Day review.

Yo, moshducks.

I haven’t been bloggin’ for a while…well, because I was too bored and lazy to write something.

But today is different. I’m still bored and don’t want to write this, but I feel like I have to, if I don’t want to forget it. So what happened is the following: Tsveletlina (Brain) graduated today. No more school for her. I also got to know for sure that tomorrow I’ll be at Kavarna’s square, enjoying L.A Guns’s music. Sweet, eh? Also, I went out on a walk with Gergana, visited my dad (because it’s his birthday today), visited grandpa and paid my internet bill.

First things first. Tsveti. I was supposed to meet her at 9.30 at her house, but of course I was late and I got there at 10. I helped her do her nails and aunt Valq ❤ (Brain’s mom. Yes, her name will always end with a “<3”) helped her with the dress. My, my, what a dress. A beautiful long light purple silk dress with no straps and a black ribbon right underneath her boobs. Haha. But yes, it was beautiful, but even more of that with Tsveti in it. I can go on talking about that for hours, so I’ll just skip that. When she went to her classroom for her final class ever, me and aunt Valq ❤ stood in a certain parking spot, so it doesn’t get stolen. Right in that moment, Toto (Todor, who’s also graduating on this day) saw us and came to say hi. I then went with him to a bookstore for something I already forgot, but it was fun talking. And he was actually quite hot 😀 . But of course I didn’t say that to him, because he may or may not think I like him, which is true, I like him very much, but as a really cute, friendly, hot bear. He just makes me wanna hug him so bad <333 Anyway, the ceremony was touching. It almost made me cry. It’s like I’m more sensitive about classes splitting, than the people in the classes themselves. But seriously, I almost cried out of proud-om (lol, can I say that?). Tsveti was the smartest student in the whole motherfucking school, she got a reward and she did this great speech…it was just awesome. Brain, I know you read this, so I wanna tell you that I love you sooooo much and I’m so proud of you!!! I was all like “YEAH! THAT’S MY FRIEND OVER THERE. ENVY ME, BITCHES!”, when you came on stage. Awww. <333

And then I met Gergana. Not really a blast…it was ok. We walked half of Varna for just4 hours. You can’t imagine how my feet are hurting right now. But that’s the news from there. We just talked about random stuff like Obama’s homo dog, New Yorker’s new shit line and ofc, Chuck Norris.

Then I went  to “THE HOUSE OF DAD”. We can’t talk long. I just said Happy Birthday and got out…and went to see grandpa. The doctor said that his disease is only gonna get worse, so that explains why he couldn’t remember dad’s name, gender and age. He just knew that he had a kid. He also thought I was his daughter (my aunt Radka), who’s looking for her mom….It wasn’t strange, but it was bad. He didn’t seem to care a lot, so hey – I’ll be whoever he says I am.

And I’m really tired, but I’ll tell you that tomorrow, I’m going to go a L.A Guns concert in Kavarna. It’s gonna be a fucking blast, so hold on!

Yeah, that’s pretty much it, I’ll update soon enough on how things are strolling…and yes, keep it cool?



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