Hey, you!

Again, 5 days with no blogging. Oh, well…

First, I want to tell you that my friends read my previous post and felt really crappy about it, Yani even called me to see if I was okay. I can’t help it that I felt that way, but I love you guys to bits, so don’t fucking worry, okay? It’s just a thing.

Second, I want to tell you that I’m cursed. Probably. My aunt is coming back from Dubai in a couple of days and I have to lick everything to shine. It’s not like it’s not clean, but I’m talking about rearranging the whole apartment. Making room for clothes, throwing out ones, washing windows, , cleaning drawers and cupboards…just a lot of work, not just the usuals. And I have just 1 day. And guess what happened? As I was folding clothes and was putting them in the wardrobe, the fucking sliding door popped. On my leg. But that’s not the point. Why did it have to break 2 days before my aunt comes home? And also, Gery, my sweet, sweet Gergana is kind of, sort of…a complete idiot, when it comes to keeping things clean. I KNOW she’s trying to help me, but she’s doing everything wrong.

For example, she says “I’ll wash the dishes” and she does, but then it looks even worse, so I have to wash them again anyway. Or she says “I’ll clean the hot plates”, she pours half kilo of that “Pur” dish washing soap and starts moving the sponge up and down. What? That’s not how you do it! Or she says, “I’ll clean the bathroom sink” and then she goes and puts corn in, because “I’ve heard it cleans good.”. The sink of course is now plugged. I told her not to touch anything anymore, but she wouldn’t listen and she decided that she’d iron my clothes, while I was sleeping. 3 of my stamp t-shirts are now ruined, not to mention the sheet that got on fire for a while. I don’t want her to do anything, that’s why I have to wait for her to go out, so I can clean. How weird is that?

A big thanks for trying, though. I just can’t tell her, she’s horrible at cleaning, she’s so nice…I’ll just have to redo everything she does.

Also, Jeppe and André took over the Sturm und Drang page. Or maybe it’s all of them…or maybe just Jeppe? I don’t know, I think it’s the first one, that’s what Welroos said, but anyway. How cool is that? Finally! The page, being managed by the band members, that’s so awesome, it’s like the page’s dream…if it could dream. Yeah, sure, I’ll miss updating, uploading photos and stuff, but hey – it’s all good, I’m leaving the treasure in safe hands.

What else is going on? Oh, an old friend of mine just got back in Bulgaria for a while and she wants to see me tomorrow. We were best friends for like 5 years and then she and her family moved to Denmark. Sweet Magi. She wasn’t even from Varna, but she studied here and we were in the same class. Ahh, memories, memories.

So…that’s it, I guess. Goodbye, farewell and have a lovely evening.

//Stef – 1-st generation of skins is awesome and I’m 3 kg lighter.

Aww, so pretty!


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