Hey, yo.

This day cannot get any worse, having in mind that it’s Saturday night.

So, I woke up at 11 am (and I fell asleep at 16:00 pm the day before, so it was quite the sleep). I felt like a truck had just ran me over, the driver came back to me, stepped on my face and went away. I was in an actual physical pain, with my muscles feeling cheesy. It was because I really was tired from running in my sleep. A huge dinosaur kangaroo was chasing me and my family, so I had to save them all, while running like in the sea…so slow and tiring. It’s hard being a superhero. Anyway, after I got up, I had the misfortune of looking myself in the mirror. I won’t even bother explaining why women have days when they feel like shit, but I will tell you that I felt like a really really ugly fat lady. And all the crap about how it’s not important how you look, but how you feel, is true. And that plays a major part in my daily mood.

I didn’t eat, I went back to my room and started fixing my bed. Mom came inside without knocking and asked me why I’m in a bad mood. I’m not really bothering her, so it it her business? What really bugs me is that she can’t understand that you sometimes wake up with a bad mood. And that’s it.

I received a text from Gergana. We were supposed to meet at 17:30, but she was late. I stood there 30 minutes and then went home. I moved my ass all the way to Trakiya and she didn’t come. Well, she did after 2 hours or so…ringing my bell. And then told me that she can’t stay, because she promised her boyfriend to let him take her home. I got really mad, because she’s with him 24/7 and he still doesn’t give her the quality time she has to spend with me. He called her, to check how she’s doing (which is pretty annoying after the 30th time for 1 hour) and she asked him if she could stay, after what he said pretty colorful things about me and my personality, not knowing that I can hear him. I then went with Gergana to him and told him that he’s a fucking douchebag with no life and priorities. I also told him that he’s gay (which I really believe, because he listens to Cher, cries pretty much every day and watches gay porn, so it wasn’t just to make him feel bad) and that he better put something in his mouth to make it shut up, otherwise I’d make him sorry. He stand there for a while, after what he told me a whore and slapped me. First – I don’t even have a boyfriend, so clearly, he was out of words, and second – I knew he’d do that. I just can’t stand people like him…hypocrites living in delusions. I don’t care about the fucking slap, the pain will go away. But his dignity won’t go up again, neither will my respect for him. And yeah, pretty much that was it. I told Gergana that I don’t want to speak to her again for choosing this pig over me. This means that we have nothing in common anymore and that there’s no need in spending time together if  it’s going to end up like that. That was it with my tolerance.

And now I’m at home, pretty miserable, listening to Slavi Trifonov and eating Mars & Snickers. Yes, it is a bad day.

//Stef. – won’t even bother putting tags on that


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