My first VLOG!

So, hey?

Yesterday was a freaking cool day…maybe I’ve seen better, but I’ve definitely seen worse. I looked like crap, but that was because Rumen decided that he wants to ‘play’ with me. Anyway, I have a few shots for you ^^ Well, they’re all on facebook, but why not put them here as well? Besides, I really want to do something colorful…

So here it is..the first shot!

because yes, we won't grow up!

What should I say here? Janica took the shot, but we were actually trying to sing something, I think. The result is just priceless, LOL. We look like 3-rd graders, but who hives a shit, we’re having fun and you’re not (or you are, same thing.) 😀

I told you! CARDS and German 404. That's what's going on in school!

Yes…things are getting addictive. The decks never end, the game is never over, the players never sleep. What can I say? You wanna play a game?

Retard faceee ^^

This I can’t even talk about… :X

When we have homework and we care about it, the cards take a break...for 30 seconds.

Well, this is me. But I really don’t remember what happened…The light is a bit too much, but you can still see my face. This time I’m serious..I never look serious, though. Even here, WTF? My face screws me big time!

And my eyes are like 2 different colors, haha. But my real color is somewhere between turquoise, baby blue and grey. More like the light one in this picture. Here you can’t see the turquoise, but I guess it’s changing…not according to my mood, it just does it whenever the hell it wants!

Tsvetelina and me...again

Yeah...that's our!

So much for the pics! BUT I HAVE A VLOGGGG!

I tried to make some subtitles PROPERLY, but I did them in a stupid site that doesn’t allow me to download them, so I just used what YouTube gave me! N-joy.

Yes, it’s not as fun as it was supposed to be, but I hope you got it 😀

//Stef – Peace out!


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