Arrrghhgjmb !!!

This is about a certain person, so if you’re not interested in reading, sorry!

It’s about Gergana’s boyfriend – Venceslav. This little bitch is walking on my nerves. How can he be so delusional? He thinks I’m into him, when I actually want to rip his head off. But he thinks every girl likes him and he’s acting all ‘macho’. Excuse me, but I can not be into a boy, who owns a cherry flavored chop-stick with some color in it, because “his lips need treatment”. That’s just a turn off.

Also, he talks this crap to MY friend “I love you so much that if you leave me, I’ll kill myself”. Please, do. Nobody needs a guy, who’s whining constantly about how weak he is around a girl. It’s acceptable and kinda cute to say it once or twice, but this is just ridiculous. And the worse part is that Gergana is stupid enough to believe this bullshit and now she feel obligated to stay with him. And can you believe it, I invited Gery home for one night, she brought him along and all I did was looking at them ‘make out’ if you can call it that. It was just disgusting, I was forced to show them the way out and felt like crap. The next night she was supposed to come alone to my place ans she showed up with him, again. “Stef, can you manage this night on your own? I want to steal Gergana this time. We have so much to do.”. Man, fuck you, no, I can’t manage on my own, I have plans too. “But I haven’t seen her in one whole day!!!”. Well, guess what, I haven’t seen her in 3 weeks. “She prefers to stay with me, are you going to force her to be with you?”. How the hell do you know, have you asked her? “No, but her eyes speak to me.” WHAT? So now you’re a little fairy princess bitch, instead of an ordinary one? You can see people’s thoughts in their eyes? Nice one, motherfucker! “Just get out of my way.” I’m standing by the front door in my apartment, and you want me to get out? Isn’t that SO your style or what? “Okay, so if you’re not gonna give us space, can you at least give us 2 blankets? We’re going to the beach”. NO! *slam the door* Is Gergana really in love with this…thing? “Steeef, I think he’s the one”. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! It’s a devil’s work. In a case like that, I can only say “пази боже!” and hope that it’ll pass.

Another time I met Gergana, we were going to go to the sea garden and talk for, say 2 hours. 15 minutes after we’ve met, her phone rang “Baby, where are you? I’m going to find you, I miss you.”. The last time they saw each other was half an hour ago!!! When he came, I told him to leave and let Gergana to breathe. “Just because you want to have sex with me and you’re jealous of Gergana, doesn’t mean that we have to hide our feelings from you. Suck it up.” If there was a hammer near by, I’d definitely throw it at him. I just showed him a middle finger and pulled Gery closer and started to walk. “See, baby, she’s trying to ruin our relationship.” For god’s sake, will you SHUT UP?! Your “baby” has been lying to her mother for the last 3 months that she’s sleeping over at my place, just so you can be with her, you practically LIVE with her, you bastard! I haven’t seen her for longer than you’ve been kept out on dry, so get out of my meeting with MY friend. Loser. “And if I don’t, what then? Are you going to blog about it in your stupid blog”. I FUCKING WILL. And hopefully, more people will know what a piece of shit you are. I feel sorry for Gergana. She’s blacked out and can’t see your obsessive compulsive nature. But she will…I’m telling you. So instead of thinking how to knock her up and what will your baby’s name be, you better start acting like a person. “Baby, choose! Me or her.” and she finally said “If you are a man, you won’t make me choose”. I think she’s right. But again, what kind of men are we talking about. I don’t see any. I just said “Fuck you and your ego :)” and walked home.

And yesterday, Gery came home for 3 hours. All of the time he was outside the door, waiting for her to come out. I’m outta words for this. Sucker is probably not enough…

//Stef – is pissed off.



  1. obsessive is the word.
    he will learn in time….

  2. If he’s alive by then…I found a hammer. 😀

  3. Do not hit where God has struck so viciously!!!

  4. You’re my idol, Brain…fucking idol.

  5. Duuuuude O.o
    I hate saying this, but you are absolutely right.
    And if you need help, whistle. xx

  6. Will do, Van Drakus!

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