Hey Blog,

So I had my birthday 2 days ago…

I didn’t celebrate it though, because for some stupid reason, no one can’t make it to the party. The reason is called distance/ Saturday school/ grounded asses. Let me explain. Yana, Dido, Maria and Bobcho live 300 km away from Varna and they can’t just come here in a blink of an eye. Saturday is a school day, so there’s no point of coming here for and hour…the ride both ways is 8 hours. And Gergana is grounded…cause her mom went nuts. 20 days with no phone, TV and friends. But seriously, who does that to a 16 year old? She should have done that 6 years ago. But I can’t do anything about it, so the party is probably going to be in June, when school’s not that important (actually that’s when it’s the most important part/month, but who gives a shit?). It’s going to be boiling hot and we’ll have a great time.

My day went pretty good, anyway. I called Maria to ask her if she could make it to Varna in June and we both started laughing on the phone…because Tage was using google translate again. I won’t deny it, it was fun. But then I just had to go in the shower, someone rang again, my phone was on fire, I had 45 missed calls in just 30 minutes. That’s a record! I’m kinda happy that all those people remembered me and called to say “Happy birthday!”, so if you’re one of them, thank you. But facebook was also pretty loaded. I had people I don’t even know, wishing me to blind the sun with my orgasms. THIS IS THE POINT, where it started to get a little weird. On my way to school, a completely random chimney cleaner stopped me, grabbed my hand and wished me a lot of sex. What the hell? Same thing in school, but I can understand my classmates, they’re like my brothers/sisters, but randoms? That’s freaky. Moving on. I didn’t get examined, because it was my birthday! How cool is that? It all came to me today, but I’ll tell you about that later. I did a little vlog, which I’m too fucking lazy to translate, but there’s not much to translate, actually. It’s just me singing big booty bitches all vlog long…except the start, where I show Ivana and Rumen, who are both copying my homework (Just Ivana’s doing it secretly). And yeah…

I also did some shots, I’ll show it to you right about now:


😀 Nothing I can say about that…



We were talking about the AC/DC concert, which is being held at Levski Stadium in Sofia on 14-th of May. Look how tall Victor and Damyan are…Jesus, I’m 168 and I look like a midget!


Yes, I know it’s normal, but still…wtf? 2 meters man. That’s Damyan and yours truly 🙂

Coci's shot

That’s me on the stairs, going to the cafeteria in the recess. The flower in my hair is from Ivana.


The history of this picture…is short. Basically, we have a really cool Chemistry teaches, who’s really strict and sometimes unreasonably harsh. Last time one of us had a birthday, Miteva examined him, wrote him an F, gave him detention, called his parents and took him to the principal. And on 10-th of may, we had some lab work, but only for numbers 1 to 15 (and I’m 26). Our lab class was last week. So I didn’t want to risk it by going in the laboratory and beg for all of the above, so I left a note, saying “For Mrs. Miteva, I’m scared to go in, but I have a birthday and I wanted to give you a bonbon. It’s delicious.” When she got the note, she laughed her ass off and hugged me/ kissed me and told me that this is going to her CV for the rabbits 😀

And here’s the vlog thingy:

As for today…I had 2 exams. On of those where you walk in, read one question and think “Fuck!”. And then I embraced my creativity…I’m hoping for a good grade, but time will show. At least DIO loves me! ^.^

And another thing…I read a blog that belongs to a friend of mine – Frederika

“Do you know what hurts most about a broken heart. Not being able to remember how you felt before.”

I would give anything for this feeling.
I cry, and I cry, and the only thing I get is a raised eyebrow “You don’t know what you are talking about.”
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know.
The thing I  speak about makes me cry with a voice in my sleep, it makes me cry when I’m left alone and no, I’m not pretending. Even if you say I am, I’m really not. That is how I feel. So many people told me that they love me today. Their words meant nothing to me.
So many people are trying to intervene in my live. To hell with them, too.
And all I hear is that this is nothing. That this is bullshit. Derision. A nasty smile.
I hate you. All of you, who say that. It is not nothing. It’s not bullshit.
If it makes me cry, then it IS something.

Her whole blog is filled with lines similar to these. It makes me sad. I don’t know how she feels, but I really wish I could help her. I’m happy on the other hand, though…for not knowing what she’s going through…but no one should feel that miserable. It’s just a boy. She’s been like that for 2 years now. Sadly, he has a girlfriend and he’s happy with her. Freddie just fell in love with the wrong guy. I think she should find the good things in life, focus on them and try not think about him. But again…easy for me to say, after all, I’ve never been in love. Anyway, I really hope she gets better SOON!!!

//Stef – blablablabla.


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