Mmmm, it smells like winter!

Mmmm, it smells like winter!

I used to love winter!

As a kid I would spend all the Christmas holidays with my family in our villa, eating as much as we possibly can, unwrapping all sorts of amazing gifts. It was so exciting!

Then you start to grow the hell up and learn a lot of things about the holidays, like for example that Santa doesn’t exist and you start getting depressed about it. You realize that Christmas is about being with your family and when you’re old enough to start living on your own abroad (or even if you’re not old enough, but you still do it anyway) and your parents are living in two different parts of the world, coming home can be problematic.

So, instead of having to go through the trouble of choosing which parent I want to see this year, I screw the whole thing altogether and stay in Finland and not see anyone. Oh, the joys. And the worst thing is when people start to openly feel sorry for you. Sometimes I think they are truly sad for me, when I honestly don’t care that much about the whole situation. And I also have a great bunch of people here that I could go to for the Christmas holidays, so I can definitely say that I spend my holidays well. But anyway, I have no idea why I started to write about this, maybe it’s the smell of winter in the air?

I would talk about other things, as well if I would only have anything interesting to say. All I can think about right now is this video:

SO. RELEVANT. Literally every person in the world might have an interest in you and it wouldn’t mean anything if the one you want is being such a dick. For real. Not that I am interested in anyone in particular, but I’m just saying! And also, if I would be interested in anyone, they would be either taken, gay, too young, too old or if it’s none of the above then sure enough another girl will come into the picture and I just leave the drama as fast as possible. Stupid boys.

Buuuut anyway, has any of you heard about Stromae? Have I talked about it? Of course not, I’ve been a shit bloger for the past year. But ok, look at this face.

He looks weird…too polished somehow. Like a doll. But anyway, not here to talk about his looks. This dude has amazing music. I don’t usually listen to this type of stuff basically at all, but…I really like him. He does music in French – sort of pop, deep house with catchy rhythms and verses. For example:

This is one of the most famous ones, even though his whole album is absolutely amazing. Sooo yeah, if you’re in the mood for something different than what you usually listen to, do check this guy out!

And other than that, I guess my life is quite busy at the moment with all the courses and exams and whatnot. I haven’t been partying in almost a month, so that’s a thing that I’m proud of. :D Cause it’s difficult for me to sit at home for so long. Not that I haven’t gone out with people, but it has mostly been drinking 1 beer at a bar or a coffee somewhere in the center, so that doesn’t really count as anything. So yes, there’s that.

Now I shall retreat to my cave to read some more and be smart and shit. Get all the good grades, right? Right. Or maybe I’ll just watch a movie, let’s see…

Bye for now, peeps!


You know you are turning Finlandssvensk, when:


As a continuation to my post “You Know You are Turning Finnish, when:”, I decided to make a post about all the swedish-speaking Finns out there. Having been around them for over a year, I have come to some basic facts about them. Now, before anyone shreds me to pieces, because you might get offended, I just want to put it here as a huge DISCLOSURE that I love Swedish-speaking people and this is meant as more of a funny pass-the-time type of post and I have not intended to offend anybody. Okay? Okay. With that being said, let’s get into it.

1. Din Pappa Betalar. Daddy owns a decent-sized company and takes care of the little princesses out there! So true, it hurts.

2. You are a Hanken wannabe. That’s right! You wear a nice well ironed business suit to a friendly movie night with friends and you have a huge “passion” for finance. Definitely a finlandssvensk. Gant for the boys and white converse for the girls are a must!

3. You have 103 mutual friends with another finlandssvensk who lives on the other end of the country that you have never met before.

4. You know all the lyrics to “Sommartider”.

5. You like to spend most of your summer months sailing on your yacht/boat and sipping on old wine and chaviar. Worst case scenario, you are definitely present at the regatta in Hanko and you get shitfaced for sure.

6. When in Helsinki, you tend to use English as the main language of communication with other Finnish people.

7.You start doing snus. ALL. THE. TIME.

8. You go abroad AT LEAST twice a year!!! You’ve most probably been to Italy 5 times already.

9. Big part of your university life are the sitzes you attend and you know all the songs by heart. You carry along your little song book and other people draw dicks and hearts on it.

10. You hate it, when people say you are usually richer than the rest of the Finns, so you lock yourself in your mansion and cry with your golf clubs and your outdoor pool.

11. There is like 50% chance that you come from Grani.

12. You’ve either went to Vasa Övningsskola, Mattlidens gymnasium or that high school in Töölö. It’s just how it is.

13. Just gonna say PAMPAS! You are a sworn fan of Pampas Nationaldag and you would never miss it for anything! Also, you understand their funny accent.

14. You have a bank account in Aktia. ‘Nuff said.

15. You go to all the parties in Casa and Werket (in Helsinki). You speak only Swedish and maybe try to get with a few really drunk exchange students.

16. You’re beginning to understand how people your age have grown up with “Sås och Kopp”…

17. You use three languages on daily basis. It’s mitt elämä, bro. Expressions such as “Jätte kiva!” and “Are you comming med oss?” are no big deal.

18. If you happen to have to go to the army, there is no place like Dragsvik for you! Poor lads.

19. It took you a while to realize that Ekenäs and Tammisaari are the same city, cause none of your finlandssvensk friends ever call it by its Finnish name.

20. Last, but not least – Finlandsvenskar – bättre folk! You don’t wait for any queues, you get better healthcare and considering your size (6% of Finalnd’s population), you make up more than 20% of Finland’s budget. The Hanken wannabes do think they are better. The rest are just annoyed by the saying.

There you have it! I was also gonna include the Kräftis, but nowadays loads of Finns have it, as well, so I thought I’d skip it… And again, have in mind that this is just for fun! ;) Love you, guys! :)

And on that note – vi ses snart igen! :P


Fall colors.

Sooo I kind of went out to take a few pictures with Olli.

It was really awesome, cause I have been wanting to capture the fall colors for a while now…and Olli is good friendly company.

I’m just gonna puke all the photos in here (well almost all), okay? :D okay.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset2014-10-13 12.27.33 1Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I really like how all of those turned out, idk… I love photography and the fall colors are so beautiful, I just had to get out and take photos! And Oliver is a fucking genius (with 6000 euros worth of equipment in comparison with my 1000 euros, but yeah :D). But anyway, it was lovely to hang out and also get a new profile picture for facebook, yep yep.

And btw, lately I’ve realized that I’m totally one of those over-sharing girls on facebook, who post a thousand times a day, but actually I don’t really care. :D I’m social and apparently I always have pictures and music and statuses to share, so whatevvs. All those memes of annoying social network girls have been made about me. :D


Maroon 5 have really cool songs, this is my favorite from their new album, holy cow it’s nice and groovy…

On that note, I shall depart. Enjoy your fall, lovelies! :)



Living in a bubble? Good or bad?

Yay, it’s me again!

I bet you didn’t see that coming! :D

Just thought to blog some more, cause I felt like it and I perhaps have something to say (what a surprise *sarcasm*). But yeah, let’s see…what’s going on in my life…I’m looking for a new job at the moment. My boss just cut my hours, cause they don’t need me to do all the work that I used to do and now I really, really, really have to find a new job unless I want to eat cardboard for the next two and a half years. With that being said, Finland, I freaking love you, but you are REALLY foreigner unfriendly. For a person, who wants to stay here permanently, you give me a lot of shit.

I can’t get any benefits, which I understand to some extent, cause you can’t be sure that I will later on decide to stay here and “work” those money out, BUT at least I should get an equal chance to get a job. I mean I do speak Finnish, I guess…though in all honesty, I know a lot of people, who don’t know jack shit and still have a job, so I’m wondering where do those jobbie trees grow. But yeah, my recent one month has been consisted of countless e-mails, CV’s, motivational letters and recommendation references. Damn.

Would be cool to find an internship abroad, though. A lot of my friends are perhaps going on exchange, which is really cool, but I just want to get an internship. :D As a former exchange student, I don’t feel like going to another country for the second time, making good friends and then having to leave them to go back and spend another 2 years without seeing them. Cause going away from Finland kinda sucked and I was away for only one year, so yeah. A lot of you may think “it’s not such a big deal, especially if you go somewhere in Europe, you can always visit”, but the thing is that I really get attached to people and I’m gonna have a really shitty time seeing someone for only a week once a year. Like for example, I miss the hell out of Linda (who was an exchange year in Arcada last year) and if I would see her now, I would be even sadder when I have to say goodbye again. No more exchange programs for me, please. I had my time and it was fun, but now I want to do different things.

What I REALLY want to do is go to the Youtube space in London as an intern, but unfortunately they don’t take interns. LIKE WHY????? I would be so good at it. I would be going to work with the hugest and goofiest smile ever, taking calls in english like a complete boss, reserving the space and organizing events, I could totally do that. And I would meet cool youtubers and we would hang out and and I would get really nervous and start laughing for no reason, my hands would shake and I would maybe awkwardly try to hug Charly Cox, but I’m up for that. It would be perfect. Gosh, why does this have to be so complicated? :D

By the way, am I the only one, who lives in their own world? I keep thinking that I’m going to do an internship in a cool place like Sillicon Valley or London or New York and it’s absolutely happening, even though there is nothing that even remotely suggests it. From time to time I realize that I live in Helsinki, but in one of those weird neighborhoods and black guys keep hitting on me, cause I have a big ass, it’s getting progressively darker, I’m culturally oppressed, I haven’t properly spoken to my best friend in months, cause he’s in the army, I need to find a new job asap and I’m somewhat thinking about people, which I will probably never meet, and then I get depressed for a while, before I go back into my bubble and start thinking about Entrepreneurship and Start-ups and YouTube and stuff like that.

Speaking of my best friend, lately I’ve been missing Joel A LOT, but I can’t really text him all the time like “hey I miss you”, cause it’s weird and we don’t do that. And I’m 100% sure that he’s not thinking about me almost at all, cause his head is full of other shit he has to deal with and I’m the least of his problems. And I’m also a very emotional person, but I try not to tell people really touchy-feely things, cause I don’t like people thinking of me as a sentimental bitch. But it’s true, sometimes I really need someone to give me a big and long fluffy hug.

Oh and as a change of subject, here you go some photos:

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetThis is Aksu doing something with his meat stick (lol…meat stick…). Me, him and Erik are doing some great stuff together. We are developing a campaign for Fazer and can I just say, it’s going to be out of this world. It’s nice working with people, who are as excited about something as you are. It means that your work is going to be fun and you’re going to actually do something worthwhile. I like them boys! :)

2014-09-23 06.22.21 1

This one is not as good as I would have liked it to be, but it’s probably the only picture of me and Pierre like ever. :D And he is a cool guy. The french exchange students are awesome. I am a tutor for two of them and the other two are also pretty dope, so I guess that means that I like french people? Yes.

And on a completely different note, look what I did:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetYep…I think it looks fucking awesome (I’m so modest). It’s from my last trip to Tallin, I just took a picture of the water and I thought that I would do something cool with it later on and yesterday I was bored, so I did it in maybe 5 min. It’s nothing special, but it’s captivating somehow, idk…

Also lately I’ve been going back to my childhood pictures and memories and I found this picture! Time has definitely taken its toll on it, but I have so many good memories with that purple jacket, which actually is from the 80’s and I was probably like the 4-th kid to have it…

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 presetThose are not my parents, they are still to this day very good friends of my mom’s, but they were really fun when they were younger. :D Anyway, I miss the 90’s and I wish I could be a kid again and not have to deal with responsibilities and bills and group works and assignments and whatnot. Literally my only problem as a kid was the next time I was going to go to sleep…oh, the times…

And now for a low quality phone picture (I gotta have at least one of them in my post :D) :

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 presetThis is Sami’s first selfie (the guy to the left). We were bowling and I suck miserably at that game, but at least I can take a proper selfie. :D Haha! I can’t say that I’m a selfie addict, but I’m not one of those people, who is like “Oh my god, you self-centered bitch, why are you taking selfies?”. I kinda like to do it every now and then, especially if I’m with good company. So yeah, now you can see my face and 2 others (Sami and Miriam). Yay.

But hey, this post is already getting kinda long and I’m running out of things to say, so I’m gonna wrap it up. For a good ending, I would like to share this song, which I’ve been listening to recently:

Now I hope ya’ll will have a nice day! :)

//Stef – Vi ses nästa gång!



Overly-social Stefani.

I have an interesting life.

Something new every day. New faces, new parties, new opportunities, new courses and new mistakes.

I haven’t had a computer at home for over a month now, which is why I haven’t been posting anything on my blog, but now you know… I’ve turned facebook into my personal chronology of almost every single day, which kind of annoys many people, but it’s the best I can do with my phone, so…

I’ve been up to a lot recently, as well. So I’m a tutor for all the exchange students and all the freshmen and this means non-stop partying 5 times a week. I was a toast master for a thing called sitz this past thurday and had a huge kick out of it, as everyone seemed to love it. I like people. I’m gonna put some pictures here just so that it’s not really plain, but I’m sure most of you have already seen those…


Alright, this was from one of our trips to Tallin. I love taking photos, but I can’t always carry my camera everywhere. :( But here everyone is sober, haha. :D

Foto 2014-08-27 23 05 59


Foto 2014-08-22 22 59 22


And yeah…I’ve been very busy with that and with my lectures. I’m glad the school year has tarted again, it felt empty with all of that free time I had before. :)

It’s been abolutely great, but now I feel like I need to concentrate on myself. Studies and other problems, which I need to strighten out…

After 3 weeks one could say I am a bit worn out. I’ve been listening to this jam lately:

Which brings me to the music part. So I know I usually do listen to cool songs, but what is aactually “good”? Everyone has a good taste in music in their opinion. So anyway, I’ve been listening to a A SHIT LOAD of John Farnham and I’m just like….HE IS AWESOME and I never really realized that before despite having heard like 5 of his songs before. If you don’t know who he is, listen to that song and just…listen.

I know he is in an awkward pose in this pic, but disregard it, please. :D I wish we could hear that on the radio nowadays. But then again, maybe not, cause I would spazz out and start singing and I already tend to do that a lot, so…

But yeah, I’ve been listening to a lot of music recently and I’m kind of sad, cause no one I know is willing to jam with me to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. I’m a very outgoing person, so I guess I hang out with a lot of people, so I don’t understand how I can’t find a lot of people with the same music taste as mine…

But yeah, that’s enough about me for now. I know it’s a shit post, but I do actually have school work to do and I can’t slack off for too long. :/ I miss blogging. Maybe tomorrow again?


Oh the summer days.

Hey, bloggy-blog!

I’m feeling happy.

I’ve been doing all sorts of stuff lately. To begin with, I’ve gone out with my friends much more than I used to when I was in uni. By friends, I mean Joel, Johanna, Jamppa, Noora and the rest of the guys, who don’t really go to Arcada. Joel and Rasse went to the army last week, so we’ve been trying to be with them as much as possible before they left. I’m going to miss them both! It’s not like I hang out with them every day, but I do  spend a lot of time with Joel especially (naturally as he’s my best friend) and now I won’t be able to just “go out” whenever I feel like it. And I’ve also heard terrible things about the army, so I’m worried about them. Of course, I know they will be fine and they’re strong lads, so they can handle everything, but I don’t want them to hate it. :/ It’s gonna be a long year… And Henkka has a bit less than half a year left in the Navy, so then I would have someone to hang out with again (as a boy from our posse).

And on a side note, yesterday I got the news that Joel was accepted into Helsinki law school, which is REALLY difficult to get into, so I’m SO PROUD of him! I know he busted his ass all spring, got up at 7 every morning and went to the library every day and read like a mad man for the exam, so I’m thrilled to see that he got his dream study place! And that also means that we can go to stadi parties together next year. :D

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

With that being said, the sad thing is that most of us are studying in different places. Jazz is in Turku, Johanna and Noora are going to Tampere, Rasse is going to Rovaniemi, Jamppa to Holland and it’s just gonna be me, Nelli and Joel, who are staying in the Helsinki region. Spending time together is yet again, going to be compromised at some level.

So anyway, we all went to play football in the middle of freaking nowhere (well okay, Laaksolahti, which is almost the same thing) and it was good fun, except that I seriously need to work out and build up my strength, cause after half of the game I felt like puking my lungs out and I was as red as red can be. Much to my relief, we ended the game early, cause of Jamppa’s foot, which got jumped on and he couldn’t play anymore.

Other than that, I’ve pretty much been occupied with watching football, working and going out with people like Olli, Quan, Stina, Paola, Joel, Noora, Jazz, Nelli, Jessica and so on… I’ve been trying to eat more clean lately, too (half successfully, but still better than nothing). And my favorite breakfast so far is this:

The only downside is that there is watermelon juice flying everywhere, when I try to eat it like that with the spoon, so I have to cut it beforehand. >.< And I’ve also been making a lot of vegetables with chicken, cause it’s freaking delicious, especially if I add a wok sauce to it, it’s bueno. And easy to make. And now I should figure out other things to cook, too, if I don’t want to get sick of that in a few days. :D Haha.

And I was 3 times this week on a power walk out in the neighborhood, which I must admit gets boring after you’ve seen everything 10 times. So I’ve been thinking of going somewhere further away from home, just to spice things up.

Aaaand yesterday, I went out with my lovely, lovely friend Jessica and was later joined by our schoolmate Daniela. We went out into the heart of Helsinki and we had a nice walk before we decided to lay down in the park and soak up the sun. Good thing I had brought my camera with me (and my phone as well, haha), so I took at least 2 really good pictures. :P

SCOcam with e2 preset

And I also got spotify premium, so we could literally listen to whatever we wanted to, so it was me just playing my “old as hell” playlist full of idylic songs and chill-vibes. There were so many people around us, too, everyone seemed to be really happy and outgoing. It was a really cool day.

And with that I think I will leave you until next time. Chill out, folks, I’m already super sad that summer is half-way through and I want to live like this forever…except that I would maybe like to change my job and go to Arcada, as well.

But yeah, peace out for now, lovelies!


FIFA World Cup, Driving around and Shopping.


So let’s blog again.

First of all, I’ve been okay and I’ve been watching a lot of football. Why? Well, first of all, my work hours are very flexible, almost all of my friends are scattered around Finland, I have a lot of beer and good food and I just genuinely think this is fun to watch. I’m not the biggest expert, though I do think I know more of the rules than your average girl (and less than your average boy), but once I get my head in the game, those 90 minutes go by fast as hell. Plus, I have nothing against Spain, but I wanted Netherlands to win the last World Cup in South Africa, so now I feel some sort of a small satisfaction that they’re off the table. And I’m still rooting for Netherlands, those guys are great.

Regardless  of my team preferences, I’ve distinguished a few very good players from different teams such as Guillermo Ochoa, Luis Suárez, Claudio Bravo and then the ones I liked even from before, Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney, Leo Messi and Fernando Torres. I never understood the concept of good goal keeping before I saw Ochoa, I mean…I used to give him much less credit than what he deserves. On Monday I’m going to be glued to the TV, cause I’m really excited about the game Netherlands – Chile…I like BOTH teams a lot, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for Netherlands, but damn, it’s gonna be tough. And I really don’t know what will happen… And then Germany is also a kick-ass machine, so you never know how things will turn out.

Other than football, my life hasn’t been that interesting lately. I guess I have been driving around Finland with Salla and her little baby. We went to Jyväskylä, Tammisaari and we stopped by Fiskars to check it out. I’m in love with that place. I really am. It’s so…quiet and clean, green and calm…I don’t know how to describe it, but I can’t wait to get back there. Here’s a picture of it.

And there was this really great chocolate place, which had this absolutely adorable design!!!!

It’s just so cozy and vintage and I loved it. :)

And about my driving…I was kinda nervous at first, cause I hadn’t been driving in a long time, but the more I did it, the calmer I got. Even though there were wet roads and rain storms and I had to drive really fast. :D

Processed with VSCOcam with t3 preset

Then I also hung out with Stina and we went for a really cool custom made ice cream and that thing really made my day, cause I fucking love ice cream! And Stina, of course, my favorite Oulu person. :) It was great to catch up, I’m probably going to see her on Monday again.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

With that said, the other thing I’ve dedicated my time to is shopping and I now am a proud owner of a few more clothes than before and a kick ass M.A.C lipstick, for which I seem to be the most excited about. Red lipsticks do wonders and I really mean it. It’s the holy grail of all lipsticks, so now I am going to look kickass whenever I feel like it. All hail M.A.C.

And yeah…now I’m talking about playing football with my friends. So far Joel, Jamppa, Rasse, Noora and me are up for it, but Jazz is most likely gonna join as well, since she’s such a hardcore football fan. And I just asked Mikko as well, so it might turn out that we’ll have enough people! YESSS! I feel like getting that blood moving and having some fun…even though I’m not the best in football, if it’s with friends, who cares. :D They’re gonna make fun of me anyway. :D

And on that note, I’m gonna leave you peeps and keep watching the Germany – Ghana game. 

//Stef – Moro.