So, today I rediscovered my passion for Hipodil!♥♥♥

Hipodil is a bulgarian…band (if I can call it that) that can always cheer you up. Because their lyrics don’t make any sense what so ever, but hearing them having fun is just awesome! Here’s a video for you, if you really have nothing to do and want to watch something funny…

The cool thing is that the song’s name means “grasshopper”, but has nothing to do with that…it’s not even pronounced right (it’s something like saying gUAsshopper, haha) And all of the random words in the song are also badly damaged, and that makes SKAKAUEC totally awesome. My favorite part is “Nema da se plashish KOPEUE! / Don’t be scared, now, BUASTARD”. Ahh, this song is so old, and the video is also completely random…why is that? If somebody has a answer to that, feel free to comment. Anyway, I’m going to pass on the next song “Bate Goiko”, which is also pretty epic, because I’m not sure you’re having as much fun as I am, when listening to these songs.

But another 2 songs that I really like these days are Edguy – Fucking with fire and Mysteria. Sooo cool songs. Babylon is not bad either, but…I found the perfect Mysteria video for you, so ENJOY. At least I did!

Those guys put an amazing show. I saw them live last year in Kavarna, the metal capital of the Balkans!!! Let me tell, you they knew what they were doing. The crowd went on fire! Awesome show…too bad I didn’t take any pictures. :/


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