Stuff happened…

Sup, bambuchas?

A reasonable amount of things happened in the present month, so…shall we?

First – I won a Cajunga poster. But wait, not just any poster! It’s the one and only that was in the video “Dancing with the boys!” (by the way, if you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s it is)

Second – A group of people contacted me for some stuff, I think you’ll find rather interesting. The group was more like a crowd with a speaker, but yeah! They were all Sturm und Drang fans, asking me to ‘bring’ the boys, so we can dance with them. And then while Billy Talent shaved his head in front of me, a transgalactical gargaroblaster went nuts and started killing fireflies. And that is all true. But no, seriously…I did get a call from a girl named Victoria Karahristova, telling me that I need to do something for the fans. Hell, I didn’t even know SuD have fans here. I thought it was only me. I’m not special anymore 😦 . Quite frankly, I have no idea how they found me and how do they even know that I’m a fan, not to mention my cell phone number. It was all a bit creepy. So I had to say “yes” to their wish, cause you know, I don’t wanna die…so I wrote Patrick Linman (on facebook, cause I’m not as cool as you) and I told him all about what we..well, I am planning. Which is the following:

Since those girls are nuts, I had to do something quickly and I figured that SuD can be involved with the Kavarna summer Rock Fest 2010. I mean, I’m all good with the guy who organizes it, and I even convinced him that he should definitely invite Tarja Turunen and Korpiklaani for a gig on that fest. I’m not the biggest fan of them both, but eh, I thought people might enjoy them. And so, it wasn’t a problem to include SuD. I had to make a presentation and stuff, write down some names, conditions, contract examples, history…and so on. I had to convince that sponsor that Sturm und Drang should totally come to Bulgaria with him paying for it. It was going to work, cause we had some angry bitches ready to stalk Mr. Conev, but he would’ve do it anyway. Unfortunately Patrick said that he’ll ask them if they’re in for it and then he said that they can’t because of the tour break and the new album on the way. Or they just don’t want to come right now. I get it. But whatever the reasons are, no giggy is going to be performed, but at least I tried. The good thing is that he (Mr. P.Linman) said that they’d love to do it next year and that I should definitely contact them if we still had any interest. So yeah, I’ll try for the boys and girls here, even though I’ll be in Finland (how ironic is that? Almost as when I found out that by the time I was writing Patrick a message, he was literally 20 minutes away from me in the Sunny beach resort.) That’s about it with SuD.

Another weird thing is that I keep bumping into Todor Vladimirov – Toto. Dunno why, but it keeps happening. Yesterday, while I was walking aimlessly (or not), I heard a voice saying “How are you”. I looked around and didn’t see anybody, so I kept walking. “HEY! HOW ARE YOU?” Ok, this was bizzare. I looked up and said “God?”, but I heard a laugh coming out of the terrace right in front of my left side. Turns out that Toto’s parents have an office there and he happened to be there, while I was walking through. He asked if I was busy, I said “no”, cause I really wasn’t, and he invited me in for a small talk. After like 2 hours or so, I proceeded with the walking, only to realize that the place I was going to, was closed. Oh well…I hung out a bit more with Toto and his friend from Plovdiv that came for a week to see him. I felt a bit like an interloper with the coming in and talking, so I told the guys that I should probably go home, but they said no and we end up on table at the “Viking” restaurant  with me drinking water and they – beer (+ having some stakes and fries). Then they walked me to the traffic light and we stayed there 30 minutes talking about jokes and movies. I missed a million green lights. But yeah, it was time for my knowledge club (I don’t even know why I go there, but still) and I left them.

And then Gergana came home for the night and we decided that we’ll do THIS all night long…:


And yes, that was it, I think…have a great day!



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