Yambol and some roses.

Hey ya!

So this blog insert is kinda sad, but kinda happy, too.

These last 3 days I’ve been to my “svako” ‘ s house in the small village community called “Rose”, which is extremely close to the city Yambol. So…what does “svako” mean? That is my aunt’s husband, or with another words – Gabriella and Alex (my first cousins)’s father. He died in a car accident exactly 1 year ago. The whole family was in the car, but only he suffered injuries so severe that he just couldn’t pull through. My aunt (mom’s sister) had  broken arm and leg, big concussion and a pretty nasty stomach cut wound. The kids were approximately better. Anyway, me and my mom took care of aunt Mina for 4 months and then she went back to Dubai (where the family lives) and yeah..That’s what I saw for that one year. I’m currently looking after my cousins, they are GREAT kids!

So we went to Filip’s (svako) village to ‘celebrate’ his departure from the material world. His mom, dad, brother, grandmother, aunt and grandfather were also there and it wasn’t as sad as I thought it was gonna be. The only moment I cried was when we went to his grave and his mom ( I call her aunt Toshka) started telling him stories through her cries. “We are celebrating YOU tonight, my dear boy, come visit us, let me feel you in the air, see your children grow, smile, send us your love and be with us. Oh, how I wish I could hold you in my arms, Filip, why did you have to go! I’m coming to you soon…” and all that stuff that aren’t really happy. What made me sad is the sound of aunt Toshka crying. I hear there is no greater pain in the world than having to outlive your child. She was clearly delirious and…well, smashed and shattered into pieces.”. Svako himself was a great guy. I can’t tell that he took care of everyone on the street or that he was sentimental and I’m sure that this is not what he would’ve wanted, but he sure as hell loved his family and worked his ass to the bone for them. And then this…I will also never forget his last day, when I helped him put the metro bags in the elevator. I didn’t really have anything to talk about with him, but I remember how he laughed at my stupid jokes that nobody finds funny and I remember how he taught me how to download torrents. He was a nice guy. Of course I would say that…but he was.

Anyway, I’m focusing on the other stuff now. First, when I came to the house, everybody knew me as Mina’s niece and it was kinda annoying that they knew my name, but they called me “aaaa, tazi be…” every fucking time. That’s roughly translated as “the girl who’s too minor to have a name, so we’ll just call her “that one” ” >.<
After a while, I met the famous aunt Reni (aunt Toshka’s sister) and I liked her very much…she liked me too, but it was probably because I started acting strange and washed 147 dishes (yes, we are a big family and it took me a lot of time), made a desert (that weighted like 4 kg), cleaned the house 3 times, watched the kids, set the table for breakfast/lunch/dinner (then clean it up) and went to feed the animals (pigs, chickens, goats, a donkey, a dog, 3 cats, sheeps and a cow) at least 4 times. So that counts, right? I’ve never been more active in my life, man. That’s a whole lotta work! I have a muscle fever at the moment.

Also, another thing that I didn’t knew it was going to happen…my dust allergy triggered. Apparently, Filip’s room (where I slept) had dust in the bed mattress and here’s what happened: My face swallowed, my eyes became bloody and teary, I sneezed every 30 seconds, my nose was stuffy and was leaking like a river at the same time. It didn’t let me sleep both days, I didn’t bring any meds with me, cause I thought there’s no way I can get that there.

But apart from those things, it was a beautiful village. Lots of roses and other flowers were all over the place, the air was kind of clean, but it also smelled like goats and chickens. I know most people will think this is disgusting, but it was actually refreshing and it really reminded me of some great memories. It was strange for me, having to see animals passing in front of me, without any fear. They were even curious and playfull. It was FUN, I should visit Rose more often…with my meds in hand.

That was pretty much it and I’ll see you soon, blog!

//Stef – likes being thrown into nature.


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