Finding Neverland!

So here is my first review!

It’s the movie “Finding Neverland” 2004 with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet !

Finding Neverland

So this right there is one of the many posters of the movie…and my personal favorite.

So…I don’t know where to start. The screenplay was good enough for me, I’m fan of both Johnny and Kate, so I don’t think that I was disappointed. I’m very impressed with the kid, who played Peter, though…I think that we’ll be hearing from him again in a near future.

Anyway, the movie followed the process of writing the Peter Pan play. It was mixed with a good amount of drama, tragedy, fantasy and spirit. I really loved the main character, Sir James Barrie (played by Mr. Depp). He is the writer of the play and I saw a lot of intensity in him…he broke the social norms for that time by becoming friends with Kate Winslet’s character, Silvia Davies and her four amazing kids. It was a nice thing for him to do, since the family was in a great grieve because of the loss of Sir Davis, the head of the household and the loving father of the Davises. But on the other side, it costed him his marriage. His wife was extremely tolerant, but it felt like there was no love in their house. I’m actually telling you what happened in the movie, so that’s not good…I’m a freaking spoiler. Anyway, I liked the end. No, I loved, loved it, it was touching. Peter’s eyes were just sooo sad…it almost made me cry! What I didn’t like about the movie is the reality check in every 2 minutes. It could’ve been more interesting if the fantasy was a bit more and the problems a little less. But it actually showed me what kind of responsibility the family was, back in XIX century. I mean…it was unacceptable to go anywhere else, but home, when the clock striked 20.00. And it’s a lot of stress if you want to be somewhere else, but you’re afraid what people might think…people’s opinion was EVERYTHING. How sad. But that’s the good thing about the movie. The magic is in the time. The time when everything was forbidden. And even though, you won’t see a single kiss throughout the whole thing, I still think that the message was “fuck the norm”. The love of the man was all around the place, the games, the writings, the beautiful afternoons in the park…everything. Now, I’m kinda skeptical about the words “man” and “feelings” being put together in one sentence, but I must admit that this was looking real. So I gotta give it up for that!

My opinion is that the movie is great, you should watch it someday, when you don’t have something else to do, you’ll be “chuffed to bits!”. It’s not too heavy, but not too light, either, so…it’s appropriate for all kinds of moods and ages!

And that was it for today, I hope I get better at this, because that clearly sucked. 😀




  1. Traktor · ·

    I like “Finding Neverland” more than you do! 😀
    Cool review, tho!

  2. Seriously…TRAKTOR?! Why not combain, or just bread-master? Who are you anyway? 😀

    Thanks…vurshachkaaaa, palamander – troshachkaaa (music)

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