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U have to check this out! This is a part from the “Pulna ludnica” show, which is kinda hilarious in it’s own way. It’s mocking famous television entertainers from Bulgaria. And this man is mocking Boris Kalenderov, the guy with the sports news. His pseudo name (in that video) is Boris Maroderov. The funny thing […]

What the hell happened to 2-nd grade?

Hey! So I’ve been browsing through some images of my classmates’s early school years and I found а note on the back of one of the pics, saying “Stand up class! Stay still, class!” and it blew my mind away like a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick! We haven’t done that in AGES! I wonder if […]

I finally got my hand on the photos.

Good morning, cockmonglers! So…I got some baby pics of me. You are most very welcome to have a good laugh, while watching them. So…let’s start with my first picture ever: 😀 *angel* First off: Ahahahahahahaha. Mom is so fat! No, really, she’s way thinner now. And prettier, for sure. Dad is pretty much the same, […]


Guys, my grandpa is having health problems! ;( Grandpa Hristo was diagnosed with Alzheimer a week ago. I didn’t know that until today, when I went to see how he and granny are doing, he asked me who I was.  I never expected it to be so heartbreaking. It’s like all the good memories with […]

Arrrghhgjmb !!!

This is about a certain person, so if you’re not interested in reading, sorry! It’s about Gergana’s boyfriend – Venceslav. This little bitch is walking on my nerves. How can he be so delusional? He thinks I’m into him, when I actually want to rip his head off. But he thinks every girl likes him […]

The Spa!

Yeah, I went there. And guess who won a free full body massage… (smirk). I went at the Spa for a facial treatment…cleaning the face, massaging it, putting some masks on it…spoiling it in general. Ahh, I feel sooo good after that. My skin just had an orgasm. And since it was my first time […]

Pirates of the Caribbean.

Arr! Pirates of the Caribbean So that’s today’s subject. If you don’t like it, you might as well click on the red X at the right top of this page and enter the real world! The whole trilogy was quite interesting, even though I’ve watched them series a long time ago (I was a fan […]