So, let’s get to it.

Last week was awesome. And this is me telling/showing you it, despite my congenital laziness.


It’s 9.30 am, I’m sleeping in my comfy bed, tired from cleaning the whole night. My phone rings and it’s Yani: “Sunshine, where are you?”. She was at her aunt’s, who fortunately lived in Varna. We met somewhere around 12 and we were hugging each other for like 30 minutes. Then we went home to get her stuff there and we headed for the train station, where Dido and Boyan were waiting for us. We were late, the train came at 12.45, we were there at 1, but who cares! We went home, got a really good sleep and woke up at 20.00, ready to party. Boyan was the last one to get up. We played Sturm und Drang – Learning to Rock with the speakers as loud as we could…and that’s REALLY loud, I couldn’t hear my thoughts. He still wasn’t waking up. We started SINGING the song on the top of our lungs…still nothing. Then the classic came along. 2 frying pans, a spoon and a glass of water. He woke up. And started swearing :D. It was hilarious. Btw, did I mention he was sleeping in my…chair-kinda-thing? Yeah…

He refused to go anywhere else...

Anyway, the night started, so did the eating/smoking and drinking. It was so hot, the boys were sweating like pigs. But then we started dancing. And we all sweat like pigs. I was a little drunk that night, not too far gone, I was just so happy and stuff, but so were everybody else. We were dancing to all kinds of music, even some kiuchek. Here are some interesting photos of that night:

I was the photographer and this really happened. Wait, till you see the rest ^^

We still have our clothes on…


last sober shot

ok, now we're drunk...kind of.

I must say, she was out. She had more than 500 ml of vodka in her blood + 200 ml of whiskey...We called Venci to get her to the hospital and he didn't, that son of a bitch.

And then there was night number 2…nothing interesting again, same shit – dancing and sweating, but hey, here’s some shots for you.

that's me, just seconds before I smoke the hookah.

Boyaaaaan. Not sunburned and sweaty at all...

"С мен ли намери колегата да си мери гегата? Ще се стопи на жегата."...

And then we fell asleep and did god knows what, while sleeping (what?). Anyway, we woke up and played Sturm und Drang’s discography, while drinking hot coffee.


Me. I just woke up, I need water, a pill and...more sleep? Haha. And maybe a comb.

And we went to the beach, here’s what happened there (lol, the whole 1 picture)


And then Dido got sick, he went home with Boyan. Me and Yani followed them in the morning, what happened there is this:

I slept like a pig for 14 hours, I woke up to the sound of Dido screaming in my ear through Yani’s phone, and we went to the near pool. We bathed, had fun, spat water and ate sandwiches. Next morning we went to the woods (our original habitat) for some “piknik”

It was yummy ^^

Then we went to pick up Yani’s dog, Barky and went to the 1-st language school, where we had to meet a few persons. We bumped into Jeni (Yana’s schoolmate) playing the guitar and hanging out with 2 really hot americans. They’re coming to Varna tomorrow (or some may say, I wish), so yeah… ^^ (mm).

Anyway, the next morning we went to the mall, Yanse decided that we HAVE to have the same “sexy” shirts, just in different colors, so we got them. Mine is in orange, hers in purple. They’re really nice! She also got me this silver necklace that is SO FUCKING beautiful, I just can’t believe I have a friend like her. I made her a present, too, but I’ll have to tell you what it is after she gets it, cause she reads this shit.

I also got to hang out with her grandmothers friend, who’s famous in Bulgaria for telling true stories about you (past of future) just by looking in your coffee cup. She told me that she’s never seen a cup so full of dreams and that mine are HUGE , thats how she said it. She told me other cool stuff like “You wanted to go aboard this year, but it didn’t work out, I see this half island here, perhaps it’s somewhere Scandinavian? Don’t worry, next year will be your year and it’s better this way” and bla bla. And then I had to RUN (literally) to the taxi in order to catch the train for Varna. I had to put my shoes on in the cab :D. Ahh, it was all good, though.

Bottom line: I had a great one week. Awesome. Just outstanding, I can’t wait to repeat it again.!

//Stef – a proud owner of a Sturm und Drang tank top 😀 Made by her.


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