Oh the summer days.

Hey, bloggy-blog!

I’m feeling happy.

I’ve been doing all sorts of stuff lately. To begin with, I’ve gone out with my friends much more than I used to when I was in uni. By friends, I mean Joel, Johanna, Jamppa, Noora and the rest of the guys, who don’t really go to Arcada. Joel and Rasse went to the army last week, so we’ve been trying to be with them as much as possible before they left. I’m going to miss them both! It’s not like I hang out with them every day, but I do  spend a lot of time with Joel especially (naturally as he’s my best friend) and now I won’t be able to just “go out” whenever I feel like it. And I’ve also heard terrible things about the army, so I’m worried about them. Of course, I know they will be fine and they’re strong lads, so they can handle everything, but I don’t want them to hate it. :/ It’s gonna be a long year… And Henkka has a bit less than half a year left in the Navy, so then I would have someone to hang out with again (as a boy from our posse).

And on a side note, yesterday I got the news that Joel was accepted into Helsinki law school, which is REALLY difficult to get into, so I’m SO PROUD of him! I know he busted his ass all spring, got up at 7 every morning and went to the library every day and read like a mad man for the exam, so I’m thrilled to see that he got his dream study place! And that also means that we can go to stadi parties together next year. :D

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

With that being said, the sad thing is that most of us are studying in different places. Jazz is in Turku, Johanna and Noora are going to Tampere, Rasse is going to Rovaniemi, Jamppa to Holland and it’s just gonna be me, Nelli and Joel, who are staying in the Helsinki region. Spending time together is yet again, going to be compromised at some level.

So anyway, we all went to play football in the middle of freaking nowhere (well okay, Laaksolahti, which is almost the same thing) and it was good fun, except that I seriously need to work out and build up my strength, cause after half of the game I felt like puking my lungs out and I was as red as red can be. Much to my relief, we ended the game early, cause of Jamppa’s foot, which got jumped on and he couldn’t play anymore.

Other than that, I’ve pretty much been occupied with watching football, working and going out with people like Olli, Quan, Stina, Paola, Joel, Noora, Jazz, Nelli, Jessica and so on… I’ve been trying to eat more clean lately, too (half successfully, but still better than nothing). And my favorite breakfast so far is this:

The only downside is that there is watermelon juice flying everywhere, when I try to eat it like that with the spoon, so I have to cut it beforehand. >.< And I’ve also been making a lot of vegetables with chicken, cause it’s freaking delicious, especially if I add a wok sauce to it, it’s bueno. And easy to make. And now I should figure out other things to cook, too, if I don’t want to get sick of that in a few days. :D Haha.

And I was 3 times this week on a power walk out in the neighborhood, which I must admit gets boring after you’ve seen everything 10 times. So I’ve been thinking of going somewhere further away from home, just to spice things up.

Aaaand yesterday, I went out with my lovely, lovely friend Jessica and was later joined by our schoolmate Daniela. We went out into the heart of Helsinki and we had a nice walk before we decided to lay down in the park and soak up the sun. Good thing I had brought my camera with me (and my phone as well, haha), so I took at least 2 really good pictures. :P

SCOcam with e2 preset

And I also got spotify premium, so we could literally listen to whatever we wanted to, so it was me just playing my “old as hell” playlist full of idylic songs and chill-vibes. There were so many people around us, too, everyone seemed to be really happy and outgoing. It was a really cool day.

And with that I think I will leave you until next time. Chill out, folks, I’m already super sad that summer is half-way through and I want to live like this forever…except that I would maybe like to change my job and go to Arcada, as well.

But yeah, peace out for now, lovelies!


FIFA World Cup, Driving around and Shopping.


So let’s blog again.

First of all, I’ve been okay and I’ve been watching a lot of football. Why? Well, first of all, my work hours are very flexible, almost all of my friends are scattered around Finland, I have a lot of beer and good food and I just genuinely think this is fun to watch. I’m not the biggest expert, though I do think I know more of the rules than your average girl (and less than your average boy), but once I get my head in the game, those 90 minutes go by fast as hell. Plus, I have nothing against Spain, but I wanted Netherlands to win the last World Cup in South Africa, so now I feel some sort of a small satisfaction that they’re off the table. And I’m still rooting for Netherlands, those guys are great.

Regardless  of my team preferences, I’ve distinguished a few very good players from different teams such as Guillermo Ochoa, Luis Suárez, Claudio Bravo and then the ones I liked even from before, Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney, Leo Messi and Fernando Torres. I never understood the concept of good goal keeping before I saw Ochoa, I mean…I used to give him much less credit than what he deserves. On Monday I’m going to be glued to the TV, cause I’m really excited about the game Netherlands – Chile…I like BOTH teams a lot, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for Netherlands, but damn, it’s gonna be tough. And I really don’t know what will happen… And then Germany is also a kick-ass machine, so you never know how things will turn out.

Other than football, my life hasn’t been that interesting lately. I guess I have been driving around Finland with Salla and her little baby. We went to Jyväskylä, Tammisaari and we stopped by Fiskars to check it out. I’m in love with that place. I really am. It’s so…quiet and clean, green and calm…I don’t know how to describe it, but I can’t wait to get back there. Here’s a picture of it.

And there was this really great chocolate place, which had this absolutely adorable design!!!!

It’s just so cozy and vintage and I loved it. :)

And about my driving…I was kinda nervous at first, cause I hadn’t been driving in a long time, but the more I did it, the calmer I got. Even though there were wet roads and rain storms and I had to drive really fast. :D

Processed with VSCOcam with t3 preset

Then I also hung out with Stina and we went for a really cool custom made ice cream and that thing really made my day, cause I fucking love ice cream! And Stina, of course, my favorite Oulu person. :) It was great to catch up, I’m probably going to see her on Monday again.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

With that said, the other thing I’ve dedicated my time to is shopping and I now am a proud owner of a few more clothes than before and a kick ass M.A.C lipstick, for which I seem to be the most excited about. Red lipsticks do wonders and I really mean it. It’s the holy grail of all lipsticks, so now I am going to look kickass whenever I feel like it. All hail M.A.C.

And yeah…now I’m talking about playing football with my friends. So far Joel, Jamppa, Rasse, Noora and me are up for it, but Jazz is most likely gonna join as well, since she’s such a hardcore football fan. And I just asked Mikko as well, so it might turn out that we’ll have enough people! YESSS! I feel like getting that blood moving and having some fun…even though I’m not the best in football, if it’s with friends, who cares. :D They’re gonna make fun of me anyway. :D

And on that note, I’m gonna leave you peeps and keep watching the Germany – Ghana game. 

//Stef – Moro.

Summer is officially here! :)


So it’s summer!

I just wrote like 2000 words about the importance of drinking water and realized what a load of bullshit I had just written, so I had to delete it all. What the fuck, Stefani?!

Here’s 2 pictures of me from Monday (when I spent the day with Jessica)



I had a really nice day out with her! We went to Nosturi and took great pictures there, we had ice cream and talked about boys. I like Jessica a lot, a lot, a lot. And here’s my personal favorite picture of hers that I’ve taken!


Later we went to the Cor-house with Maku and Björn and they went to the sauna, while I was busy playing awesome music on the laptop…but then we actually did some badass grilling, so here’s pictures from then, as well!






So, it’s been a really great end of the university year! I also went to see all the exchange students for one last time before they all left for their home countries…it was sad. A part of the reason why I didn’t want to be an international tutor next year is because I know that I will get attached to all the amazing people and then they’ll leave just like that and I hate it… But, I am, in fact, going to be a tutor, so I best get used to the thought…

On another great note, now I’ve had a lot of free time and what I’ve been doing with my life is basically sleep and eat. The weather hasn’t been GREAT, but today is the first day in a week that I can actually see the sun, so that’s nice. I went to the store the other day and bought a lot of food, so now I can make salads for a week and not run out of anything. I’m still not used to the whole adult thing, though… Even after a year. Few days ago it was a year since I came to live in Finland and in September it will be a year of living alone. Time flies FAST. But it’s been a really good year. Apart from the fact that it’s really difficult for a foreigner to find a decent job here, every other aspect of my life has been great!!

Although I haven’t been keeping in touch with my best friends lately, I haven’t spoken with Joel in a month, but I know everyone is fine, cause I see their messages all the time. I’ve just had so much on my plate that I’ve been a bit anti-social you could say…But with friends like mine, I know that I haven’t been forgotten! :)

And yeah! Summer is officially here, let’s see how it will go!

//Stef – I’ll try to be more consistent with the posts, okay?! :D


One amazing month…

So here’s the deal!

I’ve always liked May.

It’s just such a great month. This time last year I was so busy with my prom and matriculation exams, as well as travel details and driving license courses…it was hectic. I still loved it, though. This year it’s been so chilled and nice…despite all the finals, I’ve been feeling so relaxed and open. Nothing can bring me down.

I had my birthday, as well…on 10-th of May. And let me tell you, it was the simplest birthday you can imagine. I went to work in the morning, I bought myself some cake, came back home and watched movies all day long. I didn’t see anyone or do anything special. When people found out, they were quite upset and all like “oh nooo, you spent your birthday alone, that’s horrible, I’m so sorry!”, but I don’t really see anything bad in being alone. I’m SO social that I thought I could use some “me” time to be alone with my thoughts and do whatever I want, which in my case was to watch movies. I thought it was a great birthday! And I haven’t actually celebrated my birthday in more than 5 years, if you don’t count my mom’s gathering of her friends at our place, which is great – but not a birthday celebration.

Aaaaaaanyway, as a treat to myself, I purchased a DSLR camera. You have no idea for how long I’ve wanted this. Probably since 8-th grade. I finally had the money to buy a great one and I’m just so happy! The best birthday present I could have given myself, honestly.

So, naturally, I’ve been exploiting my camera as much as I possibly can, so here you go, one huge load of pictures that I’ve taken in the last few days… :D


Jessica & Linda





bus stranger


Linda & Jessica

cool grandpa



Linda & Olli

Okay, I got a little carried away…but I love the colors so much! And I can’t wait to go and take more photos. Last time I went out with Linda and Olli and here’s 2 pictures from Olli’s camera, which I really liked…

me and linda

helsinki streets

Overall, I’ve had a great time this month!

I’m going to be really sad that school is ending in less than a week, though… I’m honestly going to miss all the social interaction with all those great people and most of them are going back to their hometowns for the summer and some (like Linda) are even leaving the country and I don’t know when I’ll get to see them again…kind of bitter. I’m really happy about the weather, but with it comes so much sadness…I don’t know.

But yeah, this was just a picture blog post, hope you like all the pics. Which one is your favorite? Mine is this one.

suomenlinna ferry

//Stef – sommarloooov.

Well damn!

Yeah, so…

I slacked. Like a lot. Like a month and a few days kind of a lot. I have no excuse other than the fact that I’m a lazy mofo.

So what have I been up to during this last month? Besides being awesome, I mean. :D Well…I was HOME!!! Like BULGARIA HOME. Almost can’t believe that I actually spent some time there, it feels like a dream. But I was there only for 10 days, so that might explain it. The good thing was that it was warm and nice there and nothing in the city has changed at all.

One of the good things that happened there is that I got to see my mom! She was supposed to be in Dubai and one friday morning (4am) she rang on the doorbell and I was so happy! I hadn’t seen her in almost a year and I’ve missed her so much…she cooked for me and gave me a massage and we even managed to get into a fight! I love this woman so much.

I also went out with a few friends, got to see the clubs again, met some old schoolmates and stuff…it was really nice. And I also almost missed my flight back home. By almost I mean, they opened the gate for me 1 minute before the plane was supposed to take off. I never want to go through this kind of stress ever again (note to self: CHECK YOUR GODDAMN FLIGHTS ON TIME). And yeah…here are some pictures of my time in the sunny Varna.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

By the way, in Bulgaria we actually boil the eggs and then we paint them and then we have “wars” with them and the person, who’s egg doesn’t break is the winner and he is a big bad boss and it’s really fun, dunno why you guys don’t do it in Finland…

But yeah, that’s about it for the pictures I took…I was busy having fun instead of taking a lot of pictures, which is a shame, cause now I won’t remember this trip as well as I could have. But oh, well…

Anyway, when I came back to Finland, more parties started to immediately rain on me. Like for example Linda’s 22-nd birthday party.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

It was really fun and there was carrot cake and cookies! :D We got creative and stuff, Mikko almost set me on fire and now I’m lucky to be here (haha). :D

Then we had the Syttsitz, which was a fun thing to attend. I drang Jagerbombs and beer and shots and oh my god. :D Linda sent me a few videos of me singing my heart out and what I don’t understand is why must I always sing, when I know I can’t do it…? I even sang the lyrics wrong, so now when I re-watch it, I’m cringing. Those videos shall never see the light of day. Ever. But I did take a few pics of other people, so here ya go:

2014-04-30 00.15.08

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

The next day was pretty fun, also! We (Arcada people) went to this park place and had a “picnic”, but actually everyone got drunk and we went to the coronation of Havist Amanda.

Side note: Uhjdbvfhjr, having a blog in English means that I have to explain what the fuck every single thing is, cause I have readers from all over the world and most of you are probably like “Havist whaaaat?”. It’s a statue that we put a graduation hat on every year on vappu (mayday).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And yeah, then I went to freaking Tapiola to have fun with my bfffffffffffffff’s. We barbecued A LOT of meat, cause the men had made sure to not leave anyone hungry. Or thirsty. Gaaaad. But yeah, one thing I really like about my friends is that they have the same awesome taste in music as me, so we can blast out awesome tunes and sing along to them as a group of 10 and that’s the dream. Awesome people, indeed. And I needed to hear some Finnish speech after a gazillion years within the Swedish/Bulgarian environment. The good thing is that EVERYONE could come. Joel, Henkka, Rasse, Jamppa, me, Nelli, Nora, Noora, Jazz, Kaisa and Johanna! We haven’t been together all of us in probably 2 years, cause we couldn’t match our schedules to match. But now we did and it was amazing. Best thing ever. And of course, we got drunk as hell. :D Joel’s place is the only place, where I can get really wasted, cause I know I can stay overnight there and I’m surrounded by people I really love.

And a funny thing about our company, even though Joel is my best friend, it’s still funny how everyone knows everything about the other 9 people. No secrets or anything, so it’s kind of weird, when we’re eating on the big table all 10 of us and we’re discussing really private topics that one would think you can only tell 1 person. :D Haha.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Aaaaand the next day I went out again (Jesus, I should maybe stop???) to this one park in Kaisaniemi and I met a few of my friends there, but the weirdest thing happened…I met some random people and I was like “Eyyyy, you have the same overall color as I do!!!” and they were like “Eyyyy, that’s so true, let’s partyyyy!” and I thought “Why not?”, so I went partying with random people to a really random place (we had to climb some walls to get there, that was fun all on its own. But yeah, at least two people, who I knew from before were there, so that’s nice…though they didn’t belong to my student union, but fuck it. :D It was fun.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The next day I went out with this little bugger here:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Basically, I haven’t seen Joonatan in AGES and I missed my little brother, so I thought I might as well catch up with him. So he’s gonna go to lukio next year and he was a bit nervous about that, so I had to breathe some confidence into him. :D And we also watched the movie “Transcendent” with Johnny Depp, which wasn’t half bad. Jonttu thought it was weird, but I kinda liked it. I would have liked it better if I had gone to the bathroom before it started and didn’t feel the need to pee pretty much throughout the entire movie…but yeah.

Overall speaking, I’m pretty much okay. I’m waiting for summer, even though I’ve got no clue what the hell I’m going to do, when it actually comes…oh, damn. But for now, I’m reading online marketing newspapers (yes, I know…but it’s fun. really.) and catching up on “Supernatural” and “Cosmos”, while drinking lots and lots of tea. Yeah…dunno what else to add here.

I guess I’ll talk to you next time.

//Stef – cyaaa!

Life in a month.

Hey, everyone!

I can see it’s been a while since my last post.

March was an all in all okay month, but I’ve been too busy sleeping and drinking to write another blog post. I can say a few good things, which happened and those are: I will officially be a tutor next year, which brings me this tiny little feeling of accomplishment, cause I know I’ll be good at it. Also, we got our overalls last Friday and I couldn’t be happier about it, since they were 2 months late. I’ve been sowing patches on and this is my new favorite piece of clothing.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to meet more new people and actually have a good time with them, since I can’t really say that I’m perfectly satisfied with some people. Yeah. Anyway, I’ve been partying a lot. With my math teacher. What? Yep.

This was 2 weeks ago, I think. It was a really cool sitz and Karis was nice enough to buy a lot people a lot of drinks. I have no idea why, but hey, at least it was fun. I may have gotten more drunk than I would have wanted to, cause I spilled like 2 liters of water over people, for which I’m sorry. But yeah, life happens. Student life and all that. These big parties are good for having fun, but not really for doing wise things.

The week after that we had another party, which was supposed to be a small and rather private one. It was. We were like 7-8 people in this big space, but…I actually really, really liked it. The time went by so fast, I went in at 20.30 and next thing I know, it’s already 5am.

It was all people I know, but not people I know very well if you can put it that way. So this is Olli, with whom I’ve been talking a lot lately and he’s really cool and stuff. I actually met him like a month and a half ago, I had no idea who he was before that, but I’m glad I met him, cause he gives really nice hugs and yeah. He’s also interested in photography, which is a win-win situation, cause I need someone to teach me how to not kill myself with a camera (once I get mine, which will be soon. :D)

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Then we have Maku and Björn. I’ve known them since like…December, I think. By knowing, I mean, I’ve seen them in bars and around in school for brief moments and I’ve heard my friend Stina talk about them every once in a while. They’re really friendly. So Maku has a thing for lifting girls apparently, I got to find that out last Friday, when I was 2 meters above the ground praying for my life. I know that he is strong, but I don’t trust him, cause I’m really heavy and I keep thinking that I will end up with a twisted hip or some shit like that. But it went well last time.

As for Björn, I talked to him a lot this time. This guy is freaking amazing and I’m so glad that he decided to talk to me (like for real).  I needed to listen to someone really sincere and I got just that. He reminded me again why males are way better friends than females. I wish I could talk to him again sometime. :) Plus, he owns the dance floor, not gonna lie.

Basically last Friday was a really good party, cause I still believe in the saying that quality is better than quantity. The company was very good. Thanks to everyone, who were there.

Then in the morning I realized what an asshole one of the guys from school actually is, but I don’t really care, I’ll just let it go past me. I’m trying to not let negative emotions influence me, which is important for a person like me.

Anyway, on Sunday I met Linda, Jessica and Kirsten. First off, Linda is my hero, I really, really, really like her and I’m going to miss her like crazy when she’s gone. I fucking love every single minute I spend with her, cause she inspires me so much…to just be more creative and careless. I’m definitely going to visit her in England. And Jessica…we’ve been spending a lot of time together around the Arcada Entrepreneurship Society and organizing the events and she is also so nice. I love her laugh and I’m glad that she’s just a first year student, because I’ll get to see her every day for the next few years and that is something to look forward to. Amazing woman. And then Kirsten, basically sex on legs. Super friendly, hot as hell, I only want to take pictures of her until the end of time. Agh! But yeah, we were doing a video together for fun. It’s for the song “Happy”…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

It was so much fun. I’ve decided that I would like to surround myself more with people, who make me feel good and those girls really make me smile. Great day! :)

And today I overslept for my lecture (again), so I’ve been at home all day watching movies and listening to music. I also made these babies.

Tasty as hell. And just as unhealthy. But I’m a self-indulger, so yeah… By the way, I watched again the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham…so much brain hurt. I had forgotten how much I wanted to punch Ken in the face. But I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion and there are a lot of people like him, who just refuse to accept facts and evidence. Ah…

On the bright side, Joel started me on Cosmos, so I kind of watched every episode today. Oops. A lazy day well spent. I’m very interested in science and in everything about life, so this show was very interesting to follow. I definitely recommend it. :) I’m always looking for something to challenge my thinking and beliefs.

But yes, that’s my month for you. I don’t really know what else to add…Oh yeah, a few of my favorite bulgarian photographer’s works. Just because they are beautiful and I want them in this blog.

Gotta love double exposure, it’s so magical… :)

But yeah, I’ll go now and I wish you all a very nice Monday evening.

//Stef – until next time


Second post of the day, but this is worth it.

I’d like to share a few pictures with you.

Almost every major religion breeds ascetics; wandering monks who have renounced all earthly possessions, dedicating their lives to the pursuit of spiritual liberation.Their reality is dictated only by the mind, not material objects. Even death is not a fearsome concept, but a passing from the world of illusion.

I find these images to be so profoundly simple and yet so detailed. They scream everything the subjects represent and for me, that is what photography is about. The first image is by far my favorite and perhaps the one, which screams the loudest.

This isn’t to say that the rest aren’t strong and powerful in their message.

The wonderful portraits were done by three New York based photographers and cinematographers Cale Glendening, Joey L. and Ryan McCarney, or should I say that the project was done by them, because it involves a really beautiful documentary, as well.

They spent a lot of time getting to know their subjects before taking their portraits, which makes the photography oh so exquisite.

I think this is amazing. The cultural difference is so big that it almost seems like a fairytale to me. At first seeing the documentary (which you will find at the bottom), I was a bit skeptical about those guys’ abilities, considering how young they are, but this is so wonderful, it speaks for itself…

This is so beautiful…to consider that those people live with close to nothing, they don’t fear death and they even embrace it. I am so in awe, I love it.

Also I’m very impressed by the photographer Joey, who captured the culture so well an clearly understood what these people are about. A huge hats off to you! :)

And let’s not forget the documentary, which is absolutely mind blowing. Magical colors, great story and insight. Bravo. Rarely do I give compliments on such a high level. As far as I understood, most of this was shot on a Canon 7D, which is the kind of camera I want to buy for myself, and certainly not the best thing on the market, but still very good nonetheless.

Well, I’ll leave you to watch the documentary and you definitely should do it if you have free time, you’ll love it. :)

//Stef – have a good one.