The Spa!

Yeah, I went there.

And guess who won a free full body massage… (smirk).

I went at the Spa for a facial treatment…cleaning the face, massaging it, putting some masks on it…spoiling it in general. Ahh, I feel sooo good after that. My skin just had an orgasm. And since it was my first time at the “Angel Face” spa/cosmetic studio, they gave me a reservation for a full body massage. I love massages. Seriously, I do. They also gave me some kind of a discount for my next facial procedure. It’s 70%. So yeah, I’m lucky! The “Angel Face” building is actually pretty fancy, it was nice to wait for my personal assistant (yes, I got an assistant) on the 10 000 euro costing leather couch. As you can probably guess, the walls and the sealing were pink…and maybe a little bit of purple. Girly colors. The staff (can I say it like that?!) were also really nice. Apparently, this center offers a full time dermatologist, who’s open for consultations, a manicurist/pedicurist, who’s ready to do your nails WHILE someone else is taking care of your face. Then they have 3 million procedures. Mud baths, ancient Chinese body treatment (you know…the one with the needles), VEGA test, hairstylists, an expensive italian cosmetics pharmacy and god knows what else. That’s the ultimate relaxing spot in Varna (Tage, for you – Warna)! When I got there, the receptionist made something like a medical file. She said that every procedure I get will be listed there and if I’m on some kind of treatment (say, weeds, zinc and grapefruit mask that helps the bla-bla), they’ll know what to do next with my skin ‘n’ stuff. And when my scheduled appointment is like 1 or 2 days away, they remind me with a phone call or sms. How cool is that? I admit, Angel Face are ass lickers and I like it. Besides the girl that I was with, did her job great! So, GO, GO “AF”

//Stef – I’m now angel faced, suckaaa!


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