Monthly Archives: March 2010

Happy 28-th of March!

And I’ll give you at least 3 reasons why this day is gonna be great! First, Calle Fahllund from Sturm und Drang has a birthday today. Not just any birthday, but his 18-th one. So you get the picture, it’s a big deal! Not that he’s going to read this shit, but I wanted to […]

My first VLOG!

So, hey? Yesterday was a freaking cool day…maybe I’ve seen better, but I’ve definitely seen worse. I looked like crap, but that was because Rumen decided that he wants to ‘play’ with me. Anyway, I have a few shots for you ^^ Well, they’re all on facebook, but why not put them here as well? […]


Hi! ^^ Wassup? Yesterday was a day of hugs. A lot of them. We had these colorful signs that said something like “Hugs for free/ Hug me!/Free hugs day” with us and people would come and we’d give him a hug. I don’t hear you asking why, but I’ll tell you anyway… I’m a part […]


So, today I rediscovered my passion for Hipodil!♥♥♥ Hipodil is a bulgarian…band (if I can call it that) that can always cheer you up. Because their lyrics don’t make any sense what so ever, but hearing them having fun is just awesome! Here’s a video for you, if you really have nothing to do and […]

Ice cream in my day.

Cool, so you’re here! Today I’ve decided to do a description of my day. 19-th of March was actually so normal, that it amazed me with it’s simplicity! I got up at 8.00 am, not because I didn’t have anything else to do, but because I had to walk like 7 km to my dad’s […]

Finding Neverland!

So here is my first review! It’s the movie “Finding Neverland” 2004 with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet ! So this right there is one of the many posters of the movie…and my personal favorite. So…I don’t know where to start. The screenplay was good enough for me, I’m fan of both Johnny and Kate, […]


Heida! First, I wanna say,my, there is life! So, I know I should’ve posted a review or something, but the last 4 hours were actually interesting. I always have a good laugh when I’m in physics class, but today was the cherry of the ice cream of the brand of the guy, who sells […]