just a bunch of kids wanting to make something together, we often have no idea what we’re doing, but we joke A LOT about it and I often step back and look around and try to remember all those great moments with those people, because it really feels amazing, when you’re genuinely laughing with your whole heart at trivial things. Like, I LOVE IT, when Wille tells us stories from when he was younger, I was this close to peeing myself on the flight back from Copenhagen…or when our current chairman Mathias swears at really obvious things. I can’t expect you to understand what I’m talking about, but you know when you meet vibrant personalities, you remember them. It’s like that. I’m happy here. Great things coming up, as well. And we get lots of beer, too.

This month I also got to go to a few absolutely mind-blowing events, meet some really great people and get super inspired about the future even though I don’t know what exactly that might be. But it’s okay. I’ll be alright. Always have been. I have things come to me a bit more difficultly than other people, but I AM DOING IT! I don’t know what IT is, but for the first time in a long time I’m completely okay with it. I’ve received so many hugs lately and it makes me feel good. I don’t mean those awkward pats on the back. I mean those 10 seconds long warm embraces that let you know that someone really cares about you, tight and reassuring, warm and inviting, the kind that lets you get lost for a moment and appreciate the person in your arms. I love those hugs more than anything.

Thank you to everyone, who has made me smile or feel good in any way lately. That small message “Where are you? I haven’t seen you in ages!” meant the world to me, the inside joke you used made my stomach spasm and it felt GREAT! I’ve been walking like a retard with a constant happy face on. I’ve been more of my usual energetic, always singing, always dancing self and I can’t keep it in.

Also I’ve been bursting with ideas for my own project, for which you will hopefully hear more about in a month or so. I’ve been thinking about it non-stop, I wake up at 3am in the morning with a pen and hurry to write the ideas in a notebook. I can’t believe that after years of planning and thinking about it, I’m a month away from actually starting it. The feeling is indescribable. Kind of like being in love. Butterflies in your stomach, stupid smile 24/7 and an occupied mind. I wish this feeling never ends. Ambition is driving me. I don’t know how people without it can survive. Without vision, ambition and strive for progress…I breathe those things right now, you know…

I’ve been channeling my energy through music, as well, sometimes I feel like it’s too much for just one body. I listen to a good song and every molecule inside my body is really HEARING IT. I’m very alert and conscious of the melodies, the beats, the lyrics, the harmonies…I’m in love with music.

I’ve had lots of time to dedicate to my second passion, as well – movies. I’ve watched a ton of scientific documentaries and Robin Williams films, Interstellar and a few more, which have made a big impression on me. I am not a VERY sentimental person, but I do have a massive amount of feelings, which I have been dying to let out, so I’ve been crying, laughing, weeping and everything in between. It’s good, it’s healthy. My fascination with video story telling keeps on growing.

And last, but not least, I’m utterly excited to see my best friends in a week, when we will celebrate independence day together. I haven’t seen them since the summer (most of them anyway) and I can’t wait to have an absolutely amazing evening at Rasse’s cottage. I love those sophisticated motherfuckers. I miss them, I want to see them. The day is soon here.

I’m happy.

//Stef – Congratulations on gay couples finally being able to marry each other in Finland! Eat your heart out, Päivi Räsänen!

Slush and Vasa.


I’ve had a really, really busy week. I’m absolutely shattered. In a good way.

This is one of the posts that I’ll come back in 3 years to read again, cause there’s so much wow in it. I don’t even know where to start..? Let’s try with the beginning.

“Slush” is the biggest tech and startup fair in Europe and every November it comes to Finland. There we talk about entrepreneurship, new technology, we have inspiring talks from the next Bill Gates’ and Steve Jobs’ of the world. We think about innovation, sustainability and the general future. It’s super interesting. This year there were 15 000 attendants I believe? It was like a festival almost, the whole Messukeskus was FULL of people, there were different stages with stuff happening on them at the same time, lots of startup stands and a 500 000€ pitching competition. It was insane. To give you a little taste of what I attended, have a look at these pics:






Crrraaaazyyyy. If you wanna check more photos of the event, go to Max’s album (official photographer for Slush and also an inseparable part of our AES team!). We heard speeches from companies such as Spotify, Nokia, Google, Supercell, and Facebook just to name a few…We also heard a speech from our beloved Alexander Stubb and the freaking Chinese prime minister. It was very surreal.

I got to go there as an AES member (Arcada Entrepreneurship Society), it was epic and I had waited for this for a whole year, so yes, my mind was pretty blown. I met so many people I had known from before, but also many new ones. Including the dudesons, those guys were awesome. The whole vibe of the event was pretty rad, I got to use my brain for a change and I got super inspired by some speakers, they were moving. This fair or convention or whatever you wanna call it, is coming back bigger every year, so I can only imagine the 20 000+ peeps next November. And it lasts for 2 full days.

I only got to attend the first day since I had a trip, for which I will tell you in a minute, but before that I just need to emphasis on the entrepreneurship events afterparties. This afterparty was not an exception to the general rule that everyone gets absolutely hammered with FREE booze usually provided from some ES or a very nice company. It’s like…I can’t tell you how many liters of free booze I’ve dragged along to my place just since the summer, just cause I’ve been too drunk to drink it – probably a solid supply of a week’s worth of partying every day. And shit always goes down at those parties. I’ve come to the conclusion that wherever my team is, something interesting is gonna happen, cause they’re just so wasted that they don’t think twice about what they’re doing. At this particular party it was difficult to find each other (since it’s 14 000 people in the same place), but you had to just improvise and booze up with strangers. I said goodbye to my mates around 23:40-ish and got out of the place at 2am, cause I just met so many people on the way out. Advice: Never do  social rounds at Slush, you’re GONNA find people. And the next day’s fb chat was full of “Where is everyone? Which bars have free booze? Let’s go bar crawling! Is there an entrance fee? Is there lots of booze?” :D Jesus, those guys are thirsty.

But yea, anyway! I didn’t attend the second day of Slush, cause I actually had to leave for Vasa (or Vaasa, however you wanna call it) to go to this thing called the Know How mässa in Korsholm’s Botnia-hall. And we had to leave really early from Helsinki, cause we wanted to be there on time and have some time to hang out, as well. I was with my good mates Jenna and Andréa and we deffo had lots of fun.


That’s the obligatory Vasa centrum picture. I’ve been there before with Salla on our roadtrip, I’ve actually stayed there for 2 days, but it was so long ago that I thought I wouldn’t remember it. But I do. And guess what! I stayed in Hotel Astor this time, I had my own room with a super big kingsize bed in it that I really loved. Really good hotel, great service, looks cool and the thing is that I never get my own room in hotels, so I felt like a princess or something. Really nice.

But after we checked out the room and went to eat, we went to the mässa and we did our job for like 3h, we had lots of interest, which is pretty nice, I guess. But by the end of the third hour, we were running away from the place like there’s no tomorrow. A funny thing that also happened in one of the mall-like buildings in Vasa was that I met this guy, who coincidentally had a birthday and I knew about it, cause it was on my fb events page, but I had never actually met him before. And to make things interesting, he was a Bulgarian. So the dude is talking in Swedish on his phone, right, I come in with my friend and see him, I recognize him immediately, I go up to his table and say “Happy Birthday, I saw you have it today.” in Bulgarian and then just casually leave. His facial expression was PRICELESS. :D Hahaha! Didn’t see him again.

BUT!!! I’ve been hearing so much hype about this place called Ollis (Oliver’s Inn), literally every single friend from Vasa that I have, has said that I should absolutely go there or I haven’t visited Vasa at all. So I’m thinking “Damn, this must be a bloody good place” u know and me and Jenna go there and we wait for half an hour to even get inside. But we did manage to go in and lemme tell ya, it was P.A.C.K.E.D. Like, this place was about the size of Werket and I’ve been to parties in Werket with close to 300 people inside and it still seemed more roomy than what this was. Holy crap.

But okay, I can kinda get it, cause there was this rockidol event going on and lots of people wanted to see it. So I took a beer, went into one of the corners, sang “I love rock’n’roll” a little bit and just had a generally good time. So once all the contestants had sung, we relocated ourselves closer to the exit and guess fucking what! (I know I’m swearing a lot, but bear with me for this one), Calle Fahllund is standing literally right in front of me. Whattt. So he sees me and comes over like “What the hell are you doing here?”, a rational question coming out of a slightly drunk guy. :D

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

I thought I’d take a picture with him to show Gerry, who used to go to bed and wake up with Sturm und Drang’s music (quite literally, it’s actually kinda scary), I thought she might like it. But yeah, everything aside, he seems like a cool dude and he spent a good amount of time talking to me and Jenna, so that was really cool. And we have the same taste in music, which makes us instant homies by default even if he would be a douchebag. And he gave me many hugs, which is the most important part, cause Finnish people really hate hugging and I love it, so yea…

But then me and Jenna had to leave, cause she was tired and I didn’t really want to stay alone in a bar where the only person I know is a guy I just met, who probably wants to talk to his friends. :D So yeah.

Next morning we had what I can only describe as the most epic breakfast ever. We were rolling to work instead of walking. Waffles, eggnog, orange fresh, pie, cupcakes, eggs, heart-shaped bread, BACON, you name it…that’s what being in heaven feels like…But the day was tiring as hell, 7 hours at Botnia-hallen just standing up and talking to people…and a long ass journey home, too. And I was supposed to go to a pikku joulu that I was invited to in Helsinki, but decided to skip due to exhaustion. But I’m totally back in the game for Beerpong on Saturday! <3 Werket, it’s been a while!

But ya, pretty crazy week so far, the weekend is lookin’ booked as well…

//Stef – cya soon.

Life through selfies. Are they reserved for egocentric people?

A pretty self explanatory title.

The estrogen in my body is too much to even try and avoid the whole selfie thing.

I like to take LOTS of pictures, not just of me, but as you can guess, as a typical 21-st century girl, my phone is full of photos of myself, which don’t really see the light of day. Call me self-centered, obsessed, addicted, egocentric and whatever adjective comes to your mind, but the truth is one – I love selfies. All girls do. In fact, I’m often very jealous of guys, who don’t feel the impulse to take pictures of themselves 3 times a week with or without other people, that’s amazing! I’m very grateful for this thing called a smartphone, which just does magic. I’ve been reluctant to do this post, because of what you guys might think of me, but I just realized that I don’t really give a shit, so imma do it. Have a go at all the pics I’ve been too afraid to post on facebook and instagram.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

So I’m usually quite conscious of my body, I don’t necessarily like it, BUT when I have a good day, I like to take a picture, just to remind myself that I can look good every now and then. Maybe it’s the angle, maybe it’s the dress, maybe it’s the light or maybe it’s a combination of all these things, but that picture is a reminder to always go for the black dress.


I wanted to buy this so bad. I was both captivated and scared of the orange and then Stina talked me out of it, saying that I should lose 5-10kg to look good in it (which I probably should do anyway, but yeah) and now I feel so super sorry that I didn’t get it…it was from Tallinn, too, so it’s not like I can just walk back to the store and get it. I want to kick myself.


Then comes the outfit, which makes me look the least attractive, but it’s the one I’m the most proud of…I absolutely LOVE my overalls, they’re my favorite piece of clothing (now they have more patches), cause they symbolize my student life, which is amazing and full of parties and good emotions in general. I connect those yellow pants with so many memories and drunken nights, I’m sorry that other countries, apart from Sweden, don’t have it… And then there’s my tutor shirt, cause you know what, I’m proud of being a tutor, I’m good at it and it feels great to be recognized for doing something fun and helpful at the same time (and by helpful, I mean party A LOT and be a toast master of sitz and drink as much as possible with the new students and just be epic…).


Yeah, this is what it’s like to have lectures starting at 8am…I hate it, but what can you do, you can skip only so many of them… The early getting up is one problem, but entering the bus during rush hour is the ninth circle of hell. I’ve gotten so used to having space that I feel claustrophobic having people close to me at all times, breathing in my neck. And I especially hate it, when I have to make people stand up, so I can leave and usually they’re like grandmas with 20 bags and arthritis and I not only feel bad for making them put the effort, but it also takes AAAAGEEEES!!!! UGHHH. The struggle is real.


Every now and then, though, I get to do really exciting (oh, is that so) booze trips to South Helsinki (ha, get it?) with really cool people and we always see it as a treat, because we get to eat as much as we want at the buffeé on the ferry and we absolutely love it!


Yeah I went swimming (oops, no makeup!) and GUESS WHAT!!! I decided that it would be super awesome to jump from 5 meters head first without giving many fucks about what might happen. As soon as I jumped, before I even hit the water, I knew it was a bad idea. My hands didn’t really help much with breaking the density and first thing I felt was a huge punch to the face, which then continued to my boobs and then I heard a loud and clear *CRACK* . I felt the crack, too. My back went backwards and in that moment I was faced with the dilemma whether to scream in pain and fill my lungs with water OR keep it in and try to get some air first. It’s been a month and my back still hurts like hell every time I turn around or jerk it in a weird position. I know I should visit the doctor, but I won’t…for now. Let’s see how this develops…but one thing’s for sure and that’s that I’m never jumping head first ever again.


Oh look. Another party. What a surprise. Or is it really? Am I now one of those party animals, who just like to get down? In my defense, I’ve been successfully avoiding parties for a month now. Of course that will all go to waste next week, when I have stuff planned almost every day of the week (including a visit to Vaasa, yaaay), so I can’t really brag with that.


Yes. Yes, we are. The exchange students this year are real troopers and it’s really fun hanging out with them, I’m truly sad that most of them have only like a month left here and then they’ll just…leave. I get attached to people, you know. I’m gonna miss playing FIFA with those faces, watching the games and going out drinking or just simply playing pool and having lunch in uni. You’ll see how a sad tutor looks like. :(


I haven’t seen my host family in a year. No, really. A year. They live in Espoo, which is literally less than an hour away from here. That’s fucked up. But I did go out with Joonatan a few times and I’m so proud of this lil bugger, you have no idea. I love him like he is my real brother and he’s just as annoying, too. Anyway, I try to find time for him to you know…just chill and eat popcorn and then he gets the chance to tell me all about his anxieties and problems of being a teenager and I get to tease him about it. Win-win!


Then comes AES, which has been a huge part of my life lately and I really love what we’re doing with it. For those of you, who don’t know what AES is, it’s Arcada Entrepreneurship Society and we get to organize a shit load of interesting events and go to some epic ones, as well (Tulevaisuuden suomi and SLUSH, holy shit, that’s like the peak of the whole year) and we get to meet awesome people from all over the country and we travel a lot and I just feel happy with these guys, you know…they know what’s up!


I know that’s not exactly a selfie, but it’s a big part of our daily lives, nevertheless. POOL. Learn it, live it, love it. Every damn day, between, before or after lectures, shit goes down at the Cor-house. We organize tournaments and we teach each other and we have loads of fun and just…who the hell doesn’t like playing pool? Also how many style points do Canada and Switzerland get? ;)


My french boys are so nice. I like every single one of them. This is Simon. Simon gave me his hat, because it was cold. What a gentleman. :) And he does a mean impersonation of his roommate, he makes me laugh every time!


Last, but not least…my love life in a nutshell. GUYS! Intelligence IS sexy, I swear. I couldn’t care less about how much you can bench-press if you can’t have a decent conversation. I’m not difficult to get along with, but I have a lot of common and pop-culture knowledge, so sometimes it’s hard to keep up with that, especially if you start saying things to impress me, which I know aren’t true. Just…where are the funny guys, who can make me laugh with a dirty joke or sing along with me to a cool song? Come on…

But yeah, I’ll stop now. :D I’ve got like a million more selfies, but enough is enough. What do you think, are selfies reserved for self-obsessed people?

//Stef – Have a nice evening, ya’ll!

Soundtrack of my life vol.5

Screenshot 2014-11-07 02.14

For the 5-th year in a row! My favorite music.

Every year is special with something, obviously, but this year I’ve gone back to my roots, where almost every piece of music is a classic and is somehow special to me.

So everyone, who’s been hanging out with me for more than an hour knows how much I love music and how often I like to play it and sing it. My lyrical memory storage is infinite, I can literally name a song for any given situation in life and worst of all, I pick up on certain words from a sentence, which then reminds me of a song I know and I start singing it on the spot. Often people are not sure if I’m telling them a story or singing a song…it happens more often than I’m comfortable admitting.

I have days, when I’m genuinely frustrated that I cannot possibly know all the tasty jams and beautiful ballads out there (granted, those days are usually when I’m hard core PMSing and wanting to kill everyone, but still.) and I get into a “discover new music” mode with the hope of finding that one good song, which will rape my ears for the next month and a half. With that being said, you can imagine that I’ve gone through A LOT of music during my teenagehood and this past year has been partly about going back to the first musical pieces that made me happy and somehow shaped my musical world into what it is now. It’s also been about those few new songs, which have absolutely won my heart over and will be in my playlists hopefully forever.

So for the first time in this musical yearly project thingy, I’ve decided not to go with a song for each month, but rather show you all the fucking good jams I’ve loved this year in chronological order from oldest to newest.

So let’s go with the oldies:

Louis Jordan – Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?

I remember this from Tom and Jerry, which is to this day still one of my favorite shows ever. This year I went back to it and kind of had a different perspective. There’s lots of black soul in this piece, if it makes sense. I love the bluesy and jazzy feel to it, even though I usually don’t listen to that kind of music. This is one of the exceptions. :)

The Beatles – Norwegian Wood

I loooove the whole vibe of this, I used to listen to it on replay for months on end in 9-th grade, this year it brought so many memories, when I listened to it again…

Peter, Paul and Mary – Leaving on a Jet Plane

I absolutely LOVE that song. Originally written by John Denver in 1969, but didn’t become a hit until 3 years later, it’s absolutely amazing. I don’t really have a back story to this, I just loved it the first time I listened to it and I still do. Very much.

The Monkees – I’m a Believer

Who doesn’t know this song? It’s so light-hearted and a full on classic. I could bore you with some history of it, but I won’t. :D Just enjoy the silly 60’s music video and have fun!

Okay, so much for the 60’s, let’s go to the 70’s:

Whitesnake – Ain’t no love in the heart of the city

Now, this is late 70’s, but this is Whitesnake’s first hit, which is actually a cover of Bobby Blue Bland’s song, which was written in 1974. These are technicalities, but that’s why I’m putting it here. :D I personally think this version is better and I love Whitesnake anyway, so it’s a win win.

Janis Joplin – Me & Bobby McGee

Janis does shit correctly. I don’t think she would have been successful nowadays, but man, this is one of her best songs…

Bruce Springsteen – Because the Night

Best Bruce Springsteen Song. Ever. He has a few close ones, but this is just hella good. I listen to it and my soul hears it. I listened to this with Joel few years back, when we were sending each other good music links and it’s been a favorite of mine ever since (tho obviously me and Joel are just friends :D ). I thought about including Neil Young’s Heart of Gold here, but I think it will become too crowded considering the splurge I’m about to make in the 80’s section…

So yeah, these are the 80’s for this year:

KISS – Heaven’s on Fire

I swear, I would listen to this song every goddamn weekend morning for the past 1 year. Working allows me to listen to the radio and the radio dude is oh so kind to play me this. I love that song super much. <3 I wish I could sing along to it at a concert, but alas, all I can do is dance to it with my headphones… :(

Don Henley – All she wants to do is dance

I love the Eagles, but Don Henley has a kick ass solo career. “Dirty Laundry”, “Boys of summer”, “Long way home”? All super good songs…”All she wants to do is dance” is this year’s fav, cause I’ve listened to it probably over a hundred times and I love jamming to it.

Eddie Money – Take me Home Tonight

Again, a song that quite many people recognize (like most songs here), it’s catchy, groovy, has a nice beat, even has the sax thing going on and I’m a sucker for saxophone in songs. It’s super sexy. And combined with a good guitar riff? Yes, please.

Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar on Me

I really tried not to include that in this post. I listened to all of Def Leppard’s songs and I do love them all, I do, I do, but this is their absolute greatest song. Scratch that. This is THE absolute greatest song. It was here last year and the year before that and the year before that and let me tell you, it’s not going anywhere. In fact, we can just have a deal that this song is going to be in this project thingy forever. My favorite song. One of the best bands to this day. I’ve been seriously considering getting a tattoo that says “Pour Some Sugar on Me”. It’s probably happening. If that song was a man, I would have sex with it unconditionally. There aren’t enough words for how good it makes me feel. ‘Nuff said.

Yngwie Malmsteen – Heaven Tonight

I remember it took me surprisingly long time to discover Yngwie and I felt really sorry that I couldn’t listen to this master until 9-th grade. He has lots of fucking good shit, but this song is what I’ve been jamming to this year. Listen to that guitar, oh my god. And those drums. I love the drums. It reminds me of the beginning of a concert, where there is no music, just loud drum beats that make your heart beat in their rhythm and you go crazy, cause you know shit is about to go down. If I would be in the front row of a Malmsteen concert, my mind will be musically raped and I’d probably just pass out from the divine sound of his technical abilities…

Bee Gees – You Win Again

Back to something softer, I love that song, as well. Bee Gee’s prime was a few years prior to the release of this song, but hey, they’ve still got it. A good song I’ve listened to a lot on my way to uni during this year.

Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone

BECAUSE TOP GUN!!! And it’s a really good song, too. Damn, the 80’s were good.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – I Won’t Back Down

Cause Tom Petty is da fukin man. Kids, if you want to listen to good music, put all of his albums in your playlist! I have different favorite songs of his each day and today specifically I’m feeling like “Deliver me” or “We stand a chance”, both from the “Long After Dark” album, but for real, check him out. “I won’t back down” is also a kick-ass song and I put it here just as a note that this year I’ve been listening to fuckloads of Tom Petty…

John Farnham – Two Strong Hearts

THIS SONG!!! I feel like I’m the only one who is crazy about it, but I can’t stay still, while it’s playing. I had to listen to it until the end before I even wrote this text. If I would ever hear it somewhere outside of the comfort of my own home, I am VERY likely to just drop whatever I’m doing and start singing. I feel it somehow in my soul, I can’t explain it… John Farnham is also one of those jewels that you should definitely discover. You probably know his most famous track “You’re the voice”, but listen also to “Pressure down”, “That’s freedom”, “Burn for you”, “Love to Shine”, to name a few. I PROMISE you’d like it. Or then there is something wrong with you.

Okay, I’m getting somewhat carried away, so what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna merge the 90’s and the newer modern stuff together, so you don’t have to go through another 20 songs…

Billy Idol – Shock to the System

I like Billy Idol, he’s cool, he has some edge…song written about the L.A. protests, quite relevant. Too bad his album flopped so badly. :/ Anyway, I still like the song a lot and listen to it every now and then. :)

My Darkest Days – Porn Star Dancing

Meet my ringtone from 3 years ago. I know every single word from that song, I think it’s super tasty and hot and the video is turning me gay. And Zakk Wylde is d.o.p.e! Lately I’ve been listening to a few more songs from that band and it seems like they really like one night stands and slutty girls and I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, someone needs to sing about that, too right? (Reminds me of Whitesnake’s song “Rock’n’Roll Women”). So if you like this song, you should also definitely check out “Casual Sex” and “Set it on Fire”. ;)

Sturm und Drang – Party like a rockstar

Must support Finnish bands, right? I’ve liked SuD for AAAAGEEEEES, they were like my first teenage band obsession. :D Okay, maybe not obsession, but anyway, I really liked them. This is my favorite song from their latest album with “Light years apart” being a close second (sadly both of them without music videos) and I just still dig their jam and stuff. Like the chorus of this song is so awesome, I almost feel like a rockstar when listening to it. It makes you move somehow… :D

Craig Morgan – Bonfire

I’ve started to listen to country this year, by the way…it’s not half bad. Sounds a bit too redneck, but I like the guitars and the melodies and even sometimes the lyrics are nice, too. For example this song. OR OR OR, look up the newest cover of “Footloose”, originally sung by Kenny Loggins, but covered by Blake Shelton, that’s country as fuck!!! :D

Kent – La Belle Epoque

Okay, this is the last one, I promise. A little different than my usual musical preferences, but lovely nevertheless. I started listening to Kent after I heard that song and I have no regrets. This is in Swedish, so I can’t even sing along unless I want to sound like an idiot, but I very much like the beat pattern. Of course, I like the melody and the lyrics, as well, but I think I could just listen to the beat for days. It’s what made me like it. Good, Kent. Good.


I have no idea how many songs I’ve put down and frankly, I’m afraid to look. By this point you’re probably super bored and no one has time to listen to all of that, but if you have time some day, I definitely recommend coming back here and listening to some jams, especially if you like rock’n’roll. :)

At the end of this 2200 word post, I can only say…damn, I listen to good music.

//Stef – what the fuck, Phil Rudd?

Copenhagen part 2.

Yeah, so…

I took some more photos after I wrote the last blog post and I think some of them are really cool, so I decided to share them with you. :D

It was a great fucking trip, BUT I should have brought a waaaaaaaaaaay more comfortable pair of shoes with me, cause my feet still hurt A LOT and I’m sure people were sick of me complaining about them almost the entire time. I don’t know why I do this to myself, I never plan on even buying uncomfortable shoes, but then BAM, I don’t have a single comfortable pair… Anyway, who gives a shit about my feet, let’s look at pictures. :D



I am in love with the upper picture, btw, just fyi.




That’s our amazing chairman Mathias, who we all like very very much! <3


And that is tourist Wille pointing at things! :D


Jessica and Anna, taken by Max, who’s images somehow ended up in my camera and I’m totally stealing them for the blog. :D


Done by Max again! This was one of the coolest spaces we’ve been in. It’s Startup Bootcamp and they had their own stickers (we’re crazy about stickers…) ! Also the guy, who was giving us the insight didn’t mess about and our minds were blown! Really great stuff over there, for real!


Walking to our next destination! :P Photo by Max again.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

And there’s me, too! Look, maa! :D Hahaha

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

And one in green, cause green is my favorite color!


And one phone picture from Jessica’s phone! Cause it looks nice. :D

Well, thank you, Denmark, you’ve been very nice to us and we really appreciate it! Will be coming back for sure!

By the way, as fun as this trip was, I remember the nice feeling I got, when I got on the bus home from the Helsinki airport, I absolutely couldn’t wait to get to my aratment! I feel very content with the fact that I’m in my own bed and it really feels like home, which I love!

So yeah, see you guys soon, I already have at least 2 blog posts planned for this month, so stay tuned!

//Stef – Also happy halloween, which I didn’t celebrate. :D

Copenhagen baby!

Yes, so what the hell am I doing in Copenhagen?

I moved here yesterday.

I decided to drop out from uni and move countries, cause I was sick of the weather, the routine, the work and just everything. Moving here was a spontaneous decision and I took it literally a week ago. I haven’t told anyone, so I thought I’d share it with everyone here in my blog. I’m doing something like that for the first time in my life, so I’m not sure how it will turn out, but let’s see!

Haha, or am I just full of shit? :D Yeah, I’m not really moving here…but I AM here with AES on a company visit huntdown and I’m having loads of fun with some of my favorite people! I’m super glad to be here, Denmark has been super kind to us so far, all the entrepreneurship related office spaces and companies have been super nice and welcoming and the restaurant waiters sure know how to put a smile on our faces! _MG_7174edited

We had quite a pleasant flight, we listened to music for most of the time, but the duration of it was like an hour and a half, so it’s not that big of a deal. But I really like this picture for some reason…awesome flight attendant, as well!


Sooo this is the view from our window and it’s pretty fucking epic. It’s also a bit out of focus, but let’s not concentrate on that. We’ve probably walked all over the visible parts and we’ve taken the bus too many times. :D I feel like I need a few more days to become an expert on where everything is!


This is just some fish tank that I found interesting, I don’t really know… :D There are a few pictures like that in this post.


And this is ma crewwww. Only Toffe is missing (and me, since I’m taking the picture. Duh. :D) and it’s a bit out of focus again, I blame YOU autofocus, you fucking SUCK. But yes, anyway, these people are super cool and I love spending time with them, I especially love it when all of us continuously keep making fun of Per (guy in the light jacket in the middle), it’s too funny! And Wille’s (guy to the far left) bitch face is absolutely glorious! :D


Some really interesting shop window…this was really close to one of the places where street artists go to sing their guts out and I LOVED one of the guys I heard singing there…it sounded so beautiful, I wish I had some danish kronas left in my pocket, so I could put it all in his hat…


Every time I passed that bakery, my mouth was watering like a mofo. Oh. Man.



As we were going home from this one bar, we stumbled upon Outlandish giving out a free performance for Dignity Day! Whaaaaat??? They were nice, but it was really strange to just go to Copenhagen and get a free concert. :D Don’t mind if I do. And there were a few really good looking boys there, as well, just saying.IMG_7229edited


Also one thing that impressed me was the architecture. For real, you can have something really modern on one street and then something really old and renaissance-like on the other and it would still work really well. We visited one of the best neighborhoods ever, unfortunately my camera was at the hostel at the time, so I couldn’t take pictures, but it was so industrial and hipster-like in a very good way, it was super cozy and it almost smelled like coffee, I absolutely loved it! Perfect place to have a Brooklyn themed loft and a startup office! YES!


And speaking of Startups, this is taken at a place called Rocket Lab, which is an office space for startups and it’s really damn cool and Per was just realizing that I have my camera pointed at him. But yeah, all the companies and the facilities we visited were very inspirational and cool and holy crap, I’m having a really cool trip!


I’m going back to Finland, though! There are interesting things happening in Helsinki, as well *krhm* Slush *khrm* :D . But I’ve never been to Copenhagen before and I must say that I’m really enjoying it! (having a bit more time to enjoy it!)

So yeah! I’ll talk to you guys later.