Ice cream in my day.

Cool, so you’re here!

Today I’ve decided to do a description of my day. 19-th of March was actually so normal, that it amazed me with it’s simplicity!

I got up at 8.00 am, not because I didn’t have anything else to do, but because I had to walk like 7 km to my dad’s house. Just a brief statement, while we’re at it: I love sleep. I worship it. Aand, back to the subject. I had to go to dad’s, because he had my phone fixed after being without it for a week and I had to go take it…and then go to the hospital for an excuse note for school (because I didn’t go for a whole week). After putting my clothes on, a.k.a, my phone, I went to my grandma to see how she’s doing. She was fine, she had some delicious home made cake in the fridge, we took care of that…Grandpa was in his workshop as always, building something extremely handy, but also that not useful. My dad came all of a sudden to ask me the following question:

Dad: What’s up with your boyfriend? Is he peeing on my fence any time soon?
Me: Oh, you mean Georgi? The monkey from the zoo? Well, if you go there, he’d probably pee on you, yes.
Dad: You’re such a zoophile…
Me: I learn from the best!
Dad: I knew your mom was up to something!
Me: Shut it, please. I’m going to the hospital, if there’s time, I’ll come back again.
Dad: Go! Then come. And when you come – come again.
Me: Pervert.
Dad: I teach lessons.
Me. That was not awkward at all…bye!

And THAT is why I’m glad my parents are divorced. Then what happened…?! Oh, yeah! I went to the bloody hospital and took what I needed. It was a long wait, though…probably an hour or so. I waited another 20 minutes at the bus station, while replaying Sturm und Drang’s Sinner and thinking “Once chemistry is done, the week is over for me! Oh wait, my favorite part…SINNER!”. Elina (a classmate of mine) came and disturbed my peaceful harmony with making me take my earphones out of my ears for the whole bus ride, but I continued with my playlist in Tourism fundamentals class. And, of course, I wrote down the plan, while the rest of the great almighty shit heads were playing cards! By the way, everyone’s gone nuts with these cards recently…we’re 30 people in a classroom and 26 of us are playing non-stop. It’s freaking me out, we even have a few spare decks of cards in case something happens with the original (like it being taken by Ms. Bakalova). Then we all went down to the stores for a smoke (or ice cream, if you – like me, don’t smoke). It was my first ice cream in probably 4 moths. I felt complete, nom, nom, nom. Besides, the fact that I’m able to go outside without my jacket and still not being cold is awesome. It’s 20 degrees celly outside, for heaven’s sake! Wo-hooo!

In biology, we learned something very important. Mr. Knyazov is going to replace Ms. Purveva for the rest of March and the whole April. Sucks. He’s like the smartest person in the whole wide world, he hates all, he has a fact about everything and we think that Dr. House was made up by his semblance. I told him at the start of this year “For many years, Mr. Knyazov!” (that’s like saying Happy New Year) and he replied “Many years of what? How would you feel if I wished you many years of hemorrhoids? “. Silence. He brings it out to the table good.  So sad news everybody! We’re screwed.

In chemistry, I almost got an A. Almost. Fuck. I do not want to talk about it, it’s a complete mess that we’re dealing with right now! Too much information. But the physics was fun as always. Not as fun as the last time, but still fun. ” Eine Control Arbeit wartet auf uns das nächste Mal” , but who cares? Not me…

And informational technologies was booooringgg. 2 hours of pointless wandering around with the chairs on wheels and pissing the teacher of, without wanting it. We like Todorova, she’s cool…when drunk…and sober.

Then I hot home and watched a movie, and read Tage’s blog, and facebooked for a while, and wrote this and went to bed! That’s it. That was my day. Normal you say? Yes.

And here’s my daily cheer up picture. I know the phrase for so long, but it just made me smile today. “Nikoi ne umira devstven, jivotut preebava vsichki!” <– my personal favorite translation of the saying ^^ :P!

//Stef – Goodnight, world!


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