Happy 28-th of March!

And I’ll give you at least 3 reasons why this day is gonna be great!

First, Calle Fahllund from Sturm und Drang has a birthday today. Not just any birthday, but his 18-th one. So you get the picture, it’s a big deal! Not that he’s going to read this shit, but I wanted to wish him all the very best in life and not only! Afterlife, too. So since he’s my best friend from the time I didn’t have any front teeth and he peed on my dog 3 years ago, while he was drunk, I’ll do quite a big list of wishes for him.

Dear Mr Fahllund, I wish you joy, happiness, health, the ultimate set of drums, friends, photos, music, other random stuff, Tapio (but take it easy on the disinfecting soul part), Parties, professional success and a lot of laugh times. That’s the basics, but I really wanna get into it, so…2010 seems like a great year to get a girlfriend! Or at least a cat, or a fish, or something…You’re kinda hot, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Also, beware of mosquitoes! Those nasty pimples can itch so bad! Get a baseball bat if you don’t have one – you can never be too careful! Clean your room at least 1 time in 2 months, you’ll find your drumsticks easier, 100% sure. Try some new music and kick someone’s ass in dancing…or at least in Twister. Finish school with good grades, that’s also important! Have more fun working and grow a mustache…it would be hilarious! And okay, let’s be serious…I really, really want the best for you! 18 is an age of discovery. I hope your journey is an unforgetable adventure. You have a lifetime to do as you wish, so you better get busy! May you not faint while blowing out your candles, Happy Birthday.

Rock on, Calle!

The next holiday there is today..Tsvetnica. Oh, don’t look like you’ve no idea what I’m talking about!!! Of course it’s the flowers holiday. they should have one too, right? But it’s not only that, it’s also Tsvetelina’s NAME DAY! Because her name means flower guardian/beauty flower/ bouquet/flower girl…you get the point! All the best to her, too! Tsveti, darling…I promised to never tell that story again, but I just can’t help it. Sorry. I’m telling you guys I always bring the story up in front of her boyfriends, it’s kinda awkward, buuut it reminds me of her, so here it is again. “Honey, I know you since you were in your diapers! She: I’m born in 91…I had teeth when you were born. Me:  Same thing, diapers were involved. But you were so cute when you were 1-st grade and you didn’t have any teeth and you couldn’t talk…you were a complete mess, SO CUTE!”, haha. You should see me saying it live, I add the laugh to it. But anyway, I wish one of my best friends to never get rid of me and I also wish her name to bring her nothing but good things in her life!!! Love you, Brain =)

And the final good thing is a news. This Spring break is gonna be on FIRE. Yani, Dido, Boyan (from Stara Zagora) and Maria, my beloved daughter (from Sliven) are coming to my place for some fun. We’re gonna be alone, cuz we’re just so cool, and we’re gonna have a blast. Boyan is bringing his Nikon N 90, so we’ll even have some good quality pictures. How awesome is that?! I don’t know, you tell me! All I know is that I can’t be serious around those guys and I can not wait until they get here. I wonder if we’re going to wake up after a party, feeling like P. Diddy? Probably. I’ll tell you after it’s over ^^.

And that was it for today (at least I think so), folks. Have a good one!

//Stef – “tight jeans, nice hips, makes them boys go *whistling* whoo-hoo” – 3OH!3 – Starstruck


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