7-th grade misses me.


Can you believe it? I was 7-th grade once…I wonder how my grandchildren will take that?!

But yes, I have some great memories from back then. I was still in my first gorgeous, awesome school with these absolutely amazing group of people randomly called classmates and we were having a blast.

For those of you, who don’t know (I’m going to take a guess that the people, who know what I’m about to say are making a total of 0) after you finish 7-th grade, it’s like a mini graduation. You gotta go to a higher institution, called high school…sad, but true, you must change schools and say goodbye to your life before that. It’s not that big of a deal, except the fact that people call you a rabbit and they force you to eat carrots. Basically you just learn how to drink, smoke, party and ditch off properly…and you have 1 or 2 extra subject. BOOORING.

But anyway, since we have finals at the end of 7-th grade, we were preparing all year long. And since our teacher – in – charge was teaching MATH, guess how much math we knew. You get up, you write your homework, your theorems in a specific notebook, your exercise (includes 50 problems to solve) in a different notebook and then finally repeat what we’ve talked about in class, by writing it down 3 times…10 if you’re grounded. We had 3 textbooks, 2 of those math filled books that we call sbornik and also 3 really big note/textbooks with more problems to solve in them. As for classes, we had 23 hours of math per week and that was only in school. My grandma is also a math teacher, so had to work extra with her. I can’t say it was fun. It was actually pretty damn depressing…all those problems. I couldn’t wait to get to the Bulgarian or the Biology or anything else, as a matter of fact.

BUT!!!! I had this major crush on one of my classmates, named Nikolai, so I didn’t really care about anything else. My best friend back then was Roxanna and she was mad about the other Nikolai in the class, whereas the last one was our best friend…Nikolai Kostov. Ahh, I remember our sleepovers, where he would dip his head into flour and we would put makeup on him, haha. And then he would just go on the computer and play Conquiztador. Hahaha, I still remember how fun it was…until he told me that he wants me to be his girlfriend, which was a bummer, cause I sincerely thought he was going to turn out being gay.

Anyway, I thought of 7-th grade, while browsing through Facebook and finding out that my old crush had a profile there. He added me as a friend and I searched through his photos to see him, but oh my god, he’s so….big?! He was half my size when I was 7-th grade. Look at him now:

Ниииколайй, кучето го лай, котката го дращи, Николай без гащи. Haha.

This is huge if you see it live…I spent 7 years of my life with that thing. He’s really tall. Mind me, I think he still looks nice and he was a really cool person. Now I see he’s started to write LyK ThT, which is really annoying…and I’m also guessing that he’s mad about chalga, which is also a mega kill joy, but whatever. I wish him all the very best in life 🙂 Oh, yeah. And he has this awesome little sister, I was really close with her until I got out of school. She’s s till a cutie…and a rabbit from now on.

That’s what I wanted to talk about, I don’t even hope you got this far…congrats if you did, I have a bubble gum to give you!

//Stef. – What?


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  1. the most boring blog post of my life. i swear.

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