Hahahahahahahahah. ^^

Hey, reality!

I was just SURPRISED of how this little girl posted a video on youtube crying over Justin Bieber (that’s what he gets…3 year olds!) and then ka-boom, Justin calls her parents, pays for a trip to LA (and disneyland) and meets Cody (the girl). Maybe if I cry my eyeballs out for River Phoenix, he’d come back from the dead and pay for my trip to LA, after what he’ll ask me to marry him?! This is so stupid, it made me laugh! It’s surreal and kind of strange. I don’t like Justin Bieber, but please…a 3 year old? Maybe because he’s 10, I don’t know!

And then, the next thing in recommendations on youtube was the video “Calle Fahllund – Under my skin”, because I watched the video “Scream for me WOW”. Another poor girl having a crush on the wrong guy. But seriously, I think it’s a bit too much to put a “I love you forever” picture in the bloody video. You’re probably 16 and listen to Sturm und Drang, you’re not going to love Calle forever…And that’s the thing with girls liking boy groups. They don’t listen, they look. But it’s all for them, though. I’m not the one, who’s going ti be disappointed when in 15 years Calle marries a girl he likes… =) That’s why guy fans are more precious.

And another thing, I just watched the movie “Rock Star”, which is a biographical story about the band Judas Priest…but not really. There are things that don’t match, the name of the group’s been changed to Steel Dragon, and the names of the characters are different, too. BUT THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME. Not to mention the soundtrack. If you don’t have anything to do these days, watch it, you won’t regret it, I promise. Great movie, great actors, great music. WHOA.

And that’s for now, I might come back later for some more, but we’ll see if I’m in the mood.

//Stef – reality check!



  1. Hey!

    I really like the looks of this new blog.. You’ve got some really nice pictures, and even a small video blog part! Nice drawing you did.. haha..

    Keep it up, and keep them video blogs coming!


  2. Whoa, thanks ^^

    Would’ve been nice if I knew how to cut them videos >.<, but I'll learn that too.

    And thanks for the blog thingy, too! I like this layout better, myself 😀

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