Yes, I most certainly do.

Because I’ve been struggling with updating my theme for…5 hours now. And some moron said that this is easy and it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Am I stupid or is it really not that easy? You CANNOT imagine how many FTP clients I’ve downloaded and how many themes I picked. Finally, I found the perfect one, but of course, it can’t upload, because the client can’t connect to my server. And I tried to repeat the procedure again and again, but it just wouldn’t work. I changed my firewall settings, I triple checked my data, I even deleted a huge part of my local disk C: (because, who knows…) and still – nothing. My theme is waiting in my computer and I’m not able to upload it and update this blog! Tell me how crappy is that?! A LOT.

Oh, and by the way, I switched my host server, but the blog still stays the same. It’s just that wordpress is way cooler than tumblr and it even has a comment section imported automatically 😀 So yeah…I’m sticking around with this thing for a while. And I WILL update this crappy theme with the best one ever existed, you have my word! Even if it’s 3 months away from now!

//Stef – the PISSED OFF host changer.


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  1. But I have a great avatar! 😀

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