What the hell happened to 2-nd grade?


So I’ve been browsing through some images of my classmates’s early school years and I found а note on the back of one of the pics, saying “Stand up class! Stay still, class!” and it blew my mind away like a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick!

We haven’t done that in AGES! I wonder if the little kids still do it. The system is pretty much the following:

We have two kids/persons, who are on duty for the week. It’s in numbers, starting of number 1 and number 2. The numbers are alphabetically arranged, so most of the time the first ones on duty are starting with an A or B (Adelinа, Borislav..etc).  So the daily program of these 2 duty students includes coming to school 15 minutes earlier, cleaning the black board (when we still had these chalk boards), wash the sponge (with which they cleaned the board) and change the water in the bucket (for the sponge to sink in). The bathrooms were like 50 meters away, so you could spot the floor form there to the class room all covered in water, haha. After everybody are in the class room, one of the duty students must see who’s missing, write their number on paper and save it for the teacher, while the other one checks the homeworks of the class. Then, when the bell rings, they’re obligated to stand by the two ends of the front door and wait for the teacher. When he/she comes in, one of them has to say “Stand up class!” as loud as he can, and the other one says “Stay still, class”, also loudly. Then they both have to say at the same time “Good morning, Mrs …….” and when she/he replies “Good morning, students”, the whole class MUST say again “Good morning Mrs …….”. What was funny in those cases was that when we all had to ‘salute ‘, we did it very slowly, almost like retards. The reason for that was that we couldn’t exactly know when is each one of us gonna open their mouth, so we did it slowly for everyone to join. It wasn’t supposed to be like that, but it was…so go kill a horse fly. 😀

I’m now amazed at all of this. The only thing the duty student does now is check for missing students. But it was fun back in those days. With the black boards…not those white modern ones, lol. Everything was better organized. Nothing has changed in the educational system, it’s just that we’ve grown bigger and we’re looser now. Well, I’m graduating soon enough and all that I’ll be left with are memories. Which I’ll miss.

//Stef – Chuck Norris, again?


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