Let it raaaaain! ;D

Hey, people. Today was awesome.

It was probably because of the rain, I don’t know. But it was.

I woke up at 13.00. Yes, I know it’s late, but I’m on summer break, so there ya go…I’m justified. Aaaaanyway, I was on my way to McDonald’s when all of a sudden Gergana popped out of her own shithole and scared the hell out of me. We went to the closest market and bought her a new pair of flip flops. Wasn’t as fun as planned, but it was ok…until that worm of a boyfriend called Gergana from fucking GREECE to hear her “innocent, sunny voice”…they talked for half an hour, leaving me somewhere out of their thoughts, but that’s ok, cause I kinda understand that they’re in love and all, but what I don’t understand is why the hell did she started crying in the middle of the convo and he said that he’ll be back tomorrow to hug her…?! What am I missing? He should’ve stayed there for another 3 weeks, her cry made him change his mind? WTF?

Whatever, I went to my grandparents’s house cuz I was in the neighborhood and I decided to check how they’re doing. Grandma was so happy when she saw me, it almost touched me so deeply, that I was about to cry. She had made my favorite chicken soup, how odd is that? She wasn’t expecting me, hah. I ate a whole bowl of that, it’s so delicious <333 I stayed for another 2 hours and then headed back home.

Just when I walked out of the house it started raining. It was so good. People were all taking their umbrellas out and they were looking strangely at me, but I felt great. Those raindrops falling on my face, soaking my clothes and just…I felt so free and happy. I don’t usually like rain, but this was truly awesome ^^

And after a hour and a half walking through the rain, I saw a music specialist from Germany in my very own kitchen. Can you believe this? My mom called him to see if he was available and he happened to be on a vacation in Varna, so he stopped by and we talked for hours about what I want to be and music in general. He was such a nice guy…I’m really excited about that, but I can’t really say much about it, so I’l just leave it like that.

And then what happened is, I had a great dinner and here I am now. Should I mention anything else? I think not…

//Stef – RAIN ❤ !


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