Children of the 90’s

*insert you favorite “hello” here*

If you grew up on the same streets. The same way. At the same time. You’ll understand…

I remember still not being able to speak, but going out on the street to play with the other kids. There weren’t cars that were going to hit us, just toys and games. You count to 100 (missing a number or two, either because you still can’t count, or you want to cheat…or both), the rest of us hide under cars and behind doors. Lovely times. We would sit on the crosswalk  and play “Indje” with someone’s rainbow colored ball and we would care about nothing else.

“You will drive…Mercedes Benz” *pushes ball away* “What? Nooo, I thought you were going to say Lada. I want it back!”…or do you remember, when you didn’t know the value of money, so when your grandma gives you 50 stotinki (half lev), you’d be so freaking happy, you’d go and buy 2 of the cheapest candy bars out there and you’d share with your friend.

Our shoes and clothes were so ripped, your moms couldn’t keep up with the sowing. Our knees were always sore from climbing up a tree or falling, while chasing someone.

The walk-man wasn’t trendy yet, we were on our secret quest to save the magic queen from the evil 10 headed dog (which was in fact my friend’s small dog), we were making mud meatballs and when we got bored from the game, we’d put them in plastic bags, go on the street and shout “CEMENT! 20 stotinki a piece” and the grown-ups would laugh and buy a bag.

Children of the 90’s…we didn’t have cellphones, we just had to go to our friends house and shout “NIKOLAIIIIII, WILL YOU PLAY WITH ME?”. Most of the times we were on the street in seconds, but there were times, when he’d come out with a frown and say “My grandma wants me to…sleep“, the word nobody wanted to hear.

If we were in our grandparents villages, we’d go out and play with the gypsies. We’d listen to old Michael Jackson tapes, we didn’t know there would be CD’s one day… We’d go to the close swamp and catch frogs or bath in the goat’s pool. We played “family members” and our house was this rotten sheet iron, put over to one side. We use to go to the close forest by ourselves, searching for snakes. I remember putting green walnuts in our t-shirts, so that we’d have boobs. We also put those in out shoes, so that we walk on heels. We ate unidentified objects, just because it was fun. We were keeping the neighborhood up until late and we got up with the early roasters. Old ladies would either chase us down the street with their walking stick, or just smile at us and invite us to lunch. They all cooked so good…

I remember 5 of us (me, Bota, Iva, Vesa, Leta) riding a donkey at the same time. It thew us in the thorns, but we were so happy. I remember smashing my bike into a big pile of chopped woods and then I saw one of the gypsies riding it without tires and with a huge smile on his face. I remember sleeping with the goat, because I was afraid it feels lonely.

You, blond chalga girl were once a nice girl. What happened to you?
You, drug junkie, had a dream of being a football player. What happened to you?
You, skinhead poser, you used to play with people different than you. What happened to you?
You, smart girl, are still nice. But I don’t have anything to say to you. I guess we live in different worlds now.

//Stef – smiles at the 90’s


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