Hey, yo!

The pic-c-c-cs  are here! 100% water war.

Just to explain what this thing is…it’s basically an event. Yes. We have a big fountain at the central square of Varna, so the war was there. There were people with water guns, water balloons, and helmets…and some just took a bottle of water and started shooting everyone (and then did a refill from the fountain). The people that showed up were actually a lot. And I really mean a lot. I couldn’t capture even half of them, cause the bloody camera was going to get wet. But yeah, at the end of the day we were all soaking wet, some of us with water filled cell phones, and some of us with ruined makeup (haha, not mee). So anyway, there’s not much I can say, just let the shots speak for themselves. :

ooh, that's what I call a surprise.

Haha, Deta is in the middle of something.

eh, kids!

I love that pic!


RUN, soldier, RUN!

Eat that, sucka!

And that's when I got wet...


EPIC struggle !

Hahaha, these guys were awesome!


Preslava, LOOK OUT! Haha, I love the way she's keeping it cool, while she's seconds away from being attacked.









war continues!

balloon guy!

http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1463283471782 <— a video.

And yeah, that was it. I hope you liked it and you should definitely join us next time!

//Stef – the water warrior.


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