Yo. So you know when you have these traumatic experiences, you tend to push them to the darkest corners of your subconsciousness in hopes of never thinking of them again? Or perhaps you justify other people’s actions with “they didn’t know it was going to make me feel this way” or “they had no other […]

It really isn’t cool. This is draft number 83. A post hasn’t been published since July because I really don’t know how to express myself in a blog post that I know will be going online for people to read. Many of you probably know that I really genuinely enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts […]

Haha, I got like 77 drafts full of blog posts waiting to be published, but I never get around to it. There are some very interesting topics in there actually but I just forget to finish the posts cause I’m so consumed by thoughts, oops. Anyway, we’re already past the middle of the summer and […]

Hello people! Got drunk again few days ago (surprise surprise) with a few peeps and some of them started opening their mouth about other people trash talking me behind my back. Nothing major and I’m not even offended, in fact I’m pretty happy about this. Cause if a few people have things against you (note […]

Lemme tell you guys a few stories! Story 1: Once upon a time I had a project in calculating financial data and it all went to shit, cause I’m a lazy mofo that procrastinates till the very last day and I spent 9 hours in school today trying to sort my life out by staring […]

Yep. Someone I really care about told me this a while back and it’s been bugging me ever since. Do you ever get these kind of people in your life, who are completely random and for some reason you don’t take them seriously and you think they’re playing some sort of a game with you, […]

Sup! So umm, I guess I’m getting worse and worse at keeping this blog going, but let’s make another attempt at it anyway! Dude, I’ve got 70 drafts ready to be published, but I always feel like half of the shit in each of them is too personal and I don’t want to share it […]