What happened to the frog, I hear your thoughts spinning around that subject like a bad action movie helicopter scene. Well, it ate the baby mouse and it died.

But I, on the other hand, survived. I was on this little trip to the Roza village to pick up my cousin, Alex. We went there with his mom – my lovely aunt Mina and her daughter Gabi.

The trip both ways was hell, since the temperatures in the compartments were reaching the big 45 degrees celly and we had to literally pour water all over us, so it could wet our clothes and keep us nice and cold. Yes, I know it sounds perverted, but that’s just the way it was. ;D The village itself is quite the pretty quiet place, as always, full of butterflies and lizards. We saw grandma Dora sitting on the bench besides the doorway and resting (btw, she’s not my grandma, but her name comes with the title, everyone knows her as “baba Dora” ^^) We also saw aunt Rosi (name also comes with the title) cleaning tomatoes, with which she’ll later make some delicious LUTENICA. Then we saw Alex playing with his toys, I was the last one to hug him, cause you know…family stuff. Moms and sisters first, then cousins. Cute as always Alex taught Gabi the word “djasta prasta, tsindil pindil”…I guess it’s more than one word, but it comes as one. Nobody knows what it means, but we’ve all heard it before… 😀 Same old song.

Well, everything is great about this place, but I wouldn’t like living there. Maybe just for a week or two. There’s no internet over there, they heat the water on the sun, we drink a special kind of water, the closest store is 2 km away and there’s pretty much nothing to do, besides eating. No kids above 7 years old and no human beings under 42. :(((( Except this kid, Radka, who’s 11 years old and is incredibly stupid, so it’s really rather annoying speaking to her (I’m sorry for saying that, cause maybe I am stupid to some people too).

Also a thing I didn’t like is the fact that nobody listens there. They son’t even know what you’re about to say, the very moment you open your mouth, they start talking about something completely random. It’s like:

Me: I was wondering, how do you manage wi…
Toshka: Are we going to go to Gabriella’s birthday?
Me: …

Another thing that’s really annoying is eating. People don’t wait for you. You place the salad and the stakes and by the time it’s your turn to sit (1 minute later), the dinner is gone. What’s so bad about eating together? Can’t they hold their hunger for a couple of seconds, jeez? And there’s this stupid thing “men do mens work, women stay in the kitchen”. Yes, but no. Toshka goes with her bike 5 times a day with her bike (2km) to buy stuff like bread and candy, then goes to the garden to pick up fruits and vegetables, then goes to milk the goat and the cow, then cuts the stakes (that’s actually pretty hard, when they’re frozen, I tried), makes lunch, takes care of the kids at the same time and when they go to sleep she irons and washes clothes, cleans the house, feeds the animals, waters the plants (they have this HUUUUUUUGE garden, so it takes between 3 and 4 hours), makes dinner (nobody waits for her, so she eats alone). She goes to bed at 23:00 and get’s up at 4:30 am to prepare breakfast for the husband and kids. Well, excuse me, but I think that’s a lot for 1 day. Maybe it’s just me…

Other than that, things are great! Fresh air, beautiful landscapes, storks and frogs, cats and mouses, people and cows. Btw, I tried horse meat for the first time yesterday…don’t wanna try it again, not because it was bad, but because I know where it came from.

And yeah. That’s that. I have some pictures, but they’re in my aunts camera and I’ll just wait for her to feel like putting them online.

//Stef – My ass travels a lot lately.


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