Box of memories.

Sup, turtles? =)

Today I want to talk about the box of memories.

This is basically a box, which will be filled with stuff that when Melinda Gordon touches, she’ll see cool visions. Hypothetically speaking. I’m thinking about doing it today, I already have some things I want to put in there. For instance, the L.A. Guns photo signed by all of the members, a photo of me and Ivana (because we have only one, but at least it’s a proof that I know her). This picture: A totally smacked one, but can you kill it? No? ok.

WAHAHAHAHABLAHA. Yes, I know her boob is almost showing and that I look like I just saw the incredible Hulk, but we'll have to swallow it!

* moving on* A blue bracelet that’s made specially for me from mah Brain, Tsvetelina. I always wear it, but when I don’t, it will be there. I will also put my special edition “Special Yana poems” in that box. And I mean the poem she wrote me, when she gave me the silver ring (which is also made just for me, but there’s no way it can end up in the box, since I don’t take it off of my hand). I will also put my precious 8-th grade note I found on my desk on december 13-th 2008. I remember we all wrote it in class (German, if I’m correct) and each one of us had to write something about the other one (me, Rumen, Ivana and Damyan). We hated each other back then, we couldn’t stand being close, but we were bored. And that’s when we knew we were going to be great friends. What they wrote about me was:

She wants to be a great person…and she is – Ivana
She wants to be smart…and you can really learn from her – Rumen
She wants to be pretty and different…and she’s the most beautiful and colorful person I know – Damyan

It means a lot to me, not because they said these things, but because they really meant them. I wasn’t supposed to see that note.

Another thing I’d put in my box of memories is the list. You don’t know about it, but it was a looooong thing to do. It includes “+” and “-” of boys. Yes, I know it’s funny and I laugh my ass off reading it now, but back then I was really serious…and it is something I’d like my kids to see. Because they’ll go through the same thing and I’ll be there…mocking them!

I’d also put my diploma in that box. It may be the last one I’ll ever get. Haha, I’m kidding, but I will put it in the box. It reminds me of my early school years when everything seemed so cool and cartoon network wasn’t a complete shit full of abusive animations. Yeah, I miss Billy and Mandy, and Courage – the cowardly dog, and Dexter’s laboratory, and Tom & Jerry, and Johnny Bravo, and the Flinstones, and the looney tunes …Fuck you, CN!

Anyway, what I’d love to add to the collection is Calle Fahllun’s drum sticks. Again for Sturm und Drang. But I really hope I win them. Health and peace if I don’t, at least I’ll know I tried and I have a SHITTY luck 😀 But seriously, who doesn’t want the broken drum stick of a legend. Not necessarily a world legend…but my legend. And yeah, it always comes down to this.

But hey, I have a whole bunch of memories to throw in there, so I have a life – there’s the conclusion :D.

And yeah, that was what I wanted to say. Except…take a look at this picture! :

girl scouts...can't live with them, can't live without them!

//Stef – Have a wonderful day, yo!


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