Monthly Archives: July 2010

Long time no see?!

A week without blogging? Yep and I’m sorry. Let’s see what happened. First, the kids came back from Yambol, which means that the whole “family” was gathered and I had to clean and cook for em’. So far, so good. Aunt Toshka, though (Alex and Gabi’s grandma) decided that she’ll take Alex back to Yambol, […]


1. Remove your laptop from a bag. 2. Open the laptop slowly and carefully. 3. Turn it on. 4. Ensure the passenger next to you is watching. 5. Connect to the Internet 6. Close your eyes for a brief moment, open them again, turn your gaze upwards to the sky as if in a prayer. […]

7-th grade misses me.

Dude! Can you believe it? I was 7-th grade once…I wonder how my grandchildren will take that?! But yes, I have some great memories from back then. I was still in my first gorgeous, awesome school with these absolutely amazing group of people randomly called classmates and we were having a blast. For those of […]

Aaand they’re gone.

That’s…weird. I haven’t been alone in a long time. Feels good. I met the boy I told you about, his name is Kaloyan. And he slept in my room. Nice boy, except when he’s tickling me. I took them all (the guests) to the beach, then we didn’t sleep and talked all night. It was […]


Здравствуйте! (that’s in Russian!) So I’ve been kinda mixing days. You know what I’m talking about? No? You’re so stupid. The thing is, I’ve been staying up really late. I go to bed at 5 am and wake up at 11. I feel fine, but sometimes it’s a bummer, not knowing what day it is. […]

Oh, hai there.

Yesssss. It happened. I have found my ring. I didn’t really tell you that I’ve lost it, but that was because I felt too guilty to admit it. I’m talking about my custom made “forever” silver ring that Yani gave me as a sign of her friendship during her April visit to Varna. I love […]

Let it raaaaain! ;D

Hey, people. Today was awesome. It was probably because of the rain, I don’t know. But it was. I woke up at 13.00. Yes, I know it’s late, but I’m on summer break, so there ya go…I’m justified. Aaaaanyway, I was on my way to McDonald’s when all of a sudden Gergana popped out of […]