No proper name!

Baked Rolls!

So I don’t know if you can tell, but…wait, what? I was just starting to talk about buses. Well, I will proceed.

Yesterday,  I came across a Chavdar. But that’s one of the oldest ones – it was made in the great year of 1924. I don’t really know if it was great, even my grandfather can’t tell, since he’s born in 1934, but I’m sure that my great grandfather was having a marvelous time back then. Anyway, my point was that this thing (the Chavdar bus) is still rolling on his wheels. Chavdar is a Bulgarian bus factory, it was very successful…until it wasn’t anymore and it closed in 1999. Well, quite frankly, the buses really looked like crap. But they were pretty stable, when it comes to durability and quality. I was one of the few lucky ones from the new generation to catch the times of the Chavdar’s glory and those memories will always stay in my head. I remember how the bus ticket was 1/10 of what it is now. I remember the huge box (in which the engine was placed) in the front of the bus, everybody called it “the coffin”, haha. But it was fun! And yesterday, seeing that bus, really reminded me of my childhood and how I used to be happy with everything and everyone! Here’s the picture from yesterday, I hope you like the antique 😀

Chavdar in nowadays!


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