Jo.? ^^ What’s up?

Hey! So do you want to talk to me, or is it best to leave you alone? I’d like to see what’s up with you, but you showed me a couple of times already that u want nothing to do with me… =)

And if you say yes, I’d like to remind you that I’m not gonna kill you from here and I would just like to know u better, cause you’re interesting, ok? Ok. So now that I’ve cleared that up, there’s nothing else I can do. See you later, or just have a nice life.

Всяка роза си има своя трън, нали знаеш? Аз съм трънлива, но не повече от теб. Аз съм горделива, но не поече от теб. Аз съм гадна, но НЕ повече от теб. :Р

//Stef – ^.^ Mood is great!



  1. i don't need your fucking nick names · ·

    Are you okay?

  2. 😀 haha.
    I think so. Why do you ask?

  3. i don't need your fucking nick names · ·

    just wondering…lol
    You seem like one of those persons, who poops rainbows and sees the world through pink sunglasses. Those need medical attention… 😛

  4. what the fuck…?! I won’t even bother asking 😀 I’m sure you poop shit, so…ahaha 😀

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