Football Culture


So I didn’t want to make a video about this, but I did wanna say something about it, so here’s the blog post.

Something very fascinating to me – football culture. As a little kid I remember playing football in the school yard with the big kids (the 7-th graders, lol). That’s actually how I broke my braces, which I didn’t really need that bad, but still to this day I have a small scar on the inside of my lip reminding me to never play football in a skirt. Not that I would ever.

Football is a HUGE thing back home. You have no idea. I had a favorite team before I even hit pre-school, it’s always been the classical battle between the reds and the blues…And you don’t even have to watch football to have a favorite team, it’s so weird. Like, for the life of me, I couldn’t name a single player from Levski FC, but I was “rooting” for them, cause there is no middle ground – you CAN’T not have a favorite team no matter who you are. I wouldn’t think twice about it as a kid, but now that I look back, it seems strange.

To be fair, I’ve never actually been really interested in football, so I would never know which team is advancing where and what’s their performance. I mean, I did watch the entire 2010 world cup, but that was about it. I’ve maybe went to see a few local games between some shitty teams, but I never felt that “passion” guys feel when they turn on their TV and grab a beer, you know?

It’s been on the news semi-regularly how hooligans are setting stadiums on fire and beating fans of other football clubs, so I didn’t feel like it was something for me. I’ve kept an eye on the games every now and then, so this is how we get to my turning point. Last summer. Netherlands absolutely RAPED Spain on the pitch, it was just so surreal, all the emotions I felt while watching the game, it was a whole new sensation. Suddenly all those men with a beer in their hand made total sense and I was hooked.

Since then I’ve been following the football scene more or less closely (though I wouldn’t call myself a know-it-all) and I’ve noticed so many things about the culture that you wouldn’t otherwise pay attention to. For example, people take pride in the FC they support. It’s just the players who win the games, yet every fan is referring to themselves as a part of the team, it’s always “we” and not “they”. On the other hand they come up with foul names for other teams and go against each other like they’re mortal enemies. Why? I understand that it’s all a competition, but I don’t feel the need to tell someone to go kill themselves, because they’re a Chelsea fan (for example).

If one of your own team’s players is playing nasty, you’re encouraging them, but if a member of the opposite team does the same, you downright level them with the ground. Hypocritical as hell. Also lots of credit still remains to be given to great players no matter what team they’re playing for. I can name some GREAT lads from many different teams, but I think the fact that I’m new to all this is preventing me from being too subjective, which is good. But I look at the game more than everything else surrounding it (e.x. statistics, advancements, signings, etc.), because I think that’s the most important thing after all. A team can be the best in the world and if the game is boring, I’d still be disappointed.

With that being said, I don’t watch too many games at bars, cause I rarely find the company to do it (oh, how I miss my Germans, they would always watch with me!), so I use streams quite a lot and THE MOST ANNOYING THING for me are the chats. I know I can disable them, but sometimes I leave them on just to see what kind of people are watching the game and 9/10 it’s always IDIOTS with user names like PSG4eva1997 saying stuff like “I am PSG fan from FRANCE PSG BEST team in the world” on a Monaco – Arsenal game. Seriously, who the fuck cares? No contribution to the commentary of the game whatsoever, yet it manages to get on your every nerve by just existing. And God forbid a girl enters the conversation… The whole situation reminds me of a bunch of drunk 15 year olds, who can’t control themselves…which I’m sure is exactly what it is.

Aside from that, it’s pretty cool to see the political, economical and global influence football has on us as a whole. I mean it’s a huge business and it tackles important issues such as racism, bullying and equality more than you would think. Some great minds are football fans, Russel Brand for example (who I will endlessly adore for his eloquence and strive to educate the common folk about our surroundings), so it’s not all going down the drain.

It IS a man’s world, but so what? As a proud woman, I like football as well. I bet there are some guys out there, who sincerely enjoy Sex and the City, too. :)

//Stef – important game on Sunday coming up!

“She’s super cute!”

Last few weeks have been really strange for me.

As most of you know, I’m pretty damn social, I think I know quite many people and I’m fairly easy to talk to.

Anyway, recently I’ve been getting a lot of comments on my looks, which I think is weird. I’ve never been the girl, who gets all the guys or someone who thinks super highly of themselves (not to be confused with having no self-confidence), nor have I had a reason to be that person. I used to get compliments every now and then, I know I’m not ugly or anything, but lately it’s been completely different.

I don’t know if it’s the videos or just the new people or the way I put my lipstick or what, but compliments have been raining on me like never before. Gay women, lots of guys, my family and friends…everyone! I’m a bit confused as to what is going on.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I’ve heard on multiple occasions people who I don’t even know commenting on how good I look and I’m always so flattered, it’s crazy!

I will be lying if I say I don’t like the attention, I think everyone will smile if someone tells them they’re beautiful. But I’ve always thought of myself as a person just like…your mom, for example. You don’t just sit there for hours admiring your own mom’s beauty, that’s just…no. I see myself the way my friends see myself – not faceless, but my looks are rather concealed by my personality, cause they don’t hang out with my selfie 24/7. Does it make sense?

Sure I’ve got kickass boobs and an okay-looking face, but I don’t look at myself in the mirror every morning thinking what a catch I am. I’m waaaaaaaaaaaay more proud of my personality. If I would be as confident with my looks as I am with my character, I don’t think there would be a more arrogant person than me. Which is why I’m kind of humbled by those people’s compliments. You have no idea how often I think that how I look like is not enough. I think about my skin, hair, weight, whatever on daily basis and I try to make myself think that it doesn’t matter and that people will like me for who I am.

Guess that’s not true and people just think I’m hot, which is ofc nice, but it also means that if I wouldn’t be hot, they wouldn’t like to get to know me and that kinda sucks, cause I get better the more you speak to me. We live in a superficial world, friends. I’m also a big part of it all. I currently have a crush on someone and I’m too afraid to say it, not because he might not like me, but because he might only like me for my looks, which is scary. How in the world would I be able to get away from the stigma that “hot chicks” are for one time consumption? I hate even the thought of someone not wanting to get to know me and I’m not even THAT attractive, so I honestly feel sorry for the drop-dead-gorgeous girls out there.

Aaanyway, thanks for all of your kind words and support in one way or another, I love talking to all of you and I know that most of you actually know me, which is great! It feels strange to write a post about something like this, but I was all out of ideas, so oh well.

Also I hadn’t done a post in over a month, so I thought I had to write about SOMETHING.

//Stef – have a good one.

Recent music likes.

Recent music likes.


This is like the third time I’m trying to write this post, but something always prevents me from publishing it.

Anyway, today seems to be the day. Lately I’ve been feeling super anti-social. I’m an ambivert in the full sense of the word – I LOVE being with people socializing, partying and networking, but I also LOVE being by myself and these last couple of months, I haven’t been feeling like going out with a lot of people. Every week I’m invited to 15 events, the exchange students are drinking every single night, my friends want to see me and I just…don’t feel like it. Not saying I’ve been locked at home the entire time, but my party attendance has definitely decreased. Don’t worry friends, it’s just a phase, I’ll be back up and running at some point. :)

But what have I been doing during the nights, when you have shamelessly drunk away any memory of your personal information or nationality? Well apart from laughing my ass off at your snapchats and whatsapp messages and replying to your “boo, you old grandma” texts, I’ve been enjoying my own company and my hobbies (other than drinking) such as photography, reading books, watching Robin Williams movies and discovering new music. And also reading science journals, cause science is awesome.

However, I wanted to make a blog post full of my recent music obsessions. Cause I’ve had the time to rape the replay button enough times. I should do the same with movies, who would like to see that? But yes, let’s get into it.

Johnny van Zant – Party in the Parking Lot

I don’t listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd MAINLY because I think this is one of the stupidest band names you could come up with, I have troubles pronouncing it and no amount of technical brilliance can make up for it. But in all honesty, I don’t know how great they are cause I haven’t listened to anything more than “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Free Bird”. Cause that name annoys me (might as well be a death metal band together in a line-up with Amon Amarth). But Johnny van Zant is sooooo cool. His album called “Brickyard Road” has been one of my recent obsessions. It’s in no way connected to Lynyrd Skynyrd, but I felt obligated to say something about them, since he’s their new front man. “Party in the Parking Lot” is my favorite song of the album, but believe me when I say – every single song is spot on. Definitely DO recommend.

Damn Yankees – Dirty Dog

I was listening to “High Enough” and I thought “Let’s see what else dem boys have” and stumbled upon this gem. Also “Come Again”. Very cool. Can’t say that I’m surprised, but I like what they’ve done…and again sax + trumpet + guitar + drums proves to be a killer combo.

Europe – Cherokee

In my opinion this is one of Europe’s best songs. And I cannot stand to listen to “The Final Countdown”. You can only hear it so many times, before you start hating it (together with “The Eye of the Tiger”). Cherokee is a fresh reminder to me and hopefully to everyone else that Europe have OTHER songs, as well!!!

Dead or Alive – You spin me Right round

I really like this song. 7 years ago I’d call anyone who listens to it crazy, but now I’m one of those people. And it’s true. You do spin me right round like a record, baby, right round, round round. :D

Aerosmith – Pink

Pinkkkkk. I love the harmonica. I love pink. I love Steven Tyler. And Aerosmith. I think I’ve liked this song for aaaages, but lately I’ve listened to it a lot more. And fun fact, when Aerosmith were in Helsinki last year, Steven was just casually walking down Aleksanterinkatu without any security or anything and ON THAT DAY I was supposed to go out with my friends to go shopping on that street, but I got sick the day before and decided to stay home. And my friends met him and took a picture with him. To say that I was jealous would be a huge understatement…when they whatsapped me the pic, I felt like jumping off a cliff. Just…I get mad at myself again just by thinking about it.

Midnight Oil – Blue Sky Mine

Can you hear the redneck harmonica? That lovely, lovely sound. Mmmm. The singer has crazy eyes, tho. :D But the song is amazing, I’ve been really loving it lately. I almost think this is as good as “Beds are Burning”, which is their biggest hit. But what do I know…

Winger – Headed for a Heartbreak

Winger has good songs (both the band and him as an individual) and he looks ridiculously photogenic for some reason. But yeah, I’ve lately been listening to this + “Madalaine” and “Miles Away”, great stuff!

Bryan Adams – Here I Am

I think this was featured in some animation with horses. Frankly, it’s been pushing me to watch more Disney movies, it has that vibe to it don’t you think? “Here I am, this is me…there’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be…”, very Bryan Adams – like. I enjoy this a lot. :) I’d love to see it live, a friend of mine who has seen him said it’s a great experience. When, oh when???

The Outfield – Your Love

Another GREAT song from the 80’s. I listened to this a lot maybe 4 or 5 years ago, but I stumbled upon it again 2 weeks ago and it’s just so…good. And it has a nice video, as well! Well done. :)

Tesla – Forever More

So excited about this song, you have no idea. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it (the album came out in 2008, I think?) and I’ve been listening to it on and off ever since then. Now I have so many memories connected to it, it’s crazy. Being 16 and laying on the warm run-down concrete bench in Varna with a beer next to me, watching the sunset with my back then best friend and thinking that we were “the shit” and no one could tell us otherwise. Ahh, those were the days. :D

Murray Head – One Night in Bangkok

The whole winter holiday in a song. There you go. Quan was in Bangkok for 2 weeks and him being there reminded me of this song, so I’ve been crazy about it. And everything Murray Head sings about is apparently completely true! Drag queens in every corner, drugs, gay people, it’s like the new Sodom and Gomorrah, crazy stuff. :D But yeah, the song kicks ass!!

Yeah, that’s it for now I guess. What are your favorites? Or do you even know the songs I posted? :)

//Stef – toodaloo.

Real Talk.


I’m usually a super happy person, who smiles a lot, has lots of fun, loves meeting new people, I’m friendly as hell, curious, ambitious and all those nice adjectives. It’s not in my personality to be depressed.

It would probably take A LOT for me to actually get clinically depressed, which unfortunately I can’t say for all people. Having that in mind, I DO get sad every now and then, every normal person does, I just usually don’t post it on any of my social media (and that’s a surprise considering that I am a total addict and I update everything a lot.) But I just don’t like it when some of my friends are having troubles and they feel like they can’t talk to me, because “I don’t know how they feel” and because “I’m so smiley all the time and they don’t want to bring me down.”

It’s true that it may be my fault for projecting so much of what I like, which is lots of laughter and jokes, but you should all know that not everything in life is just that and that I, just like everyone else, have bad days despite my chronically happy personality.

Lately I haven’t talked about my personal life with almost anyone, even my parents, because I just don’t feel the need to. I don’t feel obligated to go ahead and tell everyone what is wrong or right in my life, if anything, recently I’ve been a lot more impatient with people trying to talk to me. I’m sorry.

But whenever I feel sad or happy (HIMYM reference not coming), I just like to write here, it has always helped. Though sometimes, I start writing and realize that I don’t want to share all these details with you and that I feel somehow intimidated and obligated to keep up the happy spirit all the time. Sometimes all I want to do is be honest and say everything that’s on my mind, but I have a personal blockage, which keeps me from oversharing things and I just build it up inside until one day it just explodes.

I’m not sad now, I haven’t had a sad day in a really long time, I’m very grateful for that, but I guess I’m just trying to say that I’m not always the sassy girl, who tells jokes about your mom. And that’s okay. If you ever feel like sharing anything with me, I promise I will be there and I’ll listen. I may make a few remarks and make fun of your situation, but you have to understand that this is just my way of trying to cheer you up and at the end of the day, I want to help you in any way I can.

A brief story that I have for you – I was the saddest of my entire life in February 2012. I’ll never forget that time, we were in Levi with my host family and for some reasons that I’m not gonna share publicly, the first night was a complete nightmare. I get sad right now just by thinking about it. I was crying so hard that I couldn’t take a breath, I couldn’t see anything and all I could feel is just utter profound loneliness. I’m not even exaggerating, when I say that I must have been crying non-stop for 5 hours and my eyes were bloody red with my pillow and sheets completely soaked in tears. Sad sight. And then Jazz sent me a text from her holiday in Austria. It was something really basic like “What’s your address, I wanna send you a post card”, but in that moment, it came like a gift from heaven. It was like a warm shower of love over the cold and stiff emotions I was feeling. She wanted to send me a post card!!!!!!! I stopped crying almost immediately after that and went and looked for the closest hug I could find. Don’t underestimate the power of friendship in your hard times or if you have a significant other, lay on their back for a while. It helps.

Every person that I know has some kind of depth to them, though I don’t always understand it or want to see it completely. Just because someone is happy doesn’t mean that they can’t help you if you really are good friends. Also HUGS have proven, at least for me, to work every time. The long and tight ones, when you can feel someone being empathetic to you and few seconds later you just know that everything is going to be okay. :)

AND if you feel like you have been really really sad for extensive periods of time, please contact someone, who can help you professionally, there is no need of being sad all the time and you CAN be helped! Then we can watch lots of movies together, listen to cool music, go out drinking and exchange funny pictures with each other.

Okay, that’s what I wanted to say this time.

//Stef – I have a soft side, too! :)



December’s been really cool so far.

First off, it’s cold, but it’s not COLD, ya know? No snow or anything, which makes me happy. I don’t hate snow, but there is the inevitable sleet that comes before and after it and that I cannot stand. So if snow never comes (haha, as if), you won’t hear this girl complaining. Though I do feel like going to Lapland and doing some skiing or just rolling in the snow like I usually do.

But anyway, what have I been up to? Well damn, a lot. To start off, Independence day was super effing awesome, I can always count on Rasse to make an event memorable with an official dinner, CHOCOLATE CAKE (yes, I do love chocolate cakes) and booze. I believe we went to bed something like 6am.

pixlr for edit


And no pictures of the boys, cause they were too busy drinking and not wanting to be involved in the documentation of this event. :D

But I remember the day after I went to IKEA with Salla and spent like 220 euros on stuff for my room, cause I wanted to pimp it out and I sure did. It took me 2 days to move around everything and build the table and the shelf, but my room has never looked this fabulous before. I’ve got a lot of blank wall space, tho, I would love to get some cool posters to hang up. We’ll see.

But the next cool thing that I’ve been involved with is Thaw Talk. It’s a panel discussion with the chairmen of a few ES’ with the help of the Film&TV students of Arcada, cause we can’t broadcast that stuff on our own. We could always try to use a potato and get some results, but essentially we went for the real thing. And I really, really, REALLY like the Film&TV students, they’re all just such homies, it was so cool hanging out with them for 2 days and seeing how they work. I have access to the multihall, where they shoot their stuff and I love being there (the light is sooooo good for taking photos, seriously) and I was involved with the same project last year, too, so it wasn’t anything unfamiliar for me. But it was still awesome. I was designated as the official photographer for the event, since Max was busy with other things and I was the only one with an OK-ish camera and they didn’t really have a choice. It’s okay though, cause I really love sticking my camera into people’s faces anyway. It turned out cool. Here’s a few pics.


And uhhh yeah, you get the idea. Then we went to O’Learys for the afterparty, which AES was so nice to organize, we had beer, onion rings, nachos and mozarella sticks. Nomnomnom. After a while, AaltoES decided to buy shots for everybody at the table…it was nice. But yeah, that was THAW TALK, if you’re interested, you can watch it from this link.

The rest of the week has been basically full of exams and parties and presentations and ughhh. But yesterday I went to a pikkujoulu party just for the AES members and it was loads of fun. They sat me next to Wille, which is not a good idea, cause he always gives me the giggles and makes me laugh uncontrollably…


Some of the amazing food, which I couldn’t really taste, cause of the laughter tears streaming down my face and essentially the fact that I couldn’t spend 30 sec chewing without cracking up. But I’m sure it tasted amazing!



And umm yeah! The party was really good, I enjoyed it. I was actually supposed to go to another party right after this one, but on the way out I realized that my state just doesn’t allow me to go there. Let’s just say that I accidentally went home. Sometimes I have too many places to go to and it doesn’t always work out. Which sucks, cause now I won’t get to see Pierre, who is leaving tomorrow morning for France…the rest of the exchange students I will definitely see tomorrow and I will be damned if I don’t spend the entire day with them crying and begging them not to go (ok, maybe I will just stick to the begging). I will really miss them. :(

And yeah, now Christmas is approaching and I will try to have a little surprise for some people before that or at least before New Year’s eve. Let’s see. :)

But hey, see you again soon. Remember to be nice to people and try not to get lost of killed.


Oh sh*t, am I happy or something?


I don’t really have anything important to say.

But I am happy! And I want to scream it as loud as I can, because I don’t know how long it will last. Lately I’ve truly been great. I’ve had a great day/week/month.

I landed on a great internship with a great mentor! I get to do what I study AND be involved with the music business, it’s seriously like a dream come true. I’ve been thinking how much I’m loving it and that all this wait was totally worth it. I get to help artists and bands organize their tours and I’ve actually started thinking how cool it would be to be a band/artist manager. Why not? I’d be really good at it.


I got elected as a board member for the upcoming year for AES. Very, very cool. I truly can’t wait to share with you all the great things we’re gonna do this year. I’m HAPPY that I get to decide stuff side by side with FRIENDS and not just team mates. I honestly cry laughing with Jessica and today we did great things with Rasse, as well.

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

Our meetings are amazing, it never feels serious, we are just a bunch of kids wanting to make something together, we often have no idea what we’re doing, but we joke A LOT about it and I often step back and look around and try to remember all those great moments with those people, because it really feels amazing, when you’re genuinely laughing with your whole heart at trivial things. Like, I LOVE IT, when Wille tells us stories from when he was younger, I was this close to peeing myself on the flight back from Copenhagen…or when our current chairman Mathias swears at really obvious things. I can’t expect you to understand what I’m talking about, but you know when you meet vibrant personalities, you remember them. It’s like that. I’m happy here. Great things coming up, as well. And we get lots of beer, too.

This month I also got to go to a few absolutely mind-blowing events, meet some really great people and get super inspired about the future even though I don’t know what exactly that might be. But it’s okay. I’ll be alright. Always have been. I have things come to me a bit more difficultly than other people, but I AM DOING IT! I don’t know what IT is, but for the first time in a long time I’m completely okay with it. I’ve received so many hugs lately and it makes me feel good. I don’t mean those awkward pats on the back. I mean those 10 seconds long warm embraces that let you know that someone really cares about you, tight and reassuring, warm and inviting, the kind that lets you get lost for a moment and appreciate the person in your arms. I love those hugs more than anything.

Thank you to everyone, who has made me smile or feel good in any way lately. That small message “Where are you? I haven’t seen you in ages!” meant the world to me, the inside joke you used made my stomach spasm and it felt GREAT! I’ve been walking like a retard with a constant happy face on. I’ve been more of my usual energetic, always singing, always dancing self and I can’t keep it in.

Also I’ve been bursting with ideas for my own project, for which you will hopefully hear more about in a month or so. I’ve been thinking about it non-stop, I wake up at 3am in the morning with a pen and hurry to write the ideas in a notebook. I can’t believe that after years of planning and thinking about it, I’m a month away from actually starting it. The feeling is indescribable. Kind of like being in love. Butterflies in your stomach, stupid smile 24/7 and an occupied mind. I wish this feeling never ends. Ambition is driving me. I don’t know how people without it can survive. Without vision, ambition and strive for progress…I breathe those things right now, you know…

I’ve been channeling my energy through music, as well, sometimes I feel like it’s too much for just one body. I listen to a good song and every molecule inside my body is really HEARING IT. I’m very alert and conscious of the melodies, the beats, the lyrics, the harmonies…I’m in love with music.

I’ve had lots of time to dedicate to my second passion, as well – movies. I’ve watched a ton of scientific documentaries and Robin Williams films, Interstellar and a few more, which have made a big impression on me. I am not a VERY sentimental person, but I do have a massive amount of feelings, which I have been dying to let out, so I’ve been crying, laughing, weeping and everything in between. It’s good, it’s healthy. My fascination with video story telling keeps on growing.

And last, but not least, I’m utterly excited to see my best friends in a week, when we will celebrate independence day together. I haven’t seen them since the summer (most of them anyway) and I can’t wait to have an absolutely amazing evening at Rasse’s cottage. I love those sophisticated motherfuckers. I miss them, I want to see them. The day is soon here.

I’m happy.

//Stef – Congratulations on gay couples finally being able to marry each other in Finland! Eat your heart out, Päivi Räsänen!

Slush and Vasa.


I’ve had a really, really busy week. I’m absolutely shattered. In a good way.

This is one of the posts that I’ll come back in 3 years to read again, cause there’s so much wow in it. I don’t even know where to start..? Let’s try with the beginning.

“Slush” is the biggest tech and startup fair in Europe and every November it comes to Finland. There we talk about entrepreneurship, new technology, we have inspiring talks from the next Bill Gates’ and Steve Jobs’ of the world. We think about innovation, sustainability and the general future. It’s super interesting. This year there were 15 000 attendants I believe? It was like a festival almost, the whole Messukeskus was FULL of people, there were different stages with stuff happening on them at the same time, lots of startup stands and a 500 000€ pitching competition. It was insane. To give you a little taste of what I attended, have a look at these pics:






Crrraaaazyyyy. If you wanna check more photos of the event, go to Max’s album (official photographer for Slush and also an inseparable part of our AES team!). We heard speeches from companies such as Spotify, Nokia, Google, Supercell, and Facebook just to name a few…We also heard a speech from our beloved Alexander Stubb and the freaking Chinese prime minister. It was very surreal.

I got to go there as an AES member (Arcada Entrepreneurship Society), it was epic and I had waited for this for a whole year, so yes, my mind was pretty blown. I met so many people I had known from before, but also many new ones. Including the dudesons, those guys were awesome. The whole vibe of the event was pretty rad, I got to use my brain for a change and I got super inspired by some speakers, they were moving. This fair or convention or whatever you wanna call it, is coming back bigger every year, so I can only imagine the 20 000+ peeps next November. And it lasts for 2 full days.

I only got to attend the first day since I had a trip, for which I will tell you in a minute, but before that I just need to emphasis on the entrepreneurship events afterparties. This afterparty was not an exception to the general rule that everyone gets absolutely hammered with FREE booze usually provided from some ES or a very nice company. It’s like…I can’t tell you how many liters of free booze I’ve dragged along to my place just since the summer, just cause I’ve been too drunk to drink it – probably a solid supply of a week’s worth of partying every day. And shit always goes down at those parties. I’ve come to the conclusion that wherever my team is, something interesting is gonna happen, cause they’re just so wasted that they don’t think twice about what they’re doing. At this particular party it was difficult to find each other (since it’s 14 000 people in the same place), but you had to just improvise and booze up with strangers. I said goodbye to my mates around 23:40-ish and got out of the place at 2am, cause I just met so many people on the way out. Advice: Never do  social rounds at Slush, you’re GONNA find people. And the next day’s fb chat was full of “Where is everyone? Which bars have free booze? Let’s go bar crawling! Is there an entrance fee? Is there lots of booze?” :D Jesus, those guys are thirsty.

But yea, anyway! I didn’t attend the second day of Slush, cause I actually had to leave for Vasa (or Vaasa, however you wanna call it) to go to this thing called the Know How mässa in Korsholm’s Botnia-hall. And we had to leave really early from Helsinki, cause we wanted to be there on time and have some time to hang out, as well. I was with my good mates Jenna and Andréa and we deffo had lots of fun.


That’s the obligatory Vasa centrum picture. I’ve been there before with Salla on our roadtrip, I’ve actually stayed there for 2 days, but it was so long ago that I thought I wouldn’t remember it. But I do. And guess what! I stayed in Hotel Astor this time, I had my own room with a super big kingsize bed in it that I really loved. Really good hotel, great service, looks cool and the thing is that I never get my own room in hotels, so I felt like a princess or something. Really nice.

But after we checked out the room and went to eat, we went to the mässa and we did our job for like 3h, we had lots of interest, which is pretty nice, I guess. But by the end of the third hour, we were running away from the place like there’s no tomorrow. A funny thing that also happened in one of the mall-like buildings in Vasa was that I met this guy, who coincidentally had a birthday and I knew about it, cause it was on my fb events page, but I had never actually met him before. And to make things interesting, he was a Bulgarian. So the dude is talking in Swedish on his phone, right, I come in with my friend and see him, I recognize him immediately, I go up to his table and say “Happy Birthday, I saw you have it today.” in Bulgarian and then just casually leave. His facial expression was PRICELESS. :D Hahaha! Didn’t see him again.

BUT!!! I’ve been hearing so much hype about this place called Ollis (Oliver’s Inn), literally every single friend from Vasa that I have, has said that I should absolutely go there or I haven’t visited Vasa at all. So I’m thinking “Damn, this must be a bloody good place” u know and me and Jenna go there and we wait for half an hour to even get inside. But we did manage to go in and lemme tell ya, it was P.A.C.K.E.D. Like, this place was about the size of Werket and I’ve been to parties in Werket with close to 300 people inside and it still seemed more roomy than what this was. Holy crap.

But okay, I can kinda get it, cause there was this rockidol event going on and lots of people wanted to see it. So I took a beer, went into one of the corners, sang “I love rock’n’roll” a little bit and just had a generally good time. So once all the contestants had sung, we relocated ourselves closer to the exit and guess fucking what! (I know I’m swearing a lot, but bear with me for this one), Calle Fahllund is standing literally right in front of me. Whattt. So he sees me and comes over like “What the hell are you doing here?”, a rational question coming out of a slightly drunk guy. :D

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

I thought I’d take a picture with him to show Gerry, who used to go to bed and wake up with Sturm und Drang’s music (quite literally, it’s actually kinda scary), I thought she might like it. But yeah, everything aside, he seems like a cool dude and he spent a good amount of time talking to me and Jenna, so that was really cool. And we have the same taste in music, which makes us instant homies by default even if he would be a douchebag. And he gave me many hugs, which is the most important part, cause Finnish people really hate hugging and I love it, so yea…

But then me and Jenna had to leave, cause she was tired and I didn’t really want to stay alone in a bar where the only person I know is a guy I just met, who probably wants to talk to his friends. :D So yeah.

Next morning we had what I can only describe as the most epic breakfast ever. We were rolling to work instead of walking. Waffles, eggnog, orange fresh, pie, cupcakes, eggs, heart-shaped bread, BACON, you name it…that’s what being in heaven feels like…But the day was tiring as hell, 7 hours at Botnia-hallen just standing up and talking to people…and a long ass journey home, too. And I was supposed to go to a pikku joulu that I was invited to in Helsinki, but decided to skip due to exhaustion. But I’m totally back in the game for Beerpong on Saturday! <3 Werket, it’s been a while!

But ya, pretty crazy week so far, the weekend is lookin’ booked as well…

//Stef – cya soon.