Random things.

Hey, bloggy!

I just wanted to write something here, cause…I don’t know why.

Yesterday I bought myself a new summer long dress that I really like, but this just doesn’t seem to make me as happy as I though it was gonna make me. On another note, I’m going to the Kavarna rock fest 2010 on 23, 24 and 25-th of June. It’s gonna be awesome, I can’t wait! Lots of cool are gonna be there, I’m exited to see Accept, Korpiklaani and maybe Tarja. She has some serious chops, but I’m not really into her music, so we’ll see what will happen.

Also, I’ve been invited to a prom night…in Ireland. That’s obviously not going to happen, but I’m flattered by the attention. Thanks again, Barry, I hope you find a nice girl to take to that awesome night and also you both have a lot of fun ^^.

I’m currently waiting for Gergana to come to my place and bring me some stuff I forgot at her house a couple of days ago. My keys, my wallet, some very important noted and my creamy hoodie. Nothing special. We’ll probably just watch videos on youtube, when she comes, but until then I’ve got some movies to watch.

Also, there’s this guy that I don’t really like, but I miss him sooooo much and I don’t want to call/write him cause I feel like I’m annoying him. That’s actually really possible. Most people like me, but not the ones that I want. Anyway, he’s a jackass, but it would’ve been nice to see how he’s doing. Oh well, I guess I’ll just call Evgeni and he’ll tell me that he’s in England and can’t go out. Fuck that, man. Seriously. I can’t go out with my guy friend, what’s up with that? Ahh, those two, I really miss 😦 .

Another interesting thing…last day of school on Wednesday. How cool is that? I do never want to go back there again. Ever. But life’s unfair, I gotta pull 2010/2011, too, before I go to Finland. Each year there’s something pulling me back from my goal. Last year it was 1-st language school. It was my second school and I wanted to transfer there so that I don’t have to go to both schools, cause you know it can be kinda tiring. But no, I just got my english diploma and dropped out. Haha, that sounds like I’m a drug addict prostitute, but I’m actually working really hard on grades and stuff. That’s actually all that I seem to do, which is kinda pathetic, but hey, this summer I got a lot of things going on.

Loads of studio sessions with some bands, karaoke parties, beach nights, sea garden madness, then my aunt is coming back from god knows where (she lives in Dubai, but her job is basically going to every cool place on Earth, so…) and then I’m going out with her for a couple of days, cause she’s the best aunt a person could have. So that means more late night parties, cocktails, salads and fresh orange juices.

Then I might go to Burgas for the MTV spirit of Burgas fest to see The Prodigy and Everlast, but that’s not yet certain. Then I promised my dad that I’ll go with him to his military base for a couple of days. Ok, yes, I know, but he just wouldn’t drop the subject, so I made him shut up. It’s gonna be awful, I’ll probably drop 5 kg down.

And then I promised my mom that I’ll take her to the mountains and Rila mountain in particular…some days sweating over the 3 000 meter Musala top, but eh…these things happen, right? And now, here’s a summer picture for you!


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