So…the day tour is on the line again…whatever that means.

I woke up at 8:56 with Brain setting my phone on fire, because I wasn’t answering. Anyway, I went in the bathroom, washed my hair, brushed my teeth…you know, normal stuff. It took me an hour and a half to be ready to step my foot outside the door and Dancho (Brain’s boyfriend) was waiting for me in his car at Picadilly center, (which is 2 seconds away from home) so we could go back and pick the rest of the people up (that would be Brain and Dancho’s sister, because her boyfriend was already in the car) and go to Kavarna. There Mitko and Boyan were waiting for me, while the dudes from the car went home to eat. I went to the central stage just in time to listen to BTR’s amazing music for half an hour and after that the act was open until 20:00, when L.A. Guns were supposed to come up. IT was fantastic the whole day. Rockers everywhere, head banging with a beer in their hand, eating fries and kebab, while AC/DC’s discography was bursting eardrums out. I felt like I’ve died and went to heaven, not only because of that beautiful sight, but also because the food was almost free. For 4lv (2 euro) you could’ve bought yourself a beer, a bottle of water, a portion of fries, 4 kebabs, bread and small donuts in a pack of 10 with whatever the hell you want on them (chocolate and strawberry syrup in my case), so that’s pretty cheap. Anyway, Mitko Boyan and me went for a walk downtown in the park, where Boyan was constantly playing Акащи Джуджета, which would be roughly translated as Shitting Midgets, on his portable little drum and was always complaining how he hadn’t had sex in 6 months. Then 2-3 hours later 2 girls joined us and we went to Kavarna’s little Disneyland. It wasn’t that interesting for me, but it was cool for them. After another hour and a half spent there, on the way out Mitko wanted to try the “RING MANIA” game, which is basically the following: there are 2 million alcohol bottles 10 meters away from you, you get one ring and try to strike a bottle. Well, we did, motherfucker. A 30 year old Rum. And we were aiming for the new Jack Daniels bottle, but this was even better. So yeah…I didn’t get drunk because I only tried one sip, but it was a damn good Rum, I tell you that.

Shitting Midgets, Mitko and his Manowar shit, Boyan and his ‘wanna get laid’ desire passed really quickly, as they had to catch the bus home at 16:20 and I spent the rest of the time with Brain and Dancho. We were walking around, having a nice Spaziergang, with the wing blowing our hair and the smell of flowers hitting our noses…you know, just the usual. At 18:30 we went to the stage again to go to the front line and save spots. We were expecting Gergana and her…minion to come and they were there. We waited for 2 and a half hours for L.A Guns, but during that time I saw a lot of people that I haven’t seen in a long time. Cvetan, Mirela, Nicole and Emona were the main ones, but I also saw Nasko, the guy from Pazardjik (I can never remember his name!!!) and others.

Well anyway, it was 20:50 now and it was dark. A dude came on stage apologizing and then he said “LADIES AND GENTS, I GIVE YOU….L.A. GUUUUUNS” and then nothing happened…and then still nothing was happening…and then nothing…and then BOOOOOOM! The lights went on, the drums started and I could feel them overwhelming my body as if they were in me. That’s a moment of pure happiness. And then BOOOOOM! with the drums once again, and the music started. I went nuts, Stacey Blades was looking at me and playing. The only thing that I could’ve thought was “AAAAAAAAAAAAAA” and I’m a person who shares his feelings so I was screaming my lungs out, my whole body (and my legs in particular) were shaking and I thought I’m going to fall any moment now. Finally the music stopped so they could hear us scream. After 5 minutes, the normal people stopped, but not me. I was possessed, man! So they started with “No mercy”, then “Gypsy Soul” and “Sex Action”…I couldn’t breathe after these 3 songs. I sang them with Phil Williams, dude. YEAH! Then Stacey went to grab a sip of his beer and the light were on the audience. Phil pointed at me and waved, I waved back and screamed harder (yeah!), then Stacey raised his hand to me, Brain and Gery and we were like “CHEEEEERS, DUDEEEE!“. The party continued for not that long (I mean, it’s never long enough for me, but say 2 hours) and then Phil said something like “I don’t know if you know this song, I heard some of you don’t know us, but I want to sing it for you, because you’re awesome. It’s slow and it means a lot to us, so if you haven’t heard of it, enjoy!” and I was like “BALLAD OF JANE!!!!!” and he looked at me and smiled “Yeah, that one!” and I thought…How can he say that we don’t know that song? I love it. And then I stopped and listened…people really didn’t knew it. But I didn’t give a fuck. Just me and Phil were singing and I even cried, It’s so sad…“Now she’s breaking hearts in heaven…it all seems funny kinda like a dream, things ain’t always what they seem, what a shame, what happened today…” it just really made me cry. The band has a huge stage presence. Then Kenny Queens came to us and soloed with Stacey, and Steve was all emotional on the drums…just awww. After that song, they were headed to the stage exit, but we called them for another song. I think it was in the schedule, but still…they talked for a while and Phil said that today he was walking through the town and no one recognized him and it was nice, but now he knows that we know how to rock and that he loves us and L.A. Guns would definitely come back. And then he said “This song…is for you, beautiful girls (pointed at me, Gergana, Mirela and a really hot blonde chick)…“I wanna be your man” And of course it was perfect…just perfect. My arms were now hurting, my voice was gone and my neck was literally feeling like it wasn’t mine.

But I still went backstage for photos and autographs. I went to Stacey and asked him if I could take a photo with him, he said yes, but I couldn’t hug him properly, so he took my bottle of beer and we took that bloody photo. He then gave my beer back, but I didn’t want it, so I told him to keep it. He probably threw it away, but it wasn’t really mine. It was Gergana’s, but I just drank from it. Anyway, here’s the shot:

I love his face 😀

Next on the line was Phil. You know, I told him how much L.A. Guns rocked and how I loved his voice and I didn’t even got to ask for a photo. He was so sweet, he said “Do you have a camera? I want to take a picture with my favorite bulgarian fan!” and Dancho was distracted with capturing Brain and Stacey together. But he waited (that was also very nice of him) and there’s the photo:

I look awful, but he's awesome!

I look awful, but he's awesome

Next was Kenny Queens. I was over the fence, because I was looking for Brain, to take her to the real backstage, but I found this treasure:

Blah and OMG, YESSS

And all the girls were like “Kenny is so hot, damn it”. I personally like younger man in general, but he plays really fantastic.

And the last shot is of Steve, Nicole and some Dude. Now, I couldn’t take a picture with Riley, because when I went to him and talked to him, my lovely camera man wasn’t there, but It’s fine because the following shot is very cool.


Edit: I just found a video of a random stranger shooting L.A. Guns performing Sex Action and you can totally see my hand and hear my screaming all over the place. It sounds quiet here, but…it wasn’t. So yeah…all the screaming is from yours truly.

Sex Action – L.A. Guns Kavarna 06.05.2010.

Aaand this is it for today, folks. Have a great day, or at least what’s left of it! ^^

//Stef – the L.A. Guns fan!


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