Guys, my grandpa is having health problems! ;(

Grandpa Hristo was diagnosed with Alzheimer a week ago. I didn’t know that until today, when I went to see how he and granny are doing, he asked me who I was.  I never expected it to be so heartbreaking. It’s like all the good memories with him are wiped off his brain. He asks questions like “Where am I? ; Which year is this? ; Did I ate today” and stuff like that. I learned a lot from him, he used to make me wooden toys and metal swings. I was his little monkey and now he doesn’t remember a thing. That is just so sad! He’s not going to live much longer and I’d hate to see him die. I mean, he’s my only grandfather, and one I really love. I don’t really know what to say, except that I wish for a miracle. I wish he could get better 😦 And I definitely wish he remembers me!!!

//Stef – sad, sad day…



  1. ..Sorry to hear this.
    My Grandma has also been like that for 5 years or so, but at least she remembers me..
    Keep it up Stef.. Visit him often and maybe he will remember you soon enough..


  2. Yeah, maybe! I’ll visit him for sure, I don’t know how much time I’ve got with him, so…

    What’s wrong with your Grandma? 😦

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