Pile of bullshit…

Is all I keep hearing.

Yes. Today I’m rude, hateful, arrogant and all those bad qualities. But that’s what you get for waking me up at 4.30. Fuck it, I’ll write whatever the hell I want to write in MY blog. So here it goes…

I don’t understand why is it my fault that Gabriella is sick and awake. I told mom that I’ll sleep today until I get sick of sleeping, last week and now she’s setting me up with this? Excuse me, but how can you tell a 2 year old kid not to make noises, go back to bed or at least watch Disney Chanel peacefully? You can’t. I went to bed in the living room, where the TV is and Gabi kept jumping on me with her elbows piercing through my stomach for at least 30 minutes. Then she tried sticking a popcorn into my eye and then was the screaming into my ear. I know what time we live in, but if we were like 50 years back, I’d slap the hell out of that kid. I got sick of it pretty quickly, so I had to be awake. For an hour I managed to keep the front, but my eyes were soooo tired and heavy… and the next thing you know, a scream from the bathroom wakes me up. I hurry to see what’s going on and I see Gabriela squeezing my favorite shampoo (it was too late to save it), with my toothbrush, ‘cleaning’ the floor with the shower running…over her and her clothes. She screamed, because the water was too hot.

Do you know how much time you have to spend, just to clean the mess in the bathroom, not to mention change the baby’s clothes, while she’s running and screaming? A LOT. I was really pissed off and wasn’t talking to her. And apparently she’s on a strike or something, because she went to the fridge, grabbed the milk, went to the carpet and guess what…the whole box went on it. And then she brought all of her stuffed toys (with her portable toy closet on wheels) and she rolled them over the milk. Everything happened while I was cleaning the bathroom.

When I saw all of that, I went nuts. I started screaming, throwing toys into the walls…and even through the window. It was 7 am!!! I did nothing wrong, why am I stuck with this kid? I love her, I swear I do, but I was THIS close to hitting her. She started crying (and she usually does this loud) and my head just couldn’t take any more of this, so I locked her into the closet with the lights on for half an hour. And after getting her out, she dared to say to my mom “KAKA IS ABUSING ME *cries really hard*”, while I was talking to her on the phone. Of course mom said that she can never trust me to do something right and bla bla bla…I didn’t hear it, I hung up, because really, she was talking bullshit. My grandma came to pick up the monster at 9 am and immediately started acting all judgmental. Why is it so dirty here, why wouldn’t I clean this mess, why can’t I take care of my cousin… WELL, it’s not my fault that your little granddaughter is evil and no matter how hard I try to keep things in control, she’d always make a mess!!! I ignored her, too. I told her to leave and she said “in a minute”. I honestly didn’t care, I just went to bed and in an hour or so, she opens the door and screams “WE’RE LEAVING!”. How fucking obvious? Thanks for letting me know, I would’ve been so surprised to see you gone when I wake up! You totally should’ve ruined my dream. Thanks grams, I love you so much, you’re always very thoughtful.

And an hour after that mom calls “Clean the whole house,we’ll have visitors”. I cleaned it yesterday!!! You clean it! “Clean the house, don’t make me yell, I’m mad at you anyway.”. For what? For taking care of the family, while I desperately needed sleep. Oh, ok. My bad. Remind me never to do that again. Believe it or not, Gabi actually managed to turn the house upside down in just one day, so another 2 hours went in cleaning. How fun, I should do this 12 times a day! 🙂

And then I got another call “Go to the store and make the dinner.”. Hell, no. Today I ain’t cooking for nobody. I’m so pissed, my hands are shaking and I definitely don’t want to feed you. So go make yourself a dinner, woman. I told her no, she hung up and I think she expects me to do it, but eh…she’ll be surprised. Frankly, I don’t give a shit.

She called me AGAIN. I picked up and said “I’m too busy being awesome, so no. Whatever you want – no!”…and she said “Pick up Gabi from your grandmother” and I said “DID’N YOU HEAR ME? I SAID NO!” and then I just turned off my cell phone. I’m just too angry.

So today…it’s not my day. The only thing I’m looking forward to is the water war on 5-th of June. It better be good! :@:@:@:@

Here’s a nice picy for you. Chill out a bit.


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