Senior year!

For Brain.

I was the only one crying my heart out, trying not to show any sign of emotion. Tsvetelina (Brain) kept yelling “No crying! If you start, then I’ll start…and I don’t wanna ruin my makeup”

But it was so sad! I mean…she’s graduating and soon she’ll go to England and she’ll leave me here…and I don’t want that to happen. Besides, she was so pretty that you could cry for that alone. And in my most epic breakdown, she comes to me and says “I’m so sorry I give this to you now, but this is a late birthday gift. You will always be my Pinky!” and she hands me these incredibly awesome custom made earrings with Pinky and the Brain on them. I don’t know what happened, but I started crying even harder. I just hugged her and kept trying to pull myself together, but I couldn’t. So I went to her mom (who I love like my own) and said “Y-y-you h-h-have the bes-s-s-st d-d-daughter in the whole W-WORLD” and wiped my tears on her shirt. Haha. I don’t even know what got me so emotional, everybody were looking at me like I was crazy!

The truth is (probably, I’m not sure) that I love her in a different way than the others do. I’ve known her my whole life (literally), she’s my one and only friend that I’ve never been in a fight with, AND she’s my first idol. I’ve always looked up to her for an example and she was always right there…shining and smiling. We’ve had periods where we didn’t see each other for months, but in the end we always end up together. And I’m just terrified that my example is growing up and is moving in another country. As selfish as it sounds, I want her here with me!!! And this is the only friendship that I’m sure it will last a lifetime. I have lots of other friends, but they’re not quite like her. So if you’re reading this, Brain…I guess I want to tell you that I love you with all of my heart and I’d do anything for you. Even that. (unlike Meat Loaf).  So yeah…that’s about it in terms of love and stuff.

But I also MUST mention Todor Vladimirov – Toto, who was also rocking the house. He looked very nice in his costume…but then again, he’s always so hot. Does it matter if I say that today he’s looking good, if he doesn’t have a bad day? For me personally, he’s one of the hottest/prettiest/nicest boys in town, but enough about that. He was Tsveti’s escort for the evening, since he’s also a senior. Aren’t we just a big fucking senior family? A happy one. No, wait. Half of the guys are in universities now, so…we’re not all seniors. And I still have some school to do, that makes me the baby. How nice!

Anyway, I should get going for now! I wish all of you hot seniors to have a great prom tonight, on this very educational holiday and I hope to see you sober tomorrow.

Expect shots one of these days, ok? Ok.

//Stef – Peace out, my tasty little lemon drops!


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