Hey fucknuts!

I just wanted to say how long I’ve been waiting for tomorrow. SINCE YESTERDAY!!! That’s a shit load of time, ya know…

So I’m going to the mall for some summer shopping. I want to buy myself some leggings, jeans, tops, shades and sandals/shoes. And a purse maybe. Dad gave me enough money, so I’ll be wandering all around town (not only the mall) for clothes. I’ll go to the center and I’ll visit some clothes markets. Best deals ever up there. Most of the clothes are UGLY, but there are some really good ones for like 6-7 lv (5 euro). But in general, I’ll go to Guess, Esprit, New Yorker, TALLY WEjL, Fcuk and I’ll see what I can find. This is kinda what I’m going for ^^:

Awesome style!

Oh, and I want to say how angry I am for not having a H&M store anymore. Can’t tell you what happened, but now all the pretty clothes are gone. And I have to ask my aunt, who lives in Dubai to buy me stuff from H&M. How sad is this? Whatever she gets me (except the bathing suit, which she already got me), it won’t be here until July, because that’s when she’s coming back. Instead of just going to the store and get myself what I want, I have to wait 34567898678 moths!!! And they don’t even ship here, which is even more frustrating. Half of my clothes are from there, not only are they stylish, but they’re made from good materials, too! But now they won’t open a store here (at least not in a near future), because one of their main factories is here in Bulgaria. If you ever go to one of the H&M stores, look the tags and you’ll see that a lot of clothes are made here. And it’s some kind of a fucking policy that they can’t open a SHOP here. Damn it.

That was the bummer. Tomorrow I might do some video blogging, I might not…I just don’t want to promise anything, because I don’t know how things will work out. But I have the desire of updating my youtube channel, so keep your fingers crossed!

And yeah, that was what I wanted to say! It’s almost 23:00 and I gotta go to the bathroom and take a shower, and then hopefully go to sleep, cause I have to be up at 10 on a break. Phew.

Goodbye now, and remember – girls love to shop!

//Stef – Somebody broke my mind my-my-my mind…



  1. човеееек, баси якия стил! ❤

  2. Да, нещата ми изглеждат горе-долу по този начин. Смисъл…не същите, ама са в тая гама и клинчето ми блести така ;Д

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