Monthly Archives: May 2010

Un amore grande!

You don’t know what’s with the title? Neither do I! But it’s a bloggy, so let’s get started. After I turned Brad Pitt and River Phoenix (calling from the afterworld) down and went on a date with Johnny Depp, I hung out with Gergana for quite some time. I even stayed at her house where […]


I AM SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!!! I’m big enough to make my own choices and you can’t take that away from me. I guess, yeah, you are letting me do “too much” if I’m yelling. Fuck you and your education system, seriously. You can’t just come and piss the […]

Senior year!

For Brain. I was the only one crying my heart out, trying not to show any sign of emotion. Tsvetelina (Brain) kept yelling “No crying! If you start, then I’ll start…and I don’t wanna ruin my makeup” But it was so sad! I mean…she’s graduating and soon she’ll go to England and she’ll leave me […]

Happy times

“Gitchy, gitchy goo means that I love you!” And I love Pheanias and Ferb! 😀 Awesome kids. I’m in a great mood today! I hope it doesn’t get ruined by a math exam/geography or something. YAY. I don’t really know why…but after yesterday, I’m having a blast right now. In fact, I don’t have anything […]

Pile of bullshit…

Is all I keep hearing. Yes. Today I’m rude, hateful, arrogant and all those bad qualities. But that’s what you get for waking me up at 4.30. Fuck it, I’ll write whatever the hell I want to write in MY blog. So here it goes… I don’t understand why is it my fault that Gabriella […]

Box of memories.

Sup, turtles? =) Today I want to talk about the box of memories. This is basically a box, which will be filled with stuff that when Melinda Gordon touches, she’ll see cool visions. Hypothetically speaking. I’m thinking about doing it today, I already have some things I want to put in there. For instance, the […]

Hey Blog,

So I had my birthday 2 days ago… I didn’t celebrate it though, because for some stupid reason, no one can’t make it to the party. The reason is called distance/ Saturday school/ grounded asses. Let me explain. Yana, Dido, Maria and Bobcho live 300 km away from Varna and they can’t just come here […]