Nevena Tsoneva


Have you ever heard of Nevena Tsoneva? No? Didn’t think so.

Well, she’s the winner of the first ever Music Idol in Bulgaria…it was in 2007 if I’m not wrong? Anyway, I think of her frequently…where is she now, what’s up with her and stuff. She has some pretty dope songs if you’re into pop music…and she’s my cousin. No shit, I’m serious. It’s something like – my grandpa and her grandpa are brothers. At least I think it was like that. But no worries, we’re not close. I knew about her before the Idol, but I’ve never met her. Until I went to a concert, that is. She sings, though, she’s REALLY good at it. Why do all my relatives sing and I’m the only one who can’t? Even her brother (who I’ve met for a change) does it better than me…and he’s a freaking lawyer!!!!
Here’s one of Nevena’s most popular songs – Za tebe pesen nyamam, which basically means “I don’t have a song for you” and it’s about an angry lady, who’s talking to her ex boyfriend and tells him to stop stalking her, cause there’s no chance that she’s coming back…happy.

And then, here’s the video for the song, called “Ne izchezvai/ Don’t disappear”. The lyrics are totally different than the “Za tebe pesen nyamam” ones. In this song, Nevena is a desperate hurting woman that begs her man to stay…she was trying out for Eurovision with that tune (2009 – Krasimir Avramov’s year…that gimme, gimme your love and stuff guy). I’m not saying that this is a TOTAL DOMINATION OF THE WORLD song, BUT I am saying that it’s WAY better than that “voice human” crap. Anything would’ve sounded better. Anything, goddamn it! Don’t know what happened and why did that host said his name instead of Nevena’s, but this was a national tragedy…we even tried to force him to quit and let her go to Eurovision, cause the results were obviously fake. He didn’t do it and now he wishes he was never born. True story, he walks with a paper bag on his head, when he goes for a walk for safety reasons.

Anyway, here’s the video of the nice song.

Aaand that’s it for today…I just wanted to bring some light on the Nevena issue again. Where are you, lady? Should I buy you 30 cats?



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