Здравствуйте! (that’s in Russian!)

So I’ve been kinda mixing days. You know what I’m talking about? No? You’re so stupid.

The thing is, I’ve been staying up really late. I go to bed at 5 am and wake up at 11. I feel fine, but sometimes it’s a bummer, not knowing what day it is. I thought it was 11-th yesterday and I was going to watch Netherlands – Spain, the finals, but ehh. I haven’t been eating for 2 days now, not because I’m on a diet (although, I should probably start one), but because I’m not hungry at all. I’m eating sour milk right now and I can’t even go to the middle of the package…

But love, oh, love! Today is the day when my precious mom is going to cook something for me. HER BAKED POTATOES. She keeps “das Rezept” in secret, but I know there’s something off  about those potatoes. She puts something extra to it and the taste is like…a million delicious universes had combusted in your mouth. So, so, so good. And the thing is this: my mom doesn’t cook a lot. She does, but only to herself. Cause you know, we live together, but not quite. We don’t eat together, cause we don’t do schedules. I eat when I’m hungry and she does, too. Besides, she eats these nasty stuff that I don’t want to taste, such as fish, shrimps, mushrooms, squids, snails and god knows what else, so there’s no point in cooking for me, when I can do it by myself. But when I cook, I do it for both of us, cause I know she likes my stuff (both of them, ahahaha). Anyway, now she’s going to cook me my dream, so I’m happy.

By the way, do you get grossed out by people talking about nasty stuff, while you’re eating? I don’t. You can talk to me about shits and smelly armpits, boogers and teen pimples, I still would eat my meal, if it’s tasty…I had this friend who was grossed out by the littlest thing and I remember how we got into this restaurant and he ordered spaghetti and one of the guys we were there with, told him that his meal looks like a worm party and he didn’t even try it, haha.

Well, anyway…I just got the news that I’m having guests from Sofia for a week or two. They’re already here. I’m not trying to be mean, but I don’t want them…eating my potatoes!!! :@ Well, they might turn out to be cool, I haven’t seen them in a long while. Well, actually last time I saw them, it was pretty damn nice. I guess I am just in the mood of being alone. Oh, and there’s this boy I haven’t met…he’s my age, I hear. He’s in the house, but I still don’t know how he looks like, cause I’m being a nerd right now and I’m writing in my blog. How awesome is that? Not that much, really. Oh well, I guess I better go and show myself to the world outside!

//Stef – ta ta!


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