Today, as I was walking home from school (coming right on time, without skipping any classes), I was attacked by a demon, who looked like a dog.

So I saw this guy coming out of his house with a dog on a strap. It was HUGE!!! Probably twice as me. Here’s a pic of how big it was:


I walked beside these fellows (well, obviously not these 2 exactly, but the dog was even bigger!) and BIG PAW starts barking. I got a little scared, because I was very close and I couldn’t wait to get further. After they’d left 7 or 8 meters behind me, I heard “MARS, NO!” and I looked back. IT was running towards me and the adrenalin fueled my muscles immediately! I started running as fast as I could, screaming and shouting for help, with my 7 kg back pack on my 1 shoulder. Boy, I was really fast! The fat ball of hair was still chasing me and his owner was constantly screaming “COME BACK, YOU FILTHY DOG”, or something like that, I didn’t quite pay that much attention. I was running fast enough to be 4-5 meters away from the beast, when some random stranger caught me in his arms, because apparently he thought I was a thief. How stupid can people be? Didn’t he see Yeti coming for me, while barking his lungs out?!?!?!?! Well, the man released me after he realized that the dog was going to jump on him, but it was too late for me. It literally fell on me, and I had no choice, but to brake down on the ground. I started kicking it, but, man, was that heavy! I was scared to death, because it was aiming for my neck and I was struggling with keeping it away. I stepped it’s tail, just so it can turn around…and it did! It bit my leg really hard and then somebody hit it and it stopped. I didn’t feel a thing! I didn’t even knew I was bitten, until I saw the ripped jeans and the blood. But it was not that bad, I didn’t go to the hospital. It hurts now, but then I just wanted to get home alive.

And fortunately for me – unfortunately for other people, I made it to the computer, as you can see. Life is better now, haha.

//Stef – I should be on discovery channel!


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