Un amore grande!

You don’t know what’s with the title? Neither do I!

But it’s a bloggy, so let’s get started.

After I turned Brad Pitt and River Phoenix (calling from the afterworld) down and went on a date with Johnny Depp, I hung out with Gergana for quite some time. I even stayed at her house where we danced on some Inna tunes, laughed our asses off about stupid jokes, then decided to loose weight…by dancing again on AC/DC’s “She’s got the Jack”. We’ve got everything BUT the jack, it’s ok though, nobody saw us. Then we listened to some Sturm und Drang and made plans to talk with Tsonko Tsonev (the mayer of Kavarna and our best friend from now on!)…then I guess Gergana called her boyfriend at least 400 times and what do you know, it was 4 am already! We went to bed and got up at 11:45 sharp! It was (and still is) SO HOT!!! I can’t believe it that I’m sweating with just my shirt on. I love summer…except that part, but I guess I’ll have to live through it. What we did next is go to the gas station, fill some gas bottles, go back to her place, leave them at the porch and go to Grand Mall. It opened like yesterday or the day before! We went to a lot of stores full of clothes, shoes, makeup, bio cosmetics, perfumes, sweets…you get the point! Then we saw Shanel’s new single on TV (that’s a girl from our Music Idol. Not the winner, but the 3-rd left or something)…and then we saw her live, cause she was at the mall too. I see her quite often these days. We used to go the same singing school, but then I quit and now she thinks she’s the big deal, when she’s really not. But it’s cool that she at least said “hi” to me…manners and stuff.

But that’s not the point! There were some awesome summer clothes on really good prices! I should mention that to my dad…and I didn’t even have time to visit the top floors. The mall is, indeed, really grand!

But then it was 15:30 and I had to get going if I didn’t want to be late for my meeting with Ari Koivunen and I rushed through the burning sun. I went home, my mom was in the zone and was constantly smiling, so that’s great! I love it when she smiles. And now it’s 17:44, I’m waiting for Gergana to come here (cause she’s with her bf now and I kind of hate him, so…) and watch the Eurovision finals with me. But first I gotta dress the kid and go to the supermarket for some food and popcorns. We’ll see when that will happen.

But speaking of Eurovision, let me tell you what I thing about some countries! I’m thinking this on the spot (lol, jk I’m copying it from a comment I wrote earlier to Tage in his website http://www.tageronnqvist.com)

First…I still can’t believe it Russia made it to the finals. That’s the crappiest song in this contest, seriously! Who votes for them?
Second, I don’t think Milan Stankovic (Serbia) repeated that “Beograd” thing just to show off. I mean, as far as I understand it (cause the languages are kind of similar and some words are easy to catch). It’s about a girl that he has a thing for “Hug me, kiss me. Oh, but you’re so naughty, you have no shame, I bet you live in Belgrade” The lyrics are shit, but what I like in the song is that it actually has Balkan music in it. If you walk into a tavern here, this is probably what you’ll hear. But that’s about it, I don’t like it in general.
Cyprus had a great song “Tell me about your feelings, tell me about your stories, come on closer, look into my eyes and make immortal with a kiss”. A bit trivial, but the melody is quite catchy and that guy’s voice doesn’t sound European at all! I like it.
Georgia…I honestly laughed, while watching. It was way over the top for me. I felt like the girl was going to explode on that stage :D
The Denmark entry was like stolen from some old ABBA tune…it wasn’t badly performed, but it wasn’t original at all!
I liked Romania…I wasn’t jumping out of my chair, but it was more than OK. That opera voice and the double piano – it was nice.
Israel…it might have been boring for you, it was annoying for me. Not the song itself, but the language. All the khghgj, like the guy was choking on something was just horrible and it bugged me. But I have to give it up to the country for choosing to sing in their language.
Azerbaijan were okay. I don’t really like Safura, there’s too much commercial going on there, but the performance was cool. The song was stupid, but catchy!
Turkey really rocked the arena! I was expecting something really awful like thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTXvkWqQas8 , but no, they were good! Haha, I guess I just don’t like Turks in general!
And Germany have an AWESOME song. I love Lena’s accent! I hope it wins, too!

And yeah, that’s it for today! Here’s an Eurovision 2010 picture for you! Share the moment, drink the beer, listen to the music, experience the magic and all those kinds of fun stuff! Do them.


//Stef – Good Luck Germany!


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