Past 3 days…

Hey, junkies!

These past 3 days have been a fucking blast! I loved every single second of the time I’ve had. I’m in an awful mood since my friends went home…67896789km away! There was a rainstorm on my way back home and when I unlocked the front door, all wet, I smiled thinking that Danail or Maria would scream “STEF! KILLER WHALES ARE HAVING SEX!!!” or something and they’d make me smile. You cannot imagine the disappointment I felt when all I got was the sound of my heavy breath and the raindrops falling from my hair. It was like the apartment was emptier than ever. No jokes, no silent laugh, no Yana, who is a tractor…no nothing! Just me. THIS SUCKS. And I really mean it. I wish this had never ended. I wish I could’ve stayed with my most favorite people on this earth, forever. If you are reading this, guys…I love you so freaking much, thank you for coming in Varna. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So I guess I should post some pictures, ha? That’s right, I want to seal this memory in my head for the rest of the eternity! Here’s the first shot:


6.00 am! Rise and shine ^^

I love this picture, I have no idea why! Almost all of the shots are like this one, but I just like this more than usual. This guy next to me is Danail (or Dido). He’s my best friend’s boyfriend and my really good friend from Stara Zagora. If you haven’t heard him tell a joke, you have NOT lived. Hilarious dude…but not only. He’s a great friend and a really smart person! It’s a privilege for me to be in the same room as him…

Me and Boyan


Hahahahahah. That’s me and Boyan (BOBCHO). Aren’t we all just a fucking ray of sunshine?! Yeah…

Bobcho is Dido’s best friend and also a really good friend of mine…also from Stara Zagora. He likes photography, all of the shots are taken with his Nikon N90, which in my opinion is awesome…just like it’s owner. A sweet, sweet, sweet guy, who is a great deal of fun. I hope I see him more time we’ll have even more fun! Right?!

And by the way, the orange in the photo..<3

My beloved daughter and me

Mim & Moa

Well…this is my “daughter”, Maria! She and Yana are my best friends since forever. Mim is from Sliven and she took the time to come to Varna…thanks for that! I love her very much and I’d be happy to have her anytime. She’s the best girl for a good laugh and she’ll never let you do something stupid alone…and she’s freaking BEAUTIFUL!

Chubby bunny <3

Aahhh, I made the photo, I made the photooo

That’s my other bestie, Yana. Nobody liked this photo, except me. I loved it. Because it’s natural, it’s messy and it’s her…and I made it (lol). She’s also from Stara Zagora (but born in Sliven). She’s only 157cm tall and Dido (who’s 195cm) looks like a pedophile, haha. But they’re cute together no mater how many jokes I’ve made up for them! And also, I cannot not brag about the gift she gave me. We have this “SMF” sign as our theme. It means “Soul mates forever” as in BFF, but cooler! Well, she made us (herself, me and Mim) silver rings with the sign…a word for a ring. She has ‘soul’, Mim has ‘mates’ and I have ‘forever’. I think this is so awesome that I don’t even have words to say how much I enjoy it. Now I have to give her the moon or something?!


Ice, ice, baby...

And here we are somewhere in the sea garden shoving ice cream down our throats, while Bobcho is shooting is. Not much I can say about this one, though…just a random cool picture that I really enjoy!

healthy fries...WHAT?!

Dido, Bobcho and Mim cooking in my kitchen.

Me and Mim did the potatoes…the fries, I mean. Well, Bobich gave us a hand, but yeah…this is just for the camera, while we have nothing to do anyway. But I’m loving the faces, hahaha!!!

lol lol lol lol

Dido looks like he's crumping and Boyan said that he looks like gay?!

I have no words for the poses. I don’t even know how I caught them like that?! Long live Nikon N90!!!


Bobcho making Yana dancing

Haha, I thought this was cute. Especially when the song was one of Amon Amarth’s tracks. Just a pretty picture ❤ 😀


Yani, Dido, me, Bobcho, Mim, Venci, Gergana

Everyone are here! Yay! Gergana and Venci came for a little visit, just to see how the others are doing…and they went home. LOL. But we look kinda cool, I like this picture. I really think it all turned out hella good…and you? Like you’d comment…but anyway, it’s cool.

Basically, all we did is LAUGH our asses off, eat like pigs, drink jack daniels + orange juice and smoke hookah. It was a blast, indeed ❤ Can’t wait to repeat as soon as possible ^^

And this was it for today ladies and gents. I’ll see you pretty soon with more of me (WHAT?!)

//Stef – Happy Easter!



  1. AAAAAHHHH! YOU WENT SMOKING WITHOUT ME! THE ENDD! I AM DIVORCING YOU!! <33 nope, i'm not. not getting rid of me that easily….

  2. Brain, Brain, Brain…I thought you’d beat the shit out of me for smoking, lol. I invited you, tho…you said “We’ll see” and yeah. Next time, the hookah is so ON with you. xoxox

  3. aaah, we can fix that. 16 lv for the thingy and a bit for the tobacco or whatever it is. there’s a really cool honey and vanilla one!!

  4. and dude, this is our song, seriously —->

  5. Dude, I totally miss you too! Are you up for a good hookah night? We should definitely do something together soon…anything. In fact, are you free tomorrow? 😀 SKYPE.

  6. човееек. ти ядеш. косатки правят секс. ти сереш. косатки правят секс. ти спиш. косатки правят секс. каквото и да правиш, важното е, че през това време косатки правят секс.

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