Aaand they’re gone.


I haven’t been alone in a long time. Feels good.

I met the boy I told you about, his name is Kaloyan. And he slept in my room. Nice boy, except when he’s tickling me. I took them all (the guests) to the beach, then we didn’t sleep and talked all night. It was ok. Then I called Maria to see what’s up with her…she didn’t knew Kaloyan was in the room and started talking about inappropriate things. I told her to stop, but she didn’t and now he knows when does her period start…and what foods make her stomach “rumble”. Then we laughed like tiles for 2 hours, Mim went to sleep and so did we. I got up at 11, I don’t know about the others, but it was earlier than me…

Anyway, we went to this aqua park, called Aquapolis. I was so scared that I’ll sunburn like hell… I went everywhere, while it rained. I still sunburned. It was fun, I can’t say it was a bummer, but it would’ve been even better I didn’t have to show up in my bathing suit. And no, I don’t mean that I’m a nudist. After 7 hours we went home and I felt sooo tired, but Danail simply did not let me sleep. “MAN, wake her up! Robb her and go, you fucking idiot! Do I have to rape your anus to wake her up?”… and so on.:D 3 hours of skyping with him and Bobcho, then I don’t know what.

Then my bed broke, the bed bugs hated Kaloyan being on it, and yeah…Today a “maistor” is gonna come and try fix it…we’ll see what happens. I gotta go to my dad any moment now, he’s gonna sponsor my existence, so…

//Stef – bye, bye, bye.


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