COREDUST – Without Disguise

I loved this video so much, that I’m posting it right here, people! ENJOY!

Edit: I pinky promised Tage that I’d do a review on the video, so here I am!

I think that the video is awesome, because:

  1. I love the idea and the story of it. At first I was somewhat confused, but not in a bad way…you can say that it was a surprise. I expected a totally different course of development, but this was way better. Edgy, dark, spirited.
  2. The quality was actually quite good! I’m guessing that the crane and the Canon EOS 5D Mark II really did the job. Again, the camera has proven itself to be one of the greatest photo gears ever made. I love that thing.
  3. The dancing waitresses. I cannot pass them. It was awesome. Whoever came up with the idea, I congratulate him for that. The lights and the girls mixed together…? Brilliant. It was sexy and the looks they were throwing were totally seductive. Nice.
  4. The performing scene. It was good edited. Really good. And I like those kinds of scenes in general, so that’s another + for the Without Disguise video!
  5. The last scene. The tough guy with the hammer, the little toy kitten and the cassette were just great. Whoa, it made me smile when the vocalist (who’s name is Esa, if I’m not wrong) turned the music off…with this serious expression?! I don’t know, I like it!

And I also watched the “making the video” video. Didn’t understand a word of it, but it was cool and I watched it like 3 times until the very end. 😀

So, shout out to Tage Rönnqvist, Rasmus Tåg, Anders Lönnfeldt, Magnus Wikström, the extras, the band members and everyone who was involved in making the video. You guys did a great job, I love it! 🙂

//Stef – the Without Disguise video fan!


One comment

  1. Nice! Thanks Stef!
    On behalf of everyone in the video team we thank you for this fantastic insert! Thanks!


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