Hi! ^^ Wassup?

Yesterday was a day of hugs. A lot of them. We had these colorful signs that said something like “Hugs for free/ Hug me!/Free hugs day” with us and people would come and we’d give him a hug. I don’t hear you asking why, but I’ll tell you anyway…

I’m a part of this ECO organization and I had to do it…I mean, not that it wasn’t super fun, but I’m doing more stuff in a near future. It’s all about living ECO and telling people how fun it is to do it. For example, don’t take the store bag if you don’t need it, and even if you do, why not using a woven one, more than 1 time, instead of these plastic bags that take up to 150 years to decompose. Same thing with the garbage…Recycle! Don’t throw it all in one basket. It doesn’t take a long time to divide plastic, glass, paper and metal and I’m absolutely sure you’ll feel better! It’s like taking a long relaxing shower and the clean feeling you get after that…or something 😀 ! Anyway, things will get easier as time goes by and more people get educated on what can we – the citizens do, to make our city a better place to live. There’s still hope and it’s actually getting bigger. But I was talking about the organization – yes! It’s a very fun project, full of young kids, who can make a difference. They’re all smart, smiley, aware of things and colorful, so it’s a pleasure to “work” with them. Another thing that’s coming up on Sunday is the zombie fest in the center of Varna. It’s about showing people that the new generation does not only drink, smoke and drug itself, it doesn’t read and it only plays stupid computer games, but it also knows enough to ‘shock the stereotype’, or in other words – shut some old mouths up. The fest is going to go under the name of “Youth is not a zombie” and god knows for how long it’s gonna last. 🙂 But I’ll be there, of course!

A word to word and I have only 7 minutes to go out, so here’s 2 pics for you^^

Sasha, Alexandra and Dimityr :P

Team HUGS, without me.


"I want someee"

And basically, that was it…I might write another insert when I come home, we’ll see. Just in case – have a great day, full of happy stories to tell.

//Stef – Live ECO. ^^


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