What is happening lately.

Hey, blog.

I’m referring to you, because you’re probably the only one, who’s forced to read this shit. But that feels kind of comfortable. I can tell you everything, right? Right.

But there’s nothing interesting, really. I’m stressed out, because I gotta end the school year well. I’m aiming for a really good grade, but some teachers just can’t seem to cooperate. So far I’ve gotten Physics, Biology, Geography, History, Tourism fundamentals and P.E out of the way. What’s bad is that the important subjects are still hanging. It’s literature, math, chemistry, psychology, OFKR, Informational technologies and German. I’m missing 2 or 3 subjects out, but I guess they’re ok if I don’t bring them up. I’m actually in a big stress cause of the math and the chemistry. I HAVE to fix the math situation. I’ve got A, B, A and now probably a D, cause I really wasn’t prepared for this sudden exam (on the material of the whole school year) and the chemistry…let’s put it this way…I haven’t seen the teacher in a month. I’m so scared, I’ll probably panic. I only have 1 grade there, so she’ll have to go through me at least twice. It’s a struggle, really. I know my stuff, I just panic, when she’s looking at me all demanding. I hope I get the B I want. We’ll see.

But yeah, my day basically consists out of solving geometrical problems and studying about the glucose, maltose, fructose and the amino acids. And maybe a lesson or two about the ancient literature, the Bible and the bulgarian poets. Stuff like that. It’s not fun. 20 more days left, though…I’ll just have to live through them somehow.

Another thing – a butterfly came into the classroom this morning during German class. In case you don’t know, I have a really bad phobia. I fear these creatures and I hate them with all my heart. Just…their fluttering scares the hell out of me, not to mention their disorientated attack-ive behavior. The bigger, the worse, I can see details and it BUGS me. So anyway, I started begging for someone to take it out, but all of them fuckers just laughed their asses off It wasn’t funny. And then the german teacher told me to stop acting like a drama queen and to focus on the material. I tried. I really did, but then it attacked me. Literally, it just flew into my face. For someone who has a phobia, I reacted pretty calm. I just screamed as if my throat was being slit right this second, started crying inconsolably and got out of the room immediately. This was one of those moments where the people with me in the room were like “HAHAHAHAHA…oh, shit – she’s crying! Somebody get that thing out.” A teacher that I don’t know (apparently got out of class after he heard me screaming) came outside to see what’s wrong and I was in a shock, I couldn’t even talk. It was as if I was thrown into a giant pit of anacondas or tarantulas, or in a pool filled with great white sharks, or I don’t know…what’s the thing that scares you the most, blog? It was that scary. Turns out that 3 girls from my class decided to prank me, after they found the butterfly somewhere outside. They just let it in. Some people don’t understand that a PHOBIA means a great fear of something. I guess now they know. But guess who’s not talking to them anymore? =)

//Stef – stay away from butterflies.


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