Monthly Archives: June 2010

Random things.

Hey, bloggy! I just wanted to write something here, cause…I don’t know why. Yesterday I bought myself a new summer long dress that I really like, but this just doesn’t seem to make me as happy as I though it was gonna make me. On another note, I’m going to the Kavarna rock fest 2010 […]

Bitching about Summer.

So I guess you heard that it’s summer now, right? I’ve been waiting for it for the past 10 months of my life. And tonight I get cold feet about it. You know how summer is supposed to be all about beaches, alcohol, friends, night parties, late sleeping and no homeworks? Well, I’ve never been […]


Dear John, How are things working out for you? I miss you a lot. I hope you’re fine and I hope you’re happy. I haven’t heard from you in a big while, your letters keep coming rarely and more rarely. I bet you’ve been everywhere by now. How is Paris? Venezuela? Or maybe New York? […]

Yambol and some roses.

Hey ya! So this blog insert is kinda sad, but kinda happy, too. These last 3 days I’ve been to my “svako” ‘ s house in the small village community called “Rose”, which is extremely close to the city Yambol. So…what does “svako” mean? That is my aunt’s husband, or with another words – Gabriella […]

Soundtrack of my life.

So far that is. First off, you might be surprised by what you’re about to see. Most of those songs have nothing to do with my personal music preferences and yet I still love them. The thing is, I do this every year and in every 5 years or so I pick the most popular […]

What is happening lately.

Hey, blog. I’m referring to you, because you’re probably the only one, who’s forced to read this shit. But that feels kind of comfortable. I can tell you everything, right? Right. But there’s nothing interesting, really. I’m stressed out, because I gotta end the school year well. I’m aiming for a really good grade, but […]


Hey, yo! The pic-c-c-cs  are here! 100% water war. Just to explain what this thing is…it’s basically an event. Yes. We have a big fountain at the central square of Varna, so the war was there. There were people with water guns, water balloons, and helmets…and some just took a bottle of water and started […]