Long time no see?!

A week without blogging? Yep and I’m sorry.

Let’s see what happened.

First, the kids came back from Yambol, which means that the whole “family” was gathered and I had to clean and cook for em’. So far, so good. Aunt Toshka, though (Alex and Gabi’s grandma) decided that she’ll take Alex back to Yambol, which was pretty stupid, I think, but it’s her choice, so…they went back like 2 days ago. Then I went to a class meeting with my Dad.

Okay, the story is this: My dad once went to school. And he has classmates. And they’re meting again after 22 years. And I had to go there, why? Cause people were supposed to bring their kids to the reunion. I guess it’s not necessary to point out that I was the only one under 40 (years) there. I made a little vlog of me asking my dad some questions, which I’m going to show you right about now, but just so you know what we’re talking about, here’s the thing: I ask where we’re going and he says to the beach and stuff, so he can meet his classmates and blablabla, then he says he hasn’t seen them in forever (25 years) and laughs and blablabla, I mock him for being so old (in my mind, but you can still feel it in my voice!)…and yes.

Before that I filmed a video, which will (hopefully) be included in the “life in a day” project that youtube makes. It’s a really cool thing, we had to film something on 24-th of July and send it to youtube’s special channel and they pick some good videos, feature them in a movie about a single day on the earth and give you credits later on. I’m not for the credits, I just think it’s a cool idea. So I sent my answers to these questions…I was asked. And yes, here’s the video. Excuse the hair…or don’t, I don’t really care 😀 :

And on a completely random note, a tornado hit Varna today. How cool is that? I’ve never seen a tornado before. It was awesome.

So yeah, this is it for those few days.

//Stef – see ya soon!


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