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Okaaaaaay! Now put your hands in air, wave them like you just don’t care. Grab your huge grilled meatballs, your cheap rakiya and wine, your awesome mood and go to the closest bulgarian tavern there is. I promise you, this is awesome. (trima muzikanti-kanti, samo po tiranti-ranti, svirqt v restoranti-ranti, tiriririramti, tiriririramti! ♫♫♫ Btw, the […]


So, I’ve been busy these days…doing nothing and everything. My weekend was occupied by the red cross and my mom had a birthday, so I had to take her to a strip club. And there’s always school, but ya…who counts that? Anyway, today I wanted to talk to you about the PARODIES in the bulgarian […]

First day of school.

There are two of those. The very first day, with the ceremony and all and then there’s the actual 1-st day of school, where we start studying. 1-st day was…awful, with the traffic. I was late, so I got a taxi, but I could’ve just walked, it would’ve taken less time. The PE teacher was […]

Stiifi feels like crap.

Hi. As you all know, I rarely change moods. I’m mostly happy and smiley, but not today. It all started with the fucking table. It’s a 50 kg. big massive table and I had to move it 5 times from one spot to another, just because someone felt like it would fit good here…or here…or […]


Wazaaaaaabiiiiii. 😀 First things first! Brain is gone. Puff, she’s in England. But we did see each other before she left the boundaries of her sweet home land, randomly called Bulgäristaanii (now it sounds like a Finnish version of a name for a middle East country. Damn, I’m good.) But what did we do all […]


Well, I’m super tired, but I always have time for you, blog! Ofc, since I’m super boring, I’m going to talk to you about my past few days. On 4-th of september I remember I got like 180 views…my previous record was 97. Who reads this shit? But anyway, I didn’t really do anything special […]

The package.

Yes. Hello. Hi. OMG. AAAAA. I have got a package with orange stripes on it. PYK. Tage Rönnqvist (the photographer, the director, the chef, the professor, the snapple lover, the melomaniac, the reviewer, the blogger and so on…) sent it to me less than a week ago and here it is now. How does it […]