First, I wanna say,my, there is life!

So, I know I should’ve posted a review or something, but the last 4 hours were actually interesting. I always have a good laugh when I’m in physics class, but today was the cherry of the ice cream of the brand of the guy, who sells it, of the great Netherlands, of the continent Europe of the planet Earth!

Ok, here’s the deal. Ivana (my friend and classmate) got an F (2 in bulgarian), because the owl (Ms. Dimitrova) thought her homework was printed. It’s true that Ivana doesn’t pressure her school duties too hard, but THIS time she really did the homework by herself…and it was actually quite good. So there’s no justice for all and a scandal begins. The whole class starts yelling and throwing shits around like monkeys do (not at the owl, but still…it counts), Vencislav decides that he’s brave enough to tell Ms. Dimitrova “Now, I don’t want to upset you, but I think you’re crazy. Not in a good way. Are you alright?” and the teacher starts writing notes, one of which says “Venci is a wanker.”. I don’t know if you realize, but this right here means war. At this point we were way over the teacher/women – student/man relations and things were getting rough. Because, you see, we are a whole class full of maniacs, who love each other (in a way…). So that means that nobody, but us, can speak bad things for someone of the collective. And if it wasn’t like that, Venci and the owl wouldn’t be in this situation. But of course, Victor decided that we must be a small society patriots and screams “JUSTICE! DIMITROVA MUST GO OUT!”, and everybody started screaming after him. Then the teacher responded with an epic fail – “I’ll make a phone drowning system”. I guess she meant that she’ll make some kind of a device that will drown phone signals, but the fail was different. Not only was this completely irrelevant, but she also can’t do a thing. Literally. Big time laugh. I don’t really feel ashamed for laughing at this teacher in particular, because she lost our respect long time ago, besides she’s the meanest person ever, and quite frankly, she’s out of her mind. She once blamed Vladimir for turning the light’s on and the key was like 20 meters away from him…she also told Miroslav to keep it quiet, because she can’t stand his voice. He doesn’t talk. It’s his thing, he writes, but he can’t physically talk, so I guess you can imagine how saint she is. Anyway, 20 minutes later, Vencislav’s mother (who’s also a teacher) came into the room and asked the owl why did she insult her kid (that’s like 17, but whatever). Ms. Dimitrova pulled out all of her arguments, but still lost the fight. I felt kinda sorry for her. But it was just a momentary laps of weakness!

Ms. Dimitrova/ The owl/ The Physic expert

Tell me...just tell me - doesn't she deserve her nickname? (photo by unknown)

But seriously, the reason why I’m kind of in a good mood today is the supermarket. There…by the meat stand, the most gorgeous creature of all times was picking up a chicken! Oh my god! Was he dazzling (in a very non Edward Cullen way), or what? I almost tripped over a crate with bananas, while watching him. I’m telling you, I left my eyes there. He was way taller than my tall classmates (187cm), so I’m guessing he was about 2 meters. He wasn’t very thin, but not fat either…just perfect. He was wearing a long leather jacket (like the ones Arnold Schwarzeneger likes to wear), he had headphones around his neck, a lovely 2-3 day old beard, awesome blue eyes, beautiful man hands and long hair…well, not too long…it was reaching his shoulder and it lookes like Calle Fahlund’s hair before he cut it off, so he had some great volume! I just couldn’t keep myself from staring, I’m sorry. He’s probably one of the prettiest boys I’ve seen so far in my life!!! I didn’t even ask for his name, I just smiled and walked out of the store. He smiled back and waved, after what he glazed me and said something to his friend (but I was too far to hear it). This made me feel nervous, and somehow happy. At least we know I’m not gay! Ahhh, he was SO awesome…I hope I never see him again, he’ll probably look uglier xD

So yeah, this was it! Bye and take care!

//Stef. – “Check out THAT guy!”


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